In the Long Soft Light of the Heavens — Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We are going on with more and more rain, snow in the high country, and
And a chill the little summer birds are not used to experiencing
Although my yard and flowers are rather enjoying their new fate of cool,
(cold) wet rainy days and nights
As for me, my heart yearns for sunshine
Still, I must marvel at the amazing beauty of the very wet earth
And the sun on the snow-covered mountains
Each day is still a marvel.  More than a deceptive dream as some would argue,
but a true gift from the God(s)
Valerie (a dearest and wonderful friend) sent me one of her favorite poems by the Sufi poet Kabir…

O servant, where dost thou seek Me?

Lo! I am beside thee.
I am neither in temple nor in mosque: I am neither in Kaaba nor
in Kailash:
Neither am I in rites and ceremonies, nor in Yoga and
If thou art a true seeker, thou shalt at once see Me: thou shalt
meet Me in a moment of time.

And at the end of this lovely poem, Valerie wrote: “I treasure those lovely words and thoughts”…

As do I.

From my world to your heart,


A Sunny Day—Monday, December 15, 2014

SnowThe storm clouds are leaving our mesa, being pushed toward Grand Mesa and the towns surrounding the base of that huge massive plateau.

It’s cold here today.  I’m not complaining I can take cold; if I can see the sun…and I CAN see the sun!

I am sure  you have all heard that Colorado get 300 days of sunshine a year. (I have never counted, but the propaganda says that is what we have so I suppose it is true…)

What ‘they’ don’t tell you is some of the sunny winter days are COLD!  Really cold!  But once more — cold is relative…I’m sure cold in Alaska or Iceland or Siberia is (hummm) MUCH COLDER than here!

Oh, well…I’ll take the cold, if I can have the sun, and we do have the sun today.

IMG_4764The morning sunlight reflected off the transmission lines marching along the edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray).  That is the edge of our corn field in the foreground, our mesa then drops down to some house along the flat, which then drops changes into Roubidoux canyon.  The canyon separates that tiny flock of houses from the transmission lines on the west side of the canyon.


Time is starting to dwindle (now) in a head long rush toward Christmas.  Just for Christmas day we will have all our children, their mates, and our three grandchildren for noon dinner.

I will work myself to a nub, hope and pray the food tastes okay, and spend hours before the meal and after the meal in the kitchen.

It will be nice.

The time won’t be long enough, it never is, but for a few hours I will have them here all gathered around filling my heart.



The time is getting closer!  I can feel my heart starting to swell with joy–a cliche I know, but cliches do exist for a reason.

Your friend on a farm in Western Colorado,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — News

Since we had the fire and Dad sold the cows, Dad decided that he wanted to square up one of the fields.  So we all helped him.  First the fence had to come down, then the fence posts had to come out.  That was the part we helped him with.

Then Dad took the scraper and other big equipment and went up and worked by himself.  We stayed with Mom.

Then we all went up and worked on everything together.

Well, I think Fuzzy might have helped more than I did.

I wanted to, really I did.


There is just so much to learn about out there in the brush…

I mean…

  • like the rabbits are making their burrows deeper and warmer
  • The badger is still just a mean as ever, I make a wide circle around him and his territory
  • Freddy Fox has built a hollow back in the old tree
  • The porcupines are building a nest in the trees at the back end
  • Nope, so far no coyotes—they do pass through regularly, but no dens
  • The ducks are doing good
  • Six crows have taken up residence at the equipment yard
  • A gaggle of Canada Geese are swimming around with the ducks
  • I scared up FOUR pheasant hens (which was REALLY, REALLY, COOL!)

Mom said she sure misses the cows, she has never seen the weeds so big and nasty as they are this year.

I rather thought they looked pretty neat all colorful and all.

Fuzzy and I checked out the deer path in the corn.  We like the deer path, no weeds, nothing.  And if we get back in there far enough we find the deer wallow.   Dad really doesn’t like having the deer in there as they knock down the corn to make the wallow and they EAT the corn.

Oh, well.  They are in there! (Until Dad combines the corn, that is.)

Fuzzy and I chased mice.  There are LOTS of mice.  We had a blast!!

The day was just perfect.  Not to hot and not to cold.

It is colder here, by the way.

Low 40’s at night and only getting up into the 70’s in the daytime.

Fuzzy says he can feel winter coming in his bones.

Mom said she can feel winter in her bones also.

Dad says there is a still lot to do before winter.

You know something, I really don’t care.  I love all seasons.

I really do love living here!

Boomer (and Fuzzy)


Happy Easter Every One

My camera fell out of my pocket as I was changing siphon tubes yesterday —  right into the irrigation ditch.  Boo Hoo Sob!  I found it but I do believe I can no longer use that camera, and it was my favorite! WAAAAHH.

But just in time for Sunday Stills I have a almost appropriate photo.

It’s cold here, frost on the ground and freeze warnings in effect.  I built a fire last night.  Still it is April and a time of wonderous joy!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Terry and Linda