They Are Back! —- Sunday, May 8, 2022

Entwining their little lives with ours

Singing the song of Spring

And the coming of Summer

Orioles and others eating delightfully at the feeders

I savor each day from now until winter!

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


THEY ARE BACK! — Sunday, October 12, 2014

CanesWinter is fasting coming upon us!

SandhillThe Sandhill Cranes have returned!

SHCI couldn’t get all of the Sandhill Cranes in the photo; they were scattered here there and everywhere in the disked corn field.  But they are back.  And they beat the Canada Geese.

DriveI’m sure it won’t be long now before our skies have the sounds of geese talking to each other as they wing their way from the North.

It’s nice we have winter birds.  They help brighten the long winter days.

It’s storming here right now.  The wind is blowing, tossing the corn here and there, rain is splattering on the windows.  I started a fire in the woodstove.   The house was decidedly cold.

Later on today I will need to gather my fire making things, kenneling, starter sticks, smaller logs and then the large logs that keep the flame going.  I will have to go down to the other house and do the same thing there.  We are making headway at that house, but there is at least another week to go.

WaitingAlso Terry found out that the furnace system needs to completely be replace. “(If it isn’t one thing,” my Momma used to say,”it’s another!’)  That means a possiblya new furnace and new duct work.  SIGH!

My theory is: to do one job it always takes at least five other jobs so you can get the original job completed.

Sun-and-cornGradually we will make it…one step at a time.

Your friend,