My last post for March will be my trees.  I’m taking a photo of the same trees and posting them on the last day or close to the last day of the month so you can see the progression of leaves on the trees.  If you would like to see February’s go here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The leaves are starting to appear.  Today we had 80* weather.  A bitter cold spring snow storm is supposed to blow into night, stay all day Sunday and leave us sometime late Monday night.

Then we will start to warm back up.

Terry is finishing rolling so the ground won’t pack IF we do get moisture.


6 thoughts on “Saturday—Trees

  1. Beautiful photos of your trees, Linda.. After the fire, I’m sure you appreciate what you have now –when it comes to trees… I still cannot believe that happened –but am so glad that you could save your property –for the most part.

    Our trees are getting their leaves now… There’s alot of difference in ours this month also.

    Have a great Sunday.


  2. your trees seem to be ahead of Southern Maine and I can practically throw a rock into the north atlantic!

    you certainly live in a beautiful area.

    David in Maine USA


  3. I always enjoy seeing the buds turn to leaves. Then a day later, or so it seems, the tree is lush and full of leaves once again.

    I will be going out to WY for the summers to work now. This will be the last summer Clark will be working with us. 😦 That being said we need what little help I bring to the field. 🙂


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