The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Back to Work

We are back to work!  Hanging around and just doing what we want is now over, our work has begun.  That’s what Mom told us yesterday as we headed out to help irrigate.

See we don’t farm with Dad.  We stay with Mom wherever she is.  Our job is helping Mom, always.  Sometimes Boomer will go out some with Dad but Dad is always on a tractor or something and that is just not fun running alongside a big piece of equipment.

We ride (like Mom does) and then we work.

Boomer and I really like it.

We really like helping out too.  There is so much to do.  Sometimes there are mice to snap in two and sometimes not, but there are always smells to smell and for ME there is water to play in.

It’s getting a little harder every year to get OUT of the ditches, but I don’t have any trouble getting into them.  Mom doesn’t like for me to get into the ditches anymore because I can’t get out very well.  But I still do it — I just wait until she isn’t looking and I jump in.

The day before Dad made all the ditches on the place—first he made the main ditches, these are the ditches that carry the water to the fields from the head gate (the head gate takes the water out of the canal onto our place).

Then he made the waste ditches, these are the ditches that take the water away from the field and drop the water back into the canal so the next farm can use the water.

After that we had to wait for the ditch rider to open the head gate so we could begin work.

Work started at 6:00 last evening.  We worked until 8:00 because there were so many weeds and burn trash in the ditches, but we made it.

Boomer and I helped.  I even got into the water a couple of times which made Mom yell at me.  She said the water was too full of trash and it would stick to my fur so I had to get out.


Trash on fur is not a big deal.

But she made me get out.

It was rather hard to get out, so I hung with Mom looking for mice in the tubes while she dug out ends and started the tubes with water.

Dad had to work on the trash in the head gate and the transmission ditch, and then he came and helped Mom set tubes.

The trash WAS bad.

And the wind was bad.  The wind kept blowing in other trash so we had to stay out and keep the water from flowing over the sides of the cement ditch for ever so long.

Boom and I really enjoyed it.

Mom and Dad said they were tired.

They worked all morning, then helped Evan move furniture into his new house and set up his new kitchen and then chased water all evening.  The second they sat down in their chairs they were asleep.

Boomer and I were still good to go, but since the folks were so tired we decided maybe we wouldn’t chase Freddy Fox or any of the raccoons tonight or even get on the barking telephone system.

Around 11:00 Dad had to go back out in the wind to check tubes again to make sure they hadn’t trashed back up and stopped or the water was flowing over the sides of the cement ditch into the work fields.

We went part way and then turned back.  ½ mile is pretty far to run for me anymore and Boomer didn’t want to leave me.

By that time we were tired so when Dad got back we went to bed also.

Anyhow our work has begun.

We love it, couldn’t ask for a better life!

Fuzzy (and Boomer)


12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Back to Work

  1. Ah the farm life boys. Life is sweet for you and you know it. That’s a good thing.

    The picture with the Terry and the mesa in the back round is very impressive. Is there a name for that formation in the center at the very top?


  2. Wow… you boys were really busy. A farm dog has a lot of responsibilities!

    All of this is fascinating. My grandfather used to have an irrigation ditch that ran through his ranch. He had ‘gates’ he would open and close and he’d flood his fields. The water came from a creek, upstream from his ranch and ran back into it. I’ve never seen the tubes before. What holds them in place?


  3. Oh My, Mr. Fuzzy… What if you got into the ditch and couldn’t get out??? What if your sweet Mama just left you there????? Bet you’d find some way to get OUT…. ha

    Looks like alot of work —but isn’t it nice to see that water??????

    You two behave –so that Mom and Dad can get the work done… You need to help them and not distract them!!!!!! ha

    Happy Easter.


  4. Greetings, Fuzzy and Boomer!! I enjoyed your post today. We did not have irrigation when I lived on a farm. That was a LONG time ago. Fuzzy, I understand about how hard it is to get out of things like ditches for you and “people” things for me!! Please tell your mom that the pictures are wonderful. Happy Easter to all of you!!


  5. I’m so glad you, Fuzzy and Boomer, are there to help out your mom! There’s lots of hard work to do on the farm and I’m sure you are a big help! 🙂 It was nice of you to let mom and dad sleep all night. You were probably really tired, too. We’re very dry here, too, some farmers have cranked up their pivots and started watering.
    Happy Easter to you and all your family. We’re praying for rain here on Easter…we’ll hunt eggs indoors.


  6. Glad you love it boys! And in such a nice country with a good Mum and Dad to boot eh. Looks like you have a nice set-up, what with the steady job and all. It was nice of you to not raise a ruckus after dark– did the field work have something to do with that? Hope you have a good Easter. John 3:16


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