Gifts—Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Corn-and-Sun-1We are all blessed, each and every one of us.  But sometimes…just sometimes life gets in the way.

Fall-1Something that takes us away from looking at the good–something that makes our hearts and minds roil in panic or sadness.

Crazy-MoonStill the gifts of this world keep on shining…

MovingTelling us to be calm.  Given time everything works out.


As my dear departed Momma always said: “Everything works out for the best, if you just let it.”


And it does.  It really does.

Your friend,


Ditch Work—Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We are working on winterizing the farm.  Boomer and I started picking up the siphon tubes and the orange dams.  Cows are very hard on things like that—they love to walk on them to hear the snap!  Silly girls.

DirtToday we are back at the settling pond.  He was going to finish it up in the spring, but has since decided to do it now.  The huge pile you see in the corner we will do just before the water turns in, but the rest of the dirt will come out this fall.

Actually today.

JumpFour-wheeler jump on a dirt pile!! Tee Hee

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


YAY—Tuesday, October 5, 2015

I called and it was canceled!  YAY!  That is even better!  I’ve had a bit of company early this morning so I haven’t been able to get up her [in my office] to change my post, thereby letting you know!

Canceled is a very GOOD thing!

Morning-SKySunday morning our sky looked like this…Storm coming in.

Today (Monday) it is sprinkling off and on.  Still Terry says it isn’t ‘that wet’, so we are heading out to move gated pipe.

We worked on the gated pipe yesterday, between sprinkles of rain. Terry also worked on the dirt ditch.   Boomer and I started removing the dams and siphon tubes on the pinto bean field.  I so much prefer working on the irrigation system.

Anyway, Good morning my friends!

Your friend,



Moving Pipe

We had to replace two broken sticks of pipe (5 feet long) in one of the fields.

That is the bad thing about the plastic pipe, the sunlight finally gets to them and they start to crack.

They never break at a ‘good time’, nothing ever works that way does it?

So Terry turned the water out and then we pulled apart the sticks, ran them over to the broken pipe pile, ran over to the stash of good pipe and put them back together last evening.  (We waited until it cooled down some since this was rather hot work in and of itself).

A little quail was singing to us at the broken pipe pile—he was up in a tree, which I thought was rather cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Around 8:30 p.m.  we got everything back together and the water back on.

This morning everything is working good!

Happy Wednesday!  We are in the middle of the week!


Moving Pipe

The last cutting of the year is done on this field, but we still need to irrigate.  Irrigation goes on until a HUGE killing frost occurs.  Sometimes fall is very, very dry here causing the hay to be watered until late September and/or early October. 


Of course you don’t want the fields to go into winter wet, but you do need to have them go into winter healthy.   The main irrigation water from Blue Mesa Dam, will be turned off the last week in October.  Golly, gee, that isn’t very far away now.

The onion farmers are in the swing of harvest with the cow people starting the silage/ensilage harvest on Labor Day. 

Alfalfa is harder to get wet and to stay wet, so we put (yes, I help) gated pipe in the middle of field to water the rest of the way.  Next year this field of alfalfa will be plowed under and turned into a corn field.  Corn is easier to water so we won’t need to use these pipes.


Corn harvest is close now…..very close.  Maybe in October, we will just have to wait and see what the weather brings.

Happy Labor Day!