The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Mom in Charge

Dad had a meeting to go to last night so it was just Mom, Fuzzy, and myself…oh yes, and Hank.  Hank came along since he was spending some time with us while his folks went on vacation.

It was an amazing evening.

Lots of clouds had come in with lightning storms (complete with thunder) running around on the Uncompahgre Plateau and in the canyons next to us.  Mom said she really enjoyed being out there with all the majesty of the heavens.

Fuzzy said he didn’t like the thunder so he stayed really close to Mom the WHOLE time.

I only searched for news a little bit….well, because Hank was with us

and I didn’t really want him to get to do something


that I didn’t get to do so I hung around pretty close.

The beans are setting pods, and vining out, and in general looking really good.  Mom says we are half way through summer now when the beans vine out.

We had to drive through the grass (well, Hank and I ran through the grass) and it was WAAAAAAAAAAAy over my head and Hank’s head and even MOM’s head!  Mom said we really need cows, but that isn’t going to happen.

On we went, moving from the head gate to one field then to the other field.

We saw some cool tracks on the ditch bank….is it a big cat?!?!?!

Or a bear!?!?!?

Mom said she didn’t want to meet it out here in the dark of the night whatever it is.

Mom also said she hoped it was just passing on through and wouldn’t be back.

We sometimes see tracks like this, but so far….we never seen who makes them.

The sunset was rather cool….there was a break in the clouds causing a red wave of light to spread all over the farm, even the corn turned red.


Have a great week everyone!



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Mom in Charge

  1. Hi to all of you, Gorgeous walk you had —and great photos…. Love the sunset one —and the way it turns things orange/red….. Beautiful!!!

    I can almost taste those pinto beans….. YUM!!!!!

    Amazing how the grass grows so high when there aren’t any cows to munch on it!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Great account of crops and life in general. Is the tall grass canary grass. It’s an invasive here and has replaced all our riparian plants.


  3. Wow! That grass is high and dense, plus it appears to be seeding!
    Maybe get some cattle in for agistment?
    Have a good weekend. Looks like we here will have a rain free one.
    That will be a change – ha ha!
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


  4. Love the sunset picture and it’s red reflection on everything.
    The beans look beautiful. Mine never look like that – they are always yellowed and never seem to leaf out. Maybe I’ll have to come on a field trip to learn more about growing beans!


  5. Boomer, it looks as if you have everything under control, even if Mom is the one who is supposed to be in charge. I’m glad the beans are doing so well, and I really like that picture of the sunset.


  6. You are wise to know how blessed you are to live where there are rainbows, brilliant sunsets and water to wade in with glassy reflections. Wise to be aware of tracks in the dirt. Wishing you lots of good weather for your crops. Too bad there isn’t a way to share the bounty of pasture with those who have it so dry like Buttons.


  7. Best sick close to a safe place Boomer, those could be tracks made by a bear. Yessiree.
    P.S. Tell Mom in charge that the sunset pic was a dandy.


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