Fall is in the Air

We are waking up to cooler and cooler morning, although the day does warm up nicely….around 88*. 

The birds are going…first the robins, several weeks ago, then the Meadowlarks, on August 31st, as I was watching the barn swallows all seemed to gather together and fly away.  It was really cool to see and watch.

The whole thing made me a little sad, though.

Yesterday afternoon a huge flock of geese came honking back, a welcome site after losing all the summer birds.

We still have hummers, any day now I expect to see them gone.  It will be just like the robins….they will leave, I will miss seeing them and realize they have left.

On the upside of losing summer the cottonwoods are starting to color up here and there, just a limb or so, but if you look you can see the yellow starting to appear.

The rabbit brush is blooming and the golden rod.  If you look at my yard it still looks like summer, but I know better.  I know better.

Of course, Wal-Mart has switched over to ‘Back to School’ and I noticed yesterday that that was going by the way side and Halloween and Thanksgiving coming in.

I guess I had better get my head around it….Fall is here.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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17 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air

  1. Your birds have arrived in the Central Valley of California. They send you greetings. The geese are late here this year. We get thousands of them in the plowed corn fields. A lot of our geese, though, don’t really migrate. They just do short trips between local ponds and fields and make a big show of it. They really, really, like the golf courses. That makes me snicker because the golfers cannot abide goose poo on their golf balls. Tsk tsk.


  2. I was just going to say what Jan said. I expect Christmas will be here before I even see the Halloween stuff. Guess I better get some candy this year.

    Hope you had a nice Sunday. Have a great Monday! 🙂


  3. It smells like fall here too…..the leaves are turning, our birds are getting ready to head south and when I was in Costco this afternoon I even saw Christmas stuff out……now THAT is ridiculous!


  4. We’re a bit cooler, in the 80’s. It’s nice, got a little rain, too. The fire in the mountains that took 7 homes is contained now. No bird migration yet. Robins only go into deep timber and hang out there for the winter.

    Have a good weekend.


  5. Our nights are now cooler, but the days have been warm and humid. I will miss summer, but am ready for Fall. Now I just wish we could enjoy each holiday, not rush them so. Hay is in and corn will be chopped soon. Hope you, Fuzzy, and the rest of your family are well and enjoying these last weeks of summer! Blessings, Julie.


  6. I think you are right… we are seeing the first ‘sightings’ of fall. I have loved our cool mornings (and lusciously cool nights – love sleeping under lots of covers!) I hate to give summer up, but the heat has been less than exciting!


  7. We finally got some rain here last night and it’s still raining today. So far it has been a fairly gentle rain — not a downpour — which is exactly what we need. It’s cooler today and we opened the house back up to give the air conditioner a rest. So, if this is the beginning of Fall, bring it on.


  8. It is 55 and rainy here. Last week it was high 90’s. I need more of a notice than that. We were up in South Park this last weekwen and it was warm and beautiful. Up on Hoiser pass it was soooo green and pretty. That will end soon I am sure.
    I need to get out fall stuff. Today I feel like it. Last week…I was to hot to think Fall (o:


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