The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— by Mindy, Company!!! Friday, November 29, 2019

Hello!  It’s Me, Mindy-Lou, Min-Min, Kit-Cat Brown.  Today is MY day to visit with you!

MY HEAVENS!!! What a week this has been!


And Zookie

Came to live with us for several days.

Bella is the same size as ME!

And Zookie is smaller than I AM!!!

Then Loki showed up

And Houston!  They stayed with my sister, but they came over here lots!

Mom had to take lots of walks WITH the dogs, because the little, tiny dogs need fresh air and to ‘do their business’.

And the really BAD thing is THEY SLEPT on MY BED!!!

But I got along with everyone just fine.  They are gone home now…and I am back on MY bed!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— This is Not Good! Not Good at ALL!

“Hey, Boomer!”  Houston barked at me.  “You have a HUGE problem, did you know?”

I hurried to where Houston (Houston is my dog cousin who comes to visit once in a while.  She lives in Alamosa, Colorado most of the time.)

was sniffing here and there up and down the long, long lane to our farm.

“Oh! Yes, I know.  Mom and Dad also know.


FEMALE coyote.  Mom is very concerned.”  I explained to Houston.

“Well, you also have raccoons,” Houston announced.

“Yes, we know,” I replied

“And a fox.  I think it might be Kit, but I don’t really know.”

“You have a huge problem, Boomer…just huge.”

Houston kept on sniffing around here and there.

“And Mom really doesn’t know what to do about it.  She can figure out the raccoons and the fox, but the coyote is a whole different thing.  And a female coyote, which means she probably has a litter of pups somewhere close by and that means a huge need for FOOD!”

So, for now, Mom makes Mindy and I stay inside at night ALL NIGHT LONG and has turned the chicken house into a fort until the whole predator thing (meaning the female coyote) is solved she said we can’t go outside at night.

Until then…

Mindy and I stay inside at night.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Houston

houston-comes-to-visitHouston came for a visit!  I didn’t know she was back from Alamosa, Colorado…but she WAS!


She ran all the way across the muddy fields to see ME!


After we played and wrestled and had a great Time!


Shannon and Romeo came up to see us.


Then I went back with Houston and we played and played with Shannon’s dogs  and Romeo and Willow cat.


Then it was time for me to go home.

I begged and begged Mom to spend the night.  Or let Houston stay with us.  But Houston’s Dad was getting ready to head back to Alamosa, so we had to say good-bye!

I whined and whined when she drove away.

Mom says Houston will be back again soon.


Okay…until then I can always play with Rocky!


And Etta! Here she is dressed as a tick.    Etta is a hunting dog.


Oh, and Black Beauty Princess Dog. (who is just a sweet dog)


Shilo doesn’t play much.  Shilo is always business.  She is the head hunting dog.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Tricks Me

“Come on, Boomer!  Let’s go for a ride!”

RIDE!!  OH! GOOD!  I’m Ready Mom!

“Here, wait just minute; your collar needs to be on.”

Huh!? Collar?

Collars usually mean I’m going somewhere I have to be on a leash—town, the Vet’s…I wonder where.

“Okay, Boom.  Here we are.  Wait just minute you have to be on your leash.”

Oh, well.  Hurry Mom, snap it quickly there are smells that need to be smelled.

“Come on Boom, Houston is coming and you are first.”

Houston!  Oh good. I adore Houston!

WAIT! NO! MOM! NOT THE GROOMER!!!! Jerk, pull, drag my feet….


“Come back and get Boomer in an hour,” Theresa, the groomer told Mom.




(Sorry, Houston, you are on your own!)



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Going for a Ride

Sometimes our Sister comes over with all her dog children and her boy friend’s dog, and our other sister’s dog!  We have a great time when she does that.

Sometimes we go for a walk and sometimes a ride.

To be really honest with you I’m not real sure about this ride stuff…Boomer likes it,


Not so much!


(Can you see me…right by Hank Puff the big red dog? I’m the little dog begging Mom to get me out there…right next to Boomer who is having a great time!)

See what you think….Five giant dogs


And then me!


I have to make sure I stake out my spot early, but…if they want it they can have it.

I always just move.

Of course once we are back…I lick Mom all over and tell her I had a ‘great time’!  I’m not about to let Boomer go off without me!!!!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Crossing the Canal






Can we go for a walk now?

Huh, Mom?

We are ready!!!!


Good!  Here we go!


Houston is getting ahead….wait up Houston! 

Boomie-Birthday-4We have to wait for Fuzzy, Mom said.


Oh.  Fuzzy is going to wait by the combines….that’s okay, Fuzz.

Whap, whap, thump.  We’ll come back and get you.



COME ON HANK!  We have to catch Houston!!!

Hummm…the canal.  We’ve made it clear around the place and now there is the canal.

We HAVE to cross the canal to get to the other side!


Houston says she will go first—

Now Mom—

That’s good.

Now our Sister, Shannon.


Good now we are across… LET’S GO!  Fuzzy is waiting!!!


Where is Hank?!?!




You are STUCK?

You can’t cross the pipe?

Yes, you always fall in but you don’t have to fall in.  Just walk really fast and you’ll make it.


Come on Hank!

Give it a good try!

Hank, come on.

Oh, you won’t come unless Shannon walks with you….but there is only room on the pipe for one dog at a time.

“It is okay, Hank, not a problem, just one paw in front of the other and you can do it” says Houston.

KEEP ON DOING IT….You are making it!



We made it back to Fuzzy and everyone was good and tired.  Ready for a break after that really hard walk across the pipe.


Have a good rest all.  See Hank and Houston are already napping.



That really was a good hike!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer’s Birthday

Today is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Well, really MY ADOPTION DAY!!!  ‘cause Mom says we don’t know when my birthday really is.

This is the day I PICKED MY PEOPLE!!! 

Anyway, Mom asked me what I would like to do for my BIRTHDAY!!! Oh, YES ADOPTION DAY and I said…

“GO SWIMMING!”  Fuzzy interrupted with a wide grin and a very wiggly tail.

“NO!!!” I yelled. “I DO NOT LIKE WATER!” I barked right back at him.

Then I smiled and asked Mom if I could have a walking party to the upper end!

She said yes…

So Rock and Balou and Houston came over (Houston and I are hounds…she is a Mountain Cur and I’m a Beagle, how cool is THAT!)

And Hank walked over with our littlest tyke of a grandchild and we all sniffed and walked our way to the upper end…

Then across the upper end…

Then over to the back 40

Then down the cement ditch

Then over to the equipment storage area

Then back across this year’s harvested pinto bean field

Back Home!

After that everyone got PIG EARS!!!


Mom hung onto them until everyone left, then Fuzzy got one and I got one.

I hid mine,

but Fuzzy took his

to the Dog house.


I knew I had picked the right family the first time I set foot on this place.

Here’s Mom’s 4 O’clock photo!


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Me…whistle, hummm sing


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Summer Work

Golly Geez, this summer work fun!

This is my second summer here and I love every second of it.

We do ‘stuff’ all the time!  ALL THE TIME!!!

Well, I know we do things in the winter, but this is just so much better!

For Instance—-

We, meaning Mom, Fuzzy and I, went down to Shannon’s to work in her yard.  Shannon was building some raised beds so Mom went down to help her and to put the soil in the beds while Shannon went to work.

I played with Rock, Balou, and Houston in their yard and Fuzzy stayed out and helped Mom.  Mom made me stay in the yard because it has a fence and I have a great curiosity to smell lots of things so she put me in the yard with the others so we could play.

Shannon’s cats helped Mom.

Sunny hung around the old stump where some dried catnip was…he sure likes catnip…rolls in it and eats it and everything.  I took a huge sniff of the stuff….it only made me sneeze, so I don’t get the fascination.

Willow just lay down by Mom and Fuzzy he doesn’t get that catnip stuff either.  What he likes is to just be next to people so he can get a pet and a rub now and again.

That was cool….we were there for 2 ½ hours.

Then when we got home we went to the pinto bean field to change the water…I always like that!

Mom tells me I can play around the area, but if I hear the four-wheeler start I had better be back as fast as my legs can take me —  if I want a ride home.

There were a couple of little girls out in the field with us, so that means Hank was with them…we sniffed around lots of stuff, then I headed off to the equipment area, and Hank hung with the folks looking for mice.  Fuzzy stayed right with Mom and helped her chase water.

I was a little slow getting back to the four-wheeler so I ran in right behind them…well, not to ‘right behind’, but really close.

Then later on Hank (he’s in the photo with the others in the truck) came over to build bottle rockets with Dad (Grandpa).  He walked over with his family.  They walk down the bottom of the bean field, and then up the side between the bean field and the corn field…’s a short cut they like to take to get from their house to our house.

Hank and I played run, and chase until we got too hot and tired.

Sammy hung out with us

But Monkey spent most of her time trying to get back inside so she could lay around on the carpet.

Mom told Monkey she could be outside with the family, it was good for her.  She didn’t listen.

After that Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I went back out to set the water for the night.

The sunset was really cool.

I stayed right with everyone so I could ride the four-wheeler back in.  I was a little tired after all the running I did today.

I sure enjoyed this day…Good night everyone!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —How It Really Is

Boom, Mom and I were out in the corn field picking corn; it was starting to get really hot.  I was hot, but I wasn’t about to leave Mom.  So I just sat waiting in the shade of the four-wheeler.  Boomer was off sniffing smells.  That kid can get lost sniffing smells.  Sometimes I follow him around, but mostly I like to sit in the shade while Mom gets her load of corn.

After we get all the corn we are going to get Mom loads me up on the four-wheeler and off we go.  Boomer runs along beside, behind, or way out front.  Today he was way out front.  Way out there, running so fast I lost sight of him.

When we got to the start of the yard we could see and hear Boomer baying and spinning in circles like there was something neat in the yard…there was…Shannon had come (also the boys and Houston).  Not only were they there, but Shannon had unloaded the whole kit and caboodle.  They were sitting on the lawn talking to Dad.

Mom and I jumped off the four-wheeler and headed over to the party, Boomer, of course, was already there.

“Hi, Houston, gosh it’s good to see you!”  It’s really nice you get to get out and be on the lawn. Heck, gosh! It’s really just well….nice!”

I pushed Boomer out of the way…excuse me Boom I’ll handle this.

I looked up into her face and my heart began to pound…My goodness that woman was beautiful!

“Houston, may I welcome you to the farm!  Before you got here the day was long and hot, now that you are here I can see the sun is shining just for you.”

“Well, aren’t you nice?”  She smiled at me.  “Thank you.”

I heard a growl.

“Was that you, Hou-Bug?”

“Why, no Fuzzy, it must have been one of the boys.”

The boys…I forgot all about the boys!

There they were hanging out with Shannon, on leashes so they wouldn’t go mark anything.  Also, so Dad would feel more comfortable.  Makes me feel more at ease also, Boomer also agrees.

“Oh, Hi, Boys.”

They just looked at me.  I felt as significant as a bug of some sort.

So I tried to get right in their faces to make them look at me…Shannon just grabbed my collar and pulled me over to her.  That was okay…I really like getting pets from Shannon. Heck she does Doggie Massages so her pets are reallllllllllllllllllllllly wonderful!

Boomer was very alarmed, kept baying the RED ALERT until Dad said…. “That’s enough, Boom! Stop it Now!”  He stopped and went over to Mom and hovered by her chair.  Then he got up an moseyed around sniffing the ground.  His attention span is really short.

I was so busy watching Boomer that I forgot that the love of my life was not far from me…maybe just about three feet.

“Hello, Fuzzy.” Houston said in that soft honey voice of hers.  “Boomer’s real cute, isn’t he?”


I looked at her for a long time and then I looked over at Boomer.  Boomer was ignoring all of us, sniffing for some sort of news or something.

Cute?  I couldn’t believe she said such a thing.

I thought I had better let her know how I felt so I told her that I thought she was the most beautiful dog in the whole world.

“Oh my,…” she exclaimed with very wide eyes.

“What is it, My Dear?  Is something bothering you?’

Well….I’m sorry you sweet little dog, but my heart belongs to Rocky.”

I was stunned.  I felt like I had been hit on the head with a rock, well I guess in a way I had.”

I got up to leave, but Shannon reached over and started petting me.


Oh, well.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  When I really look at it, I think I have the best of life, Mom, Dad, Boomer, a couple of cats, but they don’t count.  And, once in a while, Shannon comes over and pets me and gives me doggie massages.  When you get right down to it, I don’t think it WAS Houston at all, it was those wonderful Doggie Massages.  I just mixed it all together and thought it was Houston.  Outside of Bella she is the only female dog in the family pack.


Let Me Tell You a Story

About a dog named Houston. 


(She is the little one..the blonde.  An air-head if there ever was one.)

And a bunch of blue herons.  (The photo didn’t turn out)

And a herd of cows.

As the story was told to me by Houston, 

It seems that Houston (Houston is just now 1 year old, which may explain the following) got all excited because a large flock of Blue Herons which landed in the corn field next to her house, so excited she decided to jump the fence and go see them.

Of course she was barking all the way.

 Now, to bring all of you up-to-date, all the corn fields surrounding the farms in our area are always pastured off by the cows, which spend the summer and fall in the mountains.   Once the snow comes the cows come off the fall pastures and onto the farm ground to eat and have their babies.

Cows are a pretty docile type of animal.  A body would think that they don’t have a way to defend themselves, after all they don’t bark, nor do they roar, they don’t have claws and they only have bottom teeth so they really can’t bite.  They seem pretty helpless don’t they?


Cows live in herds ( I know, I know you are all aware of that, but hear me out) herds are a huge social group, cows take turns being the babysitter, while the other girls go eat, they have a leader which really is the boss of the whole group, (and I do mean BOSS), and they take turns guarding the herd.

 Okay, I told you that so you could have the rest of Houston’s story.

 So Houston takes off barking at all those lovely flapping, rustling birds, forgetting, or not remembering that not only in that corn field are the birds, but about 75 head of pregnant Momma-to-be cows.   

In Houston’s mind the cows aren’t an issue, they are ‘a long ways over-there’ and the birds are RIGHT BY THE HOUSE!

Just as Houston enters the flock of birds barking and jumping up and down the GUARD cow breaks loose from the herd makes a mad dash into the fray, turn around and produces a HUGE kick to Houston right in the middle of that yapping mouth.

Houston said she didn’t even know what hit her….suddenly all she knew is she was flying through the air in a gigantic summersault, tumbled to the ground and rolled at least fifteen times (at least there was snow) and landed smack dab on the fence.

Houston’s Mom was standing in inside the yard, when Houston slammed into the fence, gradually Houston became aware that her Mom was yelling at her to come back and then she realized her head hurt. (and her eye and her ear)

It took a little while to recover.

When that whole truck load of dogs came over to visit, a flock of Canada Geese lit in the field, by the cows, right next to MY house.  Not one dog (I know better), not either one of the Rottweiler’s or Houston even looked toward them.

So never let anyone tell you that cows are defenseless, just ask Houston she will tell you.

Some lesson’s are really hard to learn—if Mom says STOP, YOU COME BACK HERE, you better do it; there is a reason behind it.

 Fuzzy (my gray hair is proof I’m wise),