THEY ARE BACK! — Sunday, October 12, 2014

CanesWinter is fasting coming upon us!

SandhillThe Sandhill Cranes have returned!

SHCI couldn’t get all of the Sandhill Cranes in the photo; they were scattered here there and everywhere in the disked corn field.  But they are back.  And they beat the Canada Geese.

DriveI’m sure it won’t be long now before our skies have the sounds of geese talking to each other as they wing their way from the North.

It’s nice we have winter birds.  They help brighten the long winter days.

It’s storming here right now.  The wind is blowing, tossing the corn here and there, rain is splattering on the windows.  I started a fire in the woodstove.   The house was decidedly cold.

Later on today I will need to gather my fire making things, kenneling, starter sticks, smaller logs and then the large logs that keep the flame going.  I will have to go down to the other house and do the same thing there.  We are making headway at that house, but there is at least another week to go.

WaitingAlso Terry found out that the furnace system needs to completely be replace. “(If it isn’t one thing,” my Momma used to say,”it’s another!’)  That means a possiblya new furnace and new duct work.  SIGH!

My theory is: to do one job it always takes at least five other jobs so you can get the original job completed.

Sun-and-cornGradually we will make it…one step at a time.

Your friend,




23 thoughts on “THEY ARE BACK! — Sunday, October 12, 2014

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the furnace; I have to agree with your mother on things like that. I take some comfort in the fact that my ‘to-do’ list isn’t the only one that keeps getting longer and longer. I’m glad the Sandhill Cranes are back. Have a great day!


  2. My cranes must be at your place! Haven’t seen them for a while now. I have heard a few geese, but not many yet.
    I’ve been starting fires in the wood stove too. Cold and windy and damp here today too but looking for 70’s later in the week.


  3. Sometimes it seems like the more we accomplish the more there is to do. Al least you have the birds and dogs to entertain you through these days.


  4. The other house seems like a lot of work! I hope the furnace can be resolved without too much extra work. We have tons of geese here this week, all passing through.


  5. Ugh! Not the furnace! Better to know about it now, though, than during a snow storm! Your flowers are beautiful. We have absolutely nothing left in our little gardens. Not that we planted much, but we started so early it’s all gone now. Someone tried to get rid of my hollyhocks thinking they were spent annuals, too. Noooo! They’re perennials here!


  6. Oh My—sorry about the ‘other’ house –and its furnace. it’s always something, isn’t it???? So sorry….

    My son in Galveston, TX will be happy since those Sandhill Cranes will end up ‘wintering’ near him… He loves seeing them also.



  7. So glad your Sandhill Cranes have come to visit! We get them down here, too. Always love to hear them flying over. Was in the city and no Canada geese yet. They usually get of 100,000 of them to winter over! Lots of playa lakes in the city for them to live by. We’ve had a very windy day here and 82*, but temps are now dropping with a norther blowing in. May get storms tonight.

    Your flowers are so pretty!! I am just getting caught up on blog reading…so sorry I’ve not been stopping in this last week. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the furnace in the other house. Seems there is stuff to do every time we turn around, isn’t there?!

    Take care…..blessings!


  8. Sorry to hear about the furnace – you are right, if it’s not one this – it’s six! Sure seems that way lately. The cranes are beautiful! We’ve got to hear your way to see them! How long will they stay? Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. 🙂


  9. You will get it done, one thing at a time. That is the best way to tackle it all and not get overwhelmed. How amazing to see all those sandhill cranes though – you lucky girl!


  10. Why do the small jobs turn into big ones, usually? Sorry about that furnace.

    This is the first year in decades that I have missed the big sand hill crane flocks coming thru and picking up our summer residents. I always wish them “Safe Journey” when they go. This summer our regular pair managed to raise a chick (in spite of the coyotes). I was sure rooting for them. Say hi to the cranes for me… I know winter is coming for sure. A few geese are headed south now, too. The junkos are here. We see them in the spring when they head north, and again now on their way south. Such perky birds!


  11. The geese are slowlllllllyyyyy arriving here. Suppose to start to cool down….hopefully we’ll get some rain! Sheesh it’s been months since we’ve seen even a drop…
    I agree, gotta move cows here and there to get to the ones you need!
    Hope you get the kids house all wrapped up.


  12. Shoot, when I first saw the title I had visions of your grandkids moving back for some unknown reason. :/
    I would get so excited if I had big migratory birds through here. I’m sure in the counties to the southeast of me (farmland), they see the bigger birds.
    I’m sorry about your furnace!! Is it something that can be replaced before winter sets in??


  13. What beautiful birds, and how exciting to have them return and mark the passage of the seasons in this way. You are cooling and we are warming – slowly.


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