Some Things Stay the Same —- Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The new farmer and his brother-in-law came and started working up the land.  There are four families farming counting the main brother who is the head of the clan.  They all grew up as farmers and have taken over their Dad’s land and started renting other properties—-it takes approximately 1,000 acres per family to make a living farming nowadays.

Since we have kept all the pastures, hills, meadows, and flatlands, that makes us responsible for the water on the place.  (Not the irrigation of the big farmed fields but getting the water to the place, onto all the fields and into the pastures.)

The cows damaged the gated pipe over the winter so yesterday, Terry and I went out and removed the two damaged sticks

Replacing them with new gated pipe


After which we put together a load of trash to go to the dump….we are cleaning up all sorts of places and spots and areas we have put off for years.

Today Terry will make all the ditches on the place…that will help out the farmer and get the water to the places where we are farming.

So even though the major part of the farm is rented out…farming and upkeep for Terry and I has just changed—and Terry stated last night at supper he really likes this new type of farming for him.

And THAT My Friends (as you all have said) Is A Very Good Thing!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,