The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —How It Really Is

Boom, Mom and I were out in the corn field picking corn; it was starting to get really hot.  I was hot, but I wasn’t about to leave Mom.  So I just sat waiting in the shade of the four-wheeler.  Boomer was off sniffing smells.  That kid can get lost sniffing smells.  Sometimes I follow him around, but mostly I like to sit in the shade while Mom gets her load of corn.

After we get all the corn we are going to get Mom loads me up on the four-wheeler and off we go.  Boomer runs along beside, behind, or way out front.  Today he was way out front.  Way out there, running so fast I lost sight of him.

When we got to the start of the yard we could see and hear Boomer baying and spinning in circles like there was something neat in the yard…there was…Shannon had come (also the boys and Houston).  Not only were they there, but Shannon had unloaded the whole kit and caboodle.  They were sitting on the lawn talking to Dad.

Mom and I jumped off the four-wheeler and headed over to the party, Boomer, of course, was already there.

“Hi, Houston, gosh it’s good to see you!”  It’s really nice you get to get out and be on the lawn. Heck, gosh! It’s really just well….nice!”

I pushed Boomer out of the way…excuse me Boom I’ll handle this.

I looked up into her face and my heart began to pound…My goodness that woman was beautiful!

“Houston, may I welcome you to the farm!  Before you got here the day was long and hot, now that you are here I can see the sun is shining just for you.”

“Well, aren’t you nice?”  She smiled at me.  “Thank you.”

I heard a growl.

“Was that you, Hou-Bug?”

“Why, no Fuzzy, it must have been one of the boys.”

The boys…I forgot all about the boys!

There they were hanging out with Shannon, on leashes so they wouldn’t go mark anything.  Also, so Dad would feel more comfortable.  Makes me feel more at ease also, Boomer also agrees.

“Oh, Hi, Boys.”

They just looked at me.  I felt as significant as a bug of some sort.

So I tried to get right in their faces to make them look at me…Shannon just grabbed my collar and pulled me over to her.  That was okay…I really like getting pets from Shannon. Heck she does Doggie Massages so her pets are reallllllllllllllllllllllly wonderful!

Boomer was very alarmed, kept baying the RED ALERT until Dad said…. “That’s enough, Boom! Stop it Now!”  He stopped and went over to Mom and hovered by her chair.  Then he got up an moseyed around sniffing the ground.  His attention span is really short.

I was so busy watching Boomer that I forgot that the love of my life was not far from me…maybe just about three feet.

“Hello, Fuzzy.” Houston said in that soft honey voice of hers.  “Boomer’s real cute, isn’t he?”


I looked at her for a long time and then I looked over at Boomer.  Boomer was ignoring all of us, sniffing for some sort of news or something.

Cute?  I couldn’t believe she said such a thing.

I thought I had better let her know how I felt so I told her that I thought she was the most beautiful dog in the whole world.

“Oh my,…” she exclaimed with very wide eyes.

“What is it, My Dear?  Is something bothering you?’

Well….I’m sorry you sweet little dog, but my heart belongs to Rocky.”

I was stunned.  I felt like I had been hit on the head with a rock, well I guess in a way I had.”

I got up to leave, but Shannon reached over and started petting me.


Oh, well.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  When I really look at it, I think I have the best of life, Mom, Dad, Boomer, a couple of cats, but they don’t count.  And, once in a while, Shannon comes over and pets me and gives me doggie massages.  When you get right down to it, I don’t think it WAS Houston at all, it was those wonderful Doggie Massages.  I just mixed it all together and thought it was Houston.  Outside of Bella she is the only female dog in the family pack.



14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —How It Really Is

  1. I think Fuzzy should write a kids book about the farm and his wonderful life. a lot of little kids would enjoy seeing the animals and big tractors. when my son he loved looking at pics of tractors and things on a farm. have a good week Fuzzy, I think you have a pretty great life with out a lady friend.


  2. Houston is beautiful, but massages are better. We agree with Ellie. We love to come here and enjoy an outing in the country. We love all the pictures and descriptions.


  3. Fuzzy, I agree with you that you have the best life with Mom, Dad and Boomer, even if there are a couple of cats around. Enjoy it as long as you can and consider Shannon’s pets and massages a nice bonus.


  4. I enjoyed your post today, Fuzzy, and I’m sorry about Houston. Please tell your mom that I enjoyed her post yesterday, too. I like the idea of a book for children. I’m a retired librarian and I think kids would really like to hear about your life.


  5. I agree, Fuzzy. You may not have the woman of your dreams, but you have an incredible knack for story telling! My daughter has really enjoyed all these stories…they crack her up.

    Blessings of a bountiful harvest to you!


  6. Ah Fuzzy – hope you’re not too cut up about things. Better you found out now, than later eh!! Sometimes life’s like that … just gotta take the good with the not so good.
    Enjoy those massages. Personally, I reckon you’re the cutest ;D


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