We Bit the Bullet—-Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We had one last ditch on our place that was a dirt ditch.

Dirt ditches are a pain to work with…they fill up with mud, weeds and water plants, which go crazy happy in them; the water is soaked up in their little feet, the bank leaks making the farm road a mud mess, and the setting of the syphon tubes a huge job by the end of the summer. (A hole has to be dug in the mud to set each and every tube…Anyway, after much thought and deliberation we decided (at our ages) the cost of a new ditch made of cement would be the way to go.

.So we had the ditch grated in, surveyed and then opened up for the pour.

A huge great line of wonderful new ditch in the making

This is the ‘boat’ the cement will be poured into…

Here they are making the pour.

It took three loads of cement

By four o’clock yesterday afternoon—

It was done!  What a huge financial expense, but what a wonderful ditch we will have starting Friday!  (The cement has to cure first)


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,