The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Helping Dad Harvest

On the way to the bean field …..


Fuzzy and I took off running, leaving Mom in the dust!

He was so close his fur almost touched my nose!

Boy, was I surprised and shocked!

Fuzzy and I IMMEDIATELY took off after him, giving him the good old, HI HO chase clear to the end of the corn field, where we immediately lost him!

That was Amazingly FUN!

Back at the bean field I kept sniffing out Freddy Fox’s former tracks…

he even went through the pipe at one point now that the water is gone.

Mom and Dad got the bean truck all loaded up….they have to wait until next week as the three fields left to be harvested are still drying.

Here is one of the fields.

See how fluffy the beans are…they have to get a lot flatter and drier.

Fuzzy and I go everywhere with Mom

We rode in the back while we headed toward the Beanery.

Dad was in front.

We enjoyed the whole experience.

I even like to ride now.  Fuzzy smiles all the way, I don’t smile, you get bugs in your teeth and dirt from the load, but I did have a great time.

We had to wait our turn to be weighed and then we came home.

Dad is over there today with the last truck to unload and then he will be back.

Farm Living is the Life for me!



18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Helping Dad Harvest

  1. Hi LInda, You all live in such an awesome area… That scenery is fabulous!!!! Glad the bean harvesting is going well so far….

    Bet that fox startled you also… Glad Fuzzy and Boomer chased it AWAY….

    Have a great weekend.


  2. You’re such a cool fox sniffer Boomer – you look like you know your stuff too. You all live in such beautiful country. Your Mum takes fabulous photos… be sure and tell her from me will you.


  3. Yay! It’s Friday and another Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer! Love every one. Keep smiling Fuzzy and let Freddy know who’s boss, Boomer. Glad the bean harvest is going so well.


  4. Boomer, it sounds as if you know a lot about growing and harvesting beans. Mom & Dad are fortunate to have you around the farm. It’s too bad you lost the fox, but I bet you will get him next time.


  5. Fun times! A quick question? whith the drought hitting Corn and bean farmers in the midwest, are you getting better prices for your beans and corn in Colorado?


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