Between One Lift of a Wing and the Next—Tuesday, September, 12, 1017

These bright Autumn days are full

We had an overnight visit from our Grandson…he is getting TALL—5’11”

Tally came for two days and two nights

Then the last load of hay

Left…1,500 bales all cut, stacked, sold and gone! YAY!

Terry’s sister and brother-in-law came for a couple of days

The hydraulic pump broke, went through the fan and pushed the fan into the radiator..sigh!

Of course, there is always the water to change

Life is busy, but still good.


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of Sherlock Boomer—The Mystery of Nothing—Chapter Four

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”—Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes


Chapter Four


Okay…this isn’t good!  Mom decided we were going for a walk in the canyon—Sigh!

And I didn’t have to wear a leash! YIPPEE!

But she did put a collar on me!  Hummm!

Collar but no leash!?!?

Then I found out!  A TRACKING COLLAR!!

“No rolling in anything nasty, Boom!  No running off to chase something I don’t know about!  No getting around anything SICK!  You can run free, but you have to run where I can SEE you!”

When that she plunked me down and we took off!

I trotted off ahead of Mom and Dad…then I decided to take a little detour into the sage brush just around the corner.


What in the jiggers was THAT?!  I stopped dead, right where I was.  Then Mom was upon me…”I know you haven’t worn this in a long time, Boomie, but you surely remember what to do.  No running out of sight, if you see something stop and point, and stay right there until we get to you.”

I looked her right in the eye…YES!  I had forgotten.  Yes! I did know what to do.  I just haven’t had to wear this forever!  For four years…not since Fuzzy died.  Maybe because Mom stopped going to very interesting places like the forest, the canyon, or the desert.

“There are BEARS out here, Boomie.  If you see one- stop and let us know.  We will turn around and go right back to the pick-up”.  She gave me a kiss on my nose.

OKAY!  My memory is back sharp and clear.  Collar, without leash means walk carefully and warn Mom and Dad if there is danger near by!

Off we went again!

After a wonderful long time we headed back home.

It wasn’t long after we were home COMPANY CAME!!!  I heard the pick-up truck coming down the long lane way before Mom and Dad; heading out to the bridge I gave huge barks to let everyone know we had COMPANY! (And to let the company know that a really wonderful beagle was on guard! 🙂 )

The company stayed for a long time…rather boring…no kids, no grandkids, no dogs to bark at, or play with, nothing to do but pee on the tires…I can’t lift my leg high anymore, so I just left a puddle by each tire-not ON the tire.

Then they came out and left.


I was getting a little bored…I chewed on a stick, which had fallen on the lawn from the big old cottonwood tree in the yard, then I decided to see if I had any bones buried out by the new building…nope.

Must have got them all — or they were dug up when Dad and Mom were getting the cement poured.


I was just coming back from the granaries when Mom came out: “Boomer, time to go change water!  Come on!  Hurry! If you want to go with me — hurry!”

Want to go?  You bet I want to go!

Off we went.  Only Mom made me sit on the back of the four-wheeler until she was done.

My Mom has turned into a Helicopter that is for sure.  Yes I was a little sick a while back, and yes there is some sort of some other sickness out there, but geez, I think it’s time she lets me roam around while she changes water!”

Grumble, grump!

Back home Mom put me down and headed back into the house.

I sat there wondering what in the heck I going to do NOW.  This doing NOTHING is getting B.O.R.I.N.G!

SUDDENLY!  Out of the stillness of the day came….


Oh the joy! Barking the mailwoman into the yard, barking AT the mailwoman…barking the mailwoman BACK out of the yard!


Then she was gone!


Now what!


Mom is outside again!  Goody.



Even better!

Mom brought me a treat!

Now THAT is a nice way to pass time doing nothing!



Hot-Sun-Kissed 106* DayLight—July 6, 2017

As the health of Boomer flickered good and bad, bad to worse, then improving, to— I now have Hope….we had company.

My brother and his wife, Cloudy came for a short stay. Boomer felt good enough to be part of most everything.

Then the kids came from Battlement Mesa.

We went to the lake, of which I would not let Boomer go.  Too much activity and way too hot.  And who knows how he got this stuff—I want it confined here and to die out here.

Then early this morning, while the air was still cool, before the red and bright light spread it’s heat upon the land

We had a hay customer arrive wanting 100 bales.

Then the day broke forth spreading sunshine and shadows.  Boomer and I walked a short ways down the farm lane…waving good-bye to our family as they headed back to their home.

Gradually, gradually I am seeing Boomer improving.  Once more I thank each and everyone of you!

Very humbly, your friend


A Small Gift—Sunday—May 24, 2015

We have company today…our kids and grandchildren from Craig…what a joy!


So for today I share with you my yard…the rain has been wonderful for my yard (and for the weeds)


It’s been a curse for the farm, but today is a celebration!


Therefore, I share my yard with you.

Garden!I hope your weekend is a good one my friends!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Thaw

It’s thawing here!

Mom and I Love it!


Every day we go for a walk! Heck, we go for two walks…even three walks!

I look for cool things to show Mom…like this:


I call it the death of a dove.

Not by me! I’ve never killed a thing in my life.



The worst that I ever do is chomp down hard on my blue rubber bone.  AND I DO NOT GIVE IT BACK TO MOM UNLESS SHE CHASES ME–then I just drop it right at her feet and wait for her to throw it again.  (Mom says it’s rather tiring to have to chase me all the time, but I think…better her than me!)



Dad had some hay customers…all the hay is sold but they left the hay here in the hay yard.  I LOVE when they come out to get hay!


I bark them down the road, then I follow them all the way to hay yard.  Once there I spend lots of time sniffing around (and peeing) on their tires.

I have to be careful about the peeing, if Dad sees me I get yelled at and told to go back to the house!  I always check out where Dad is before I LIFT A LEG!!!  🙂

Anyway, Mom and I are having a really good time with this thaw!  If we walk to the upper end Mom has to wear her boots but I don’t. I just walk wherever I want too.  Of course when I get home I have to have my paws washed off before I can come inside.  Mom says that is the down side of thaws…mud!

Anyway…Hank is here from Craig.  He and his family are going to be here for the weekend.  I share Fuzzy’s bed with Hank…its nice having a friend again.  (Hank snores…LOUD, but I try to ignore it.)

Blade is thirteen this year…Mom and Dad were going to go up to Craig, but the family came down.  That’s even better because Hank came with them.  I stay home when they go, because I guard the place.  It’s very important to guard the farm.


Now Hank, Mom, I and the two little girls are going for a walk.  Yippee!!!

A thaw and company!  PRICELESS!




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Who’s Walking on OUR FARM!!!!?

We went with Mom and Dad to order the corn seed and the alfalfa seed for next year.

It seemed to TAKE FOREVER!!!

Fuzzy and I had to wait in the back of the truck.  Fuzzy doesn’t mind waiting in the back of the truck, but if I have to wait I get bored.  I want to get out and sniff around!!!

But Mom made us all wait with her while Dad talked water and seeds and stuff like that.

All seeds are short this year because of the HUGE drought last summer.  Dad ordered most of his corn seed, but got three bags to bring home and three bags of pure gold (alfalfa seed) to also bring home.  The rest he will order in January and hope to pick up everything he ordered in March or April.

They are saying that we just MIGHT get to have 40% irrigation water next year…no one knows how to prepare.  Dad said he will prepare as always, but also be prepared to not plant as much.

After we got home

I could SMELL something different on the farm…I took off hallooooooooooooing to the upper end, Fuzzy right behind me.


Mom came along with Fuzzy.


I was right!

The whole pack was here walking on the farm!

We joined them.

Then Houston and I went off to sniff things around all the hillsides and just left everyone else in the dust.

Houston is a ton of fun…did you know she can climb trees? Yes! She CAN!!!

Fuzzy and I just look at her, who would have every thought?  I know cats can climb trees

and foxes can climb trees, but I sure didn’t know Houston could climb trees.

The day was pretty warm and nice so they all walked together for some way.

I kept an eye on them, even though they couldn’t see me!  Then when everyone headed for the house and Hank and his family headed to their house, I waited and waited while they called me then……

I gave it my all and caught up with them just as they started down the road to home!

Of course, after we got back and Shannon and her family went home, Fuzzy and I figured out the sun was just right for a


I love surprises like this!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Once more we have been lucky to have family come visit.

Terry’s sister, Carolyn and her husband, Wayne came in a stayed a couple of nights.  We took them to Grand Mesa for the day and to my father’s lake.

(Since Tallen, was with us, she had to show Uncle Wayne and Aunt Carolyn the teeter-totter)

Fall is everywhere up there!

The day was perfect…bright blue skies, golden trees, and lovely sunshine.