Blue Skies How I Love Blue Skies

We have blue skies! Beautiful, beautiful blue skies!

We are a river of melted snow

By the hour we are turning from snow until water

“How do I get across?”, wonders Sammy-Sam

Humm—now what?

I guess I will try…stay on the snow, no wait, maybe the mud

Forget it, I’m heading into the shed.

Terry is digging little ditches to help the water run into the dry canal. 

I’m not complaining….spring is here!  I saw another Red-breasted Robin and two Western Meadow Larks.  The geese have been gone now for days.

I’m singing a happy song!


17 thoughts on “Blue Skies How I Love Blue Skies

  1. Linda

    That is incredible – covered in snow and then it goes so quickly!
    I hope that cat wiped its feet before jumping up into a comfortable lounge chair????
    The scenes you are showing remind me of the movie – “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” – after the snow and when the Spring arrived! I thought it was a bit fanciful, the flowers all of a sudden sprouting, but looking at your photos, maybe it wasn’t as fanciful as it seemed.
    ps: Would you like some Brisbane rain? We have had unbelievable amounts fall! The whole state of Qld is drenched and in many parts flooded, but it will put smiles on the faces of the farmers.


  2. Am happy for you, Linda. I have sunshine today also. I was so happy I went out and bought tulips, onion and potato sets and a rhubarb plant! Must be a little drier to be able to plant them however.

    Poor kitty! Mustn’t mess up his paws, by any means! Here’s hoping you dry out soon. Maybe the farmers won’t have to pre-water this year.



  3. We do appreciate the clear skies when it has been overcast for a prolonged time. This has been a long dismal winter in Iowa too.
    Thanks for the post and pix!


  4. I hope your blue skies stick around for a while. Sure looks pretty. We had the sun show up and tease us for a few days, but now we are back to a week of rain. You have a lot more mud than we do. Well, being on a mountain the runoff doesn’t stay around here long.


  5. My computer has died I’m using Bills when he’s not looking. he he That sunshine looks great and I bet welcomed. Not sure about the mud and muddy feet.


  6. Me, too! I love the sunshine – that first photo is great – you can see a little sunbeam coming down! It’s like heaven has opened up and the light of God is shining down on you!

    Mr. Sammy-sam’s tail is getting wet – he laid it across a puddle there, looks like!


  7. I can hear your happy song over the mountain (o:
    It was very warm yesterday and today is nice too. Hope it stays nice for my company to enjoy. She comes Saturday…please weather co-operate


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