The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Thaw

It’s thawing here!

Mom and I Love it!


Every day we go for a walk! Heck, we go for two walks…even three walks!

I look for cool things to show Mom…like this:


I call it the death of a dove.

Not by me! I’ve never killed a thing in my life.



The worst that I ever do is chomp down hard on my blue rubber bone.  AND I DO NOT GIVE IT BACK TO MOM UNLESS SHE CHASES ME–then I just drop it right at her feet and wait for her to throw it again.  (Mom says it’s rather tiring to have to chase me all the time, but I think…better her than me!)



Dad had some hay customers…all the hay is sold but they left the hay here in the hay yard.  I LOVE when they come out to get hay!


I bark them down the road, then I follow them all the way to hay yard.  Once there I spend lots of time sniffing around (and peeing) on their tires.

I have to be careful about the peeing, if Dad sees me I get yelled at and told to go back to the house!  I always check out where Dad is before I LIFT A LEG!!!  🙂

Anyway, Mom and I are having a really good time with this thaw!  If we walk to the upper end Mom has to wear her boots but I don’t. I just walk wherever I want too.  Of course when I get home I have to have my paws washed off before I can come inside.  Mom says that is the down side of thaws…mud!

Anyway…Hank is here from Craig.  He and his family are going to be here for the weekend.  I share Fuzzy’s bed with Hank…its nice having a friend again.  (Hank snores…LOUD, but I try to ignore it.)

Blade is thirteen this year…Mom and Dad were going to go up to Craig, but the family came down.  That’s even better because Hank came with them.  I stay home when they go, because I guard the place.  It’s very important to guard the farm.


Now Hank, Mom, I and the two little girls are going for a walk.  Yippee!!!

A thaw and company!  PRICELESS!