Happy Easter Every One

My camera fell out of my pocket as I was changing siphon tubes yesterday —  right into the irrigation ditch.  Boo Hoo Sob!  I found it but I do believe I can no longer use that camera, and it was my favorite! WAAAAHH.

But just in time for Sunday Stills I have a almost appropriate photo.

It’s cold here, frost on the ground and freeze warnings in effect.  I built a fire last night.  Still it is April and a time of wonderous joy!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Terry and Linda

20 thoughts on “Happy Easter Every One

  1. Happy Easter from our house to yours. I have heard the rice trick too,at least for phones-so I’d give it a try. Beautiful photo from a beautiful friend.
    Hugs, Noreen


  2. Such a beautiful photo for Easter! Hope it has been a good one for you and Terry.

    Sorry to hear about your camera. I’ve heard about the rice, too, for cell phones…might work for cameras.



  3. Happy Easter Linda, and to the family!

    The lights and colors in the horizon is just so pretty.

    You lost a camera, I lost the USB cord of my Sony P&S, I can get a replacement though.


  4. Great sunrise, Cyndi has it right, wrap the camera in a paper towell and put it in a baggie of rice for a few days, let me know if it works.:-)


  5. I am so sorry you dropped your camera! I hope you’ve been able to use it still, or have a new one. Happy belated Easter to you and yours! God bless you in the coming year. Beautiful photo!


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