Monday, November 25, 2013

Yesterday it started to rain.  It rained and rained, taking with it the lovely snow.


It rained and rained and rained…very miserable with a stiff nasty wind.

By nightfall we had nothing but mud


So we have gone from snow to mud in just one day!  That is always the bad part of snow…mud season!

I would have walked out to the fields to show you this, but I had to go upstairs and try and get some decent photos for you

Lots-1This is one of the corn fields from this summer

LotsWe have lots and lots of these huge wonderful birds (and bird poop).

2Last year I used to see them flying overhead and holler at them inviting them to come land on our farm—please come!  We will be good to you, the dogs don’t chase birds (unless it’s Hank) and I only want to take your photo! “Please come!” I would shout as they flew over my head.

Here is a very short video of the sounds they make (they are extremely noisy birds).  I took it while the grandchildren and I were taking a walk one cold winter day.  You can hear my voice and one of the grandchildren.

Now if the mud will just dry up…..

It’s still nasty and drizzly.  But we have BIRDS to entertain us!

Your friend on the farm,


Blue Skies How I Love Blue Skies

We have blue skies! Beautiful, beautiful blue skies!

We are a river of melted snow

By the hour we are turning from snow until water

“How do I get across?”, wonders Sammy-Sam

Humm—now what?

I guess I will try…stay on the snow, no wait, maybe the mud

Forget it, I’m heading into the shed.

Terry is digging little ditches to help the water run into the dry canal. 

I’m not complaining….spring is here!  I saw another Red-breasted Robin and two Western Meadow Larks.  The geese have been gone now for days.

I’m singing a happy song!