The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — March

Finally, Fuzzy and I, Mom and Dad have made it through the mud days of March.  March is spring for us here in Western Colorado…..well, at least our part of Western Colorado.

March is also the time of mud, wind, and little green shoots of weeds and such.

March is still cold. There isn’t much anyone can do about it.  Fuzzy and I are still wearing our heavy outside fur, and Mom and Dad are still in their carharts and sometime mud shoes.

But the bulk of the calves

and the lambs have been born and the best of all……the days are growing longer and longer!

Winter’s darkness (which squishes you at both ends of the each and every day) is gone!  Gone until sometime next year!  GONE!

Fuzz and I love it!

Around here everyone is glad to see March arrive.  It’s the time when all the farming starts, and well….that’s what we are about.  Stirring the soil, having the seeds delivered, fertilizing the ground, getting everything ready to plant.

Dad has started ‘opening the ground’, which means he is doing tractor work, which means there is always some little grandchild that likes to ride with Grandpa, up and down, up and down.  They do get bored after about three rounds, but they still want to be up high on the tractor with Grandpa.

I love helping Dad…we go out and do shovel work together.

Fuzzy would like to go, but he has trouble doing too much.  We do lots of chasing of things around the yard, but he really can’t walk much past the haystack area.

I love Fuzzy.  I only go with Dad if he invites me, because I worry that Fuzz will be disappointed he can’t go.

Anyway spring is here, folks!  And Fuzz and I are happy dogs!



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — March

  1. Glad to hear it, Boomer!
    Hope someone remembers to change the clocks this weekend. Daylight savings time begins, though I never really save anything. 😉
    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi Boomer,
    I’m sorry to hear that Fuzzy isn’t getting around very well. I’m sure the cold doesn’t help. It is nice of you to want to stay close for him.


  3. Boomer, it’s good of you to stay home and not make Fuzzy feel lonely.
    Tell your mom it seems like just yesterday that your Dad was harvesting corn. Time to start if up again, I guess. Prayers for a great growing season.


  4. You’re a good friend Boomer watching out for your pal Fuzzy. Someday you’ll be the boss around there and you’ll have to do the same thing to the new guy just like Fuzzy did for you.


  5. Well that is some mighty fine country you have to patrol and look at Boomer, which begs a questiion for your canine partner in crime –You ever get to ride in the tractor Fuzzy?


  6. Your photos bring back memories of when I was a child visiting my great-cousin’s farm in Minnesota. I would ride with my dad’s cousin on the tractor (not as fancy as your dad’s!) and it was the best time EVER. Being a city girl from California, spending time on the farm really grounded me. Now, as an adult, it doesn’t matter where I live, I have a bit of garden at our home.


  7. You are a fine dog, Boomer. I’m sure Fuzzy apprreciates you thinking about him. He probably looked after an older dog when he was about your age.


  8. Fantastic, great photos, still in the carharts and ploughing,.John has been out in the field too he is preparing to sow grass.. but the ground is still wet, it is clods badly if you fool with it too early, we are in an old swamp! Good morning! c


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