Discoveries of a Common Kind—-Sunday, January 3, 2016

4Boomer and went for our walk just as the evening sun started sitting.

Saturday morning had been cold, very cold, but by noon a small melt was in place, the earth was bright and shiny from all the sparkling snow, the air dazzling with dancing sun motes.


The tangible evidence of last years crops still standing silent and snow covered gives proof nature is always in command on a ranch or farm.


But standing at the edge of two corn fields, as the sun sets or rises, feet warm and toasty in winter boots, listening to the secret murmurs of the dry leaves and corn stalks—walking further on, past the now harvested pinto bean field, up to the dried alfalfa field, then onto the rocky point…the whispers of the chico and sagebrush, the rabbitbrush and last year’s cattails tell me  that my mind, body and soul is firmly in the grip of the land.

I love reading the books by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas… here is a quote from her, by which I totally agree:

“I saw that animals were important. I saw that plants were even more important.  I was also to learn that compared to many of the other species, we weren’t important at all except for the damage we do.  We do not rule the natural world, despite our conspicuous position in it.  On the contrary, it is our lifeline, and we do well to try to understand its rules.”


Today has dawned cold and clear, but with a promise of warmth around noon.  A small joy–but a perfect joy.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Miserable

wet-1.jpgIt’s raining here again!  Lots of rain.  Too much rain.

There has been spots of sunshine mostly dribs and drabs of SUNSHINE!

We love the sunshine, Mom and I.  Well, I think everyone does.  Every time it shines we all go outside and do happy dances.  Mom says there are people in California and other places who would trade places with us anytime.


“Yes,” she said, “They would go outside and do happy dances in the rain. “They are missing the rain and we are missing the sunshine.”


Anyway, Shiloh and Etta came up and played for a spell.



They pretty much chased Sam up a tree and kept him there.  I didn’t care to play that game.  Sam and I are friends.

RideIn a spot of sunshine I got to go for a ride.  Dad was checking on how the other farmer’s corn was doing.

WalkMom, Dad and I all went for a walk, well we pretty much do that lots of times throughout the day, but this time we walked up and checked on one of the transmission pipes.

Of course it rained some more.

Mom went to town and I waited for her until she returned


YAY!  Mom came back.  She had groceries and a BIG juicy bone just for me!

WaitingI always go out and check who has been walking on the farm.   Mostly I have been spending my time in the house sleeping by the woodstove, toasting one side then the other.  Mom says it’s strange to be burning the woodstove this time of year—as for me.

I think it’s nice.



Outside is—well, Miserable.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Back Stop

Yesterday was a BLAST!!!

Sam-Sam, Monkey, Mom, Dad, and I all worked outside. The day was cold, but it felt nice to be outside ‘doing stuff’.


Dad was building another backstop for the hay. Since he expanded the acreage of alfalfa he also had to expand the hay yard.  First he dug post holes then he started nailing up the backstop wood.  Mom just held the wood, Dad does all the hard work, like digging the holes,



the tractor sets the poles, and Mom holds the wood in place.


Then Mom and I went for WALK!!! Actually I went for a jog/run/dash :).My-Sam

Sam-Sam came with us,



but Monkey hung out with Dad!


When we got back Dad and Mom loaded up an old cottonwood burr



to haul to the upper end.


Dad said it would make a nice home for some critter up there.

Then Mom and Dad cut up firewood and Mom hauled it to the house.  All the time they were busy — I checked out everything I could…the pipes, the ditches, deer tracks…you name it.



Sam-Sam hung out with Mom and Dad and



Monkey climbed on EVERYTHING!


After that we had to go down to the other house and check on everything down there…that meant a FOUR-WHEELER RIDE!!!!


When all this was finished the day was cooling down and the sun was starting to set!

What a perfect day we had!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Thaw

It’s thawing here!

Mom and I Love it!


Every day we go for a walk! Heck, we go for two walks…even three walks!

I look for cool things to show Mom…like this:


I call it the death of a dove.

Not by me! I’ve never killed a thing in my life.



The worst that I ever do is chomp down hard on my blue rubber bone.  AND I DO NOT GIVE IT BACK TO MOM UNLESS SHE CHASES ME–then I just drop it right at her feet and wait for her to throw it again.  (Mom says it’s rather tiring to have to chase me all the time, but I think…better her than me!)



Dad had some hay customers…all the hay is sold but they left the hay here in the hay yard.  I LOVE when they come out to get hay!


I bark them down the road, then I follow them all the way to hay yard.  Once there I spend lots of time sniffing around (and peeing) on their tires.

I have to be careful about the peeing, if Dad sees me I get yelled at and told to go back to the house!  I always check out where Dad is before I LIFT A LEG!!!  🙂

Anyway, Mom and I are having a really good time with this thaw!  If we walk to the upper end Mom has to wear her boots but I don’t. I just walk wherever I want too.  Of course when I get home I have to have my paws washed off before I can come inside.  Mom says that is the down side of thaws…mud!

Anyway…Hank is here from Craig.  He and his family are going to be here for the weekend.  I share Fuzzy’s bed with Hank…its nice having a friend again.  (Hank snores…LOUD, but I try to ignore it.)

Blade is thirteen this year…Mom and Dad were going to go up to Craig, but the family came down.  That’s even better because Hank came with them.  I stay home when they go, because I guard the place.  It’s very important to guard the farm.


Now Hank, Mom, I and the two little girls are going for a walk.  Yippee!!!

A thaw and company!  PRICELESS!




The Adventures of Boomer—Morning News


I had a bad dream last night.  I woke the whole house going hooooooooooooooooooooo, whimper, whimper…whine.

Mom got up and sat with me for a while.  Then she and I went for out for a mid-night walk….that helped.  (We always walk around mid-night, Mom says it helps us sleep better—she and I.) I tried to tell Mom that I dreamed Fuzzy was gone, that I couldn’t find Fuzzy.  When we went outside I looked in our doghouses, then I realized.

The walk helped.


On the walk I smelled the Momma Deer and her almost grown fawn.



They ran down the lane and into the barn yard.  Darn!  If I were outside I could have bayed at them!!!

Early Morning

Anyway, my folks get up at 5 a.m.  The sky starts to just show light around 6:15 or so, as soon as it started to get light I barreled out the back door to see if the deer came into the yard.

Nope…a yellow and white tom cat…he belongs to the Lady across the street from the other house….a female teenaged kitten…which also belongs to the same lady (she doesn’t believe in keeping her cats inside—so of course they come a visiting).


Sammy and



Monkey stay inside at night…and most of the day (if you really want to know the truth) Well…Sammy goes out lots during the day—


He likes to hunt mice in the hay stacks!   Mom says its best the cats stay inside, there are coyotes and fox who like to eat cats (and dogs) AND there are tom cats that fight, so staying inside and sleeping by the fireplace is a very good thing.


Hummm yes…deer and they, snuff, snuff, sniff go right through the barn yard and on down the closest corn field.


Mom and Dad are working on one of the sheds right now.  They have to get out the air compressor so it can be ready to go with Dad.

Getting Light

Morning news….is a very good thing!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Turkey Walk


Hum, yes!

Did you get a look at the book Mom is reading?

Ah, clear throat, hum, no…No I have a hard time seeing anymore.

Well, it’s called — The Great Turkey Walk

It’s about herding turkeys from Missouri to Denver, Colorado, in the year 1860. That seems like a really long walk to me, Fuzzy.

It does to me also, Boomer.  I can’t imagine walking so many miles with a bunch of turkeys. Geez, just walking with Tommy is hard enough!



He never walks straight on…always sideways.  First one side then the other side—- takes FOREVER for him to get anywhere.  He spends all his time fanning his tail feather here and there and everywhere.

Yeah, Fuzzy, then he hangs out with you until we all come back.

True!  But we do have some interesting times together.  For instance, just yesterday, while you were out sniffing around in the corn field, Tommy and I had a conversation with Sharpie.


Sharpie…the little hawk that hangs around the wood pile?


Yes, that Sharpie!


He was very interested in a couple of mice that had fled under the trash can when I came upon him.  Since I like to chase mice (and snap them in two, mind you) I decided to hang out with him for a spell.


We were being very quiet both of us watching the hole where the two mice ran under the trash barrel when Tommy came gobbling up.  Tommy is NEVER silent, you know that don’t you, Boomer!  He always has something to say.

Up he came jabbering and hollering to me that he wanted us to go do something, anything, because he was tired of hanging out with the hens.  Dad was too busy in the tractor shed and he couldn’t find you so he decided that I would have to do.

I kept trying to hush him up…I put my paw down several times in the hush manner, I turned my back to him…I tried to whisper really loudly to SHUT UP!  But he kept on gobbling and drumming and walking sideways, just being outlandish!

Sharpie flew off the fence rail up to a branch in the weeping willow tree; just sitting there in disgust.  We both knew the mice were NOT coming out with all that noise going on.

Onward and onward came Tommy yelling loudly for me to come do something with him…Please, could we go down the lane a bit, or how about over to the corrals, or maybe out by the grain bins…Sharpie got so disgusted he dive-bombed Tom!



Have you ever seen a turkey poke his neck clear into his chest!

YEP! That is exactly what happened!  Tom looked so shocked that Sharpie would dive-bomb him that he buried his head and neck right into his body — flung his wings way up in the air and tried to cover his rather bald head!

He looked so funny I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!!

I didn’t know where Sharpie went; he wasn’t there when I stopped laughing.  But you know what, Tommy didn’t even get upset.  He was such a good sport I told him we would go off to corrals to see what was out there!


While we were walking out to the corrals Tommy told me that he would really, REALLY, he means REALLY like to live inside with us. He said Mom could hang a rack up next to our beds and he could sleep and poop right there by us.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, hummmmmmm, Well, I told Tom, I really don’t think you would like to be inside…it’s ummm hot and there are cats and the girls in the poultry house would miss you.

OH!  Yes the girls!  He said he had forgotten all about the girls…he guessed he had better stay out there and watch over them.

Ahimmmmmmm, I cleared my throat.  Maybe that would be best, Tom!


OH! Bark, bark, WOOF


Shannon’s here and our Dog Cousins!  COME ON BOOMER!!! COME ON TOMMY!! DOG COUSINS!!!


Gobble, gobble, gobble….MY REAL FAMILY IS HERE!

“Come on, Tommy!” Shannon and Mom hollered, “Let’s go for a walk!”


Come on Tom…you can walk with us as far as Fuzzy goes, growled Choco the Rottweiler.


Okay…just to the gain bin field.  I’ll hang out with Fuzz for a bit, and then I really must get back to the girls!

Drummmmmmmm, thummmmmmmmmmmmmm, gobble

That works for us Tommy…let’s all go!

“You know something, Fuzzy?”

No what, Tom!

“I really don’t mind staying over here for a while.  My Mom says I’ll be back over at my real house come this spring.  Until then hang’n with you and Boom is a really good thing.”

Oh, Hi Boom, you back?

Yeah, my knee doesn’t let me go far.  Mom and I just walked to the new alfalfa field and came on back.

Yummmmmmmmmm, num, num chew, slurp…..

“BOOMER!!! BOOMER!!! Stop eating the Turkey poop!!”  Mom hollered.

Geez, Boom, sometimes you really aren’t very smart.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Crossing the Canal






Can we go for a walk now?

Huh, Mom?

We are ready!!!!


Good!  Here we go!


Houston is getting ahead….wait up Houston! 

Boomie-Birthday-4We have to wait for Fuzzy, Mom said.


Oh.  Fuzzy is going to wait by the combines….that’s okay, Fuzz.

Whap, whap, thump.  We’ll come back and get you.



COME ON HANK!  We have to catch Houston!!!

Hummm…the canal.  We’ve made it clear around the place and now there is the canal.

We HAVE to cross the canal to get to the other side!


Houston says she will go first—

Now Mom—

That’s good.

Now our Sister, Shannon.


Good now we are across… LET’S GO!  Fuzzy is waiting!!!


Where is Hank?!?!




You are STUCK?

You can’t cross the pipe?

Yes, you always fall in but you don’t have to fall in.  Just walk really fast and you’ll make it.


Come on Hank!

Give it a good try!

Hank, come on.

Oh, you won’t come unless Shannon walks with you….but there is only room on the pipe for one dog at a time.

“It is okay, Hank, not a problem, just one paw in front of the other and you can do it” says Houston.

KEEP ON DOING IT….You are making it!



We made it back to Fuzzy and everyone was good and tired.  Ready for a break after that really hard walk across the pipe.


Have a good rest all.  See Hank and Houston are already napping.



That really was a good hike!