Blue Skies How I Love Blue Skies

We have blue skies! Beautiful, beautiful blue skies!

We are a river of melted snow

By the hour we are turning from snow until water

“How do I get across?”, wonders Sammy-Sam

Humm—now what?

I guess I will try…stay on the snow, no wait, maybe the mud

Forget it, I’m heading into the shed.

Terry is digging little ditches to help the water run into the dry canal. 

I’m not complaining….spring is here!  I saw another Red-breasted Robin and two Western Meadow Larks.  The geese have been gone now for days.

I’m singing a happy song!


Birthday Cake

Now THIS is a Birthday cake.  Made by Mom-mom and Decorated (on top) by Linkin….just for Grammy!

And only 4 candles! 

 Linki was so proud of the cake, plus she MADE me five presents: two pages colored in her coloring book, a favorite bracelet wrapped up for me, a home-made butterfly and a coupon for her to spend the night with me.

 Lots of other fun things from the others in my family. 

 But for some reason, Linkin was really excited about this birthday.

 It’s really fun being a Grammy! 


The Math and Science Center

Saturday was Bladen’s eighth birthday, so his Grandpa and I (plus Mom-Mom and the little girls) all went to the Math and Science Center in Grand Junction, Colorado.

What a fun time was had by all.  All those pictured above love math and science.  Although, I like Science, math and I are not on friendly terms.  History is my thing.  They would ALL be bored if I hauled them to a different museum.

Today is my 61st birthday!  I keep getting asked if I feel old.  I don’t! I feel excited!  I actually feel like I’m a little kid getting close to starting school.  That sort of feeling. Expectation, wonder.  No I don’t feel old.  I do feel grateful and blessed and excited.

Also, the temperature outside is in the 30’s, now that is a huge Birthday present.



We Are Melting!!!! ♥ YEAH!

I’ve been so tired of being cold! 

Even though we have a light on the chicken water it still will freeze in -* weather.  And the cows have a heated tank, but they still need the pond in the upper pasture chopped open.

37* today…even while I write this.  The sky is a bright blue and I’m stuck inside.

Oh, well.  It’s still melting and that is a joy!