What We Have Been Doing, (all in caps :) ), Wednesday, April 14, 2021

We have two fields of alfalfa being irrigated now…one is almost done (tonight) the other one tomorrow night.

Terry has finished leveling one cornfield, and marked it out, then packed the rows

After which, we started water on it last night.  This will take several days to have this field wet, but we have begun.  After the whole field is wet then it will set for a spell to dry out some. Then we plant.

Of course, there are other fields of corn to go through the

leveling, marking, irrigation, plant process

And another hayfield.  But we are making progress.


Besides helping Terry set tubes, I have been working in my yard.  Two days worth of work and three more to go

And I can say—Spring has arrived in my yard!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Space to Fill Forever—Monday, July 20, 2015

On Sunday the work slows down to just the things which must be done

PintosWe changed the water in the pinto bean field (that is our house and barns in the distance)

CheckingAnd changed the water in the smallest corn field.  (Grand Mesa is in the background)Flowing

That is all.

GreenI walked through my yard, watering the pots and deadheading some of the flowers.

It was like walking through a cloud of perfume, in some places.  The low hum of the bees filled the air along with the chirps of the birds.


The peace was strong enough to fill forever.

I am blessed beyond measure.

Your friend,


To Which Man Gives His Heart—Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Farm“Let no one think that real gardening [farming/ranching/etc.] is a bucolic and meditative occupation.  It is an insatiable passion, like everything else to which a man gives his heart.” –Karel Capek 

Gradually, gradually everything is moving forward with just the right amount of speed and with few set backs.  I just about have all the winter rubbish off my yard, only one more spot to go, Terry has all the corn ground worked up and is marking out the last field even as I type this. More-last-set

The alfalfa field is receiving it’s last set of irrigation– then we move full-time to the first corn field. (Hopefully we won’t have to walk the water through the rows, but there is a possibility…when the ground is too dry-not enough snow in  the winter—the water absorbs quickly and doesn’t want to make its way down the rows. Or there is lots of trash caused by blowing winds,  then we walk each stuck furrow; making the furrow a little more wider and a little bit deeper helping the water to move on, soaking just a little bit, heading to the end of the field.  We leave the water 12 hours then move it again…in the 12 hours the rows will soak up so the set can be changed.)

hg2This is the head gate...I am terrified of the head gate, although the water isn’t high here the headgate is deep, the board you walk on has no hand railing….I just much prefer Not having to do the work on the headgate.  Although I can IF I have too.  😦

The yard is completely cleaned at the other house and I got the hoses out ready for whenever the tile lines fill up with water and I can start water down there.  My hope is the potential renters will be moved in and can run the hoses for me.  What a gift that will be.  Also, the potential renters didn’t like the bubble gum pink bedroom (for little girls) so I need to get to town soon and buy paint so I can repaint that room.  They have no children, she would like just a nice bedroom for guests.

Also, I have a new stray cat.  She is a very nice older cat, but has something going on with her eyes.  Today I will take her in an see what is wrong with her eyes and get some medicine.  The potential renter lady would very much like to have the cat after it is well.  I think that is good move for both the cat and me.  But if not this kitty can stay here and be loved.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to walk the shelter dogs.  I feel really bad about that, but hope to get there this week sometime….maybe on Friday.

Thank you, once more for stopping by!

Your friend,



Greening Up—Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Leveling-the-land-3Terry is leveling the farm ground, even as I write.  We are getting closer and closer to starting water.

Speaking of water the irrigation company is supposed to start our canal–The Ironstone– sometime this week.  It is the last canal on the system to get water.  Putting water into a canal is a HUGE project, it takes several men and a back hoe, because of the trash collected into the canal over the winter.  Canals are gigantic transmission ditches, from the head gates of the reservoirs way above us –Blue Mesa and Taylor.  The transmission canals move into smaller lateral canals which then flow onto farms for irrigation water.

Our main canal is the Iron Stone, but we live and receive water on the FNC lateral.  Today, or no later than Friday the water will be in the FNC lateral, the Uncompahgre Water Company worker bees–called Ditch Riders– will be following the water through our canal taking out the huge amounts of  trash.

This is ALWAYS an exciting event for me!  (Silly as this sounds, I like changing and setting the water.)     For Terry it means hurry, rush, get done, because we need to be getting the fields wet…time is marching on.

green.jpgThe first field we will start the water on (OH! MY! GOODNESS!  I just remembered we still have two gated pipe to fix) is the alfalfa field.  It’s greening up nicely and is ready for a huge growth spurt once we get the water on the field.

Eating-outThe little family is still here…YAY!  Tonight we will have at least Blade and maybe one or two of the girls spending the night.  I’m absorbing as much of them as I can. 🙂

Off to work in the yard..I’m tried of looking at a drab and winter weary yard!

Your Friend,



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I’m still working in my yard.  I have the sundial garden about weeded and planted, still have the rose bed to get too and one other huge area and I’m planted!  That will be a huge relief…getting everything in the ground!


I have a nice supply of toads this year, I’ve found them in just about every place I been.  They are my helpers!


Exhausted but pleased with the results,