A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, January 29, 2021 Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven


I was out doing my ‘stuff’.




When I had to pause and really listen

“MINDY!!! MINDY It is getting dark!  You need to come in now!”  Mom called from a long way off.


I ignored her.  I’ve been trapped in the house for a couple of days now, because of the big cold snow storm we had.  I’m tired of the house.

So, on I went.

Here and there and just everywhere I could think of.

It was getting dark.

Even DARK!  But I didn’t care.  There was so much to do out here and I wanted to do it.

I was just heading around the Butler Bins, where Dad stores grain, when



RUN! I thought RUN!

I turned as fast as I could and ducked UNDER the feed grinder, then slithered my way past the tractor shed.

Up toward the


I looked back… so far so good.



That’s when I heard: COYOTES YAPPING


I was standing there yowling for Mom or Dad when suddenly

Out of nowhere streaked


He came from down the long-lane to the house, dashing past the chicken house and right on through the farm YARD!


Then I heard…. yipping and yapping and in the distance the bark of Freddy.

It sounded like Freddy was leading them away.

OH, FREDDY THANK YOU SO MUCH! I mentally yelled.


Right at the moment, the door opened and I dashed into the house.



That was close!

Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Seven, Friday, July 31, 2020

Chapter Seven

I watched Mom got into the car.  Not just any car, THE CAR…and off they sped.  Mom and Dad.

I took myself,

this and

that way,

here and


up and


and around corners

and over to the Butler Bins.

Then around that corner where I ran into


Freddy and conversed for a spell, then he took off.  I still hung around checking out this and that,


I slid into the cornfield on the other side of the ditch.

Mom and I think that coyote caused some damage to the young buck hanging around.

Hide, shiver, shake.

Whew! Gone!

Back over the ditch, I went, again…

QUAIL!  Whew!  That thing scattered fast.  I guess it thought I was DANGER!

Home again I went.

Maybe Mom and Dad are back!

Back into the yard…a tad tired.

Sat down in the shade when through the garden ran


I was just getting ready to have a talk with Stanly when a loud rumble came roaring down the long, long, lane…



Sniff around the tires while the man got out and walked to the back door then walked back and got in.  In-between all his walking I got in three 3! Pees next to his tires.  THREE!  I can’t get my leg up in the air anymore, but I sure can leave a puddle or three!

Then the guy back up and was gone.

Well, nothing more to do…I checked here and then I walked over to there.

I was starting to get tired and bored!


I heard something!

I ran as fast as I could to the bridge.

YES! There were Mom and Dad!


Good, they are back.

I watched them park the car up and get out.

Inside we went for a long nap.


Then later on in the afternoon, Mom said, “Come on, Boomer. Let’s go for a ride.”

So WE did!

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— Strange Prowling on the Farm, Friday, March 27, 2020

Boomer and I heard something…scary, sorta kinda.

So, we went out searching and looking.

Boomer told me to not go out at night,

that we should just sniff around here and

get the ‘lay-of-the-land’.

The smells will tell us everything.

So, we did—

Ah, yes…

the furry bandits of the farm…

trash can knocker-overs

and garbage eaters


O! O! O!


Oh, I don’t have to…that is just the SMELL of Freddy Fox.



Oreo has been here there and everywhere.

Although Boomer says we MUST be nice to Oreo,

he has saved us from COYOTES more than once.

I think Boomer is right…

the smells tell us all.

Sleeping inside at night is the VERY best way of living a long and full-filled life.

Mindy Kit-Kat Brown

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—FOX

Boy do I ever miss Fuzzy!!


Every morning, when Freddy Fox would try (TRY) to walk through the farm yard Fuzzy and I would make a mad dash up to the grain bin and give him a good chase!

Pretty much Freddy and his family would  wave their tails as us and scamper off—there is no way we could keep up.


Now I have to do it myself!

All by myself.

But I do it!

Sometimes Freddy comes by with his brothers, or his sisters, or his cousins, I’m not sure which…he stops by the grain bins and gives a huge yowl and barks at me!

Once I hear his call the CHASE is on!!!

It’s still fun…it just would be funner if Fuzzy was here to share in the adventure.



There’s the call…gotta run!





The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Day Care

Fuzzy and I have started a Day Care. Well, really I have.  Not by choice! But by necessity! We had to figure out what to do with these little cousins that are spending ten days and ten nights with us!

What a job!

These are HOUSE DOGS!!!!



(This is Bella)

I guess from their size you can see why.


(This is Zooker)

BabysittingFuzzy told Mom, “NO WAY! I’ll back up Boomer, if he gets in trouble, but other than that I just sit in my dog house or go on walks with all of you and watch what happens.”

But I love Mom, so I said I would.


(Zooker had to have a belly band…the boy dog thing -you understand)

Day-careIt hasn’t been so bad—Zooker sleeps with me, when I’m in the house, and when they are outside Zookie goes wherever I go.

Come-on-Bella-FOXSo does Bells, BUT

Bella….now Bella is a whole other story…Bella has to be on a leash because…BECAUSE SHE RUNS OFF!

Boy can she run fast!!!

Took Mom 30 minutes to catch her one day….Bella would run a short ways, stop, wait for Mom to get there, run off really fast…Mom was NOT a happy camper when Bella finally LET Mom catch her.

So now Bella lives on a long rope when she is outside.

We go for lots and lots of walks, because Bella is so HIGH ENERGY…makes even me tired.  Bella seems to always be in motion.

When she crashes she likes to crash on Mom.

When Zooker crashes he likes to lay on Dad if he can’t lay on me.



Sam the cat, and

Actually-outsideMonkey the cat, all think I’m messed up.  But, I love Mom and Dad and so I head up the Day Care for teeny bitty little house dogs! (While Fuzzy guards the place)

Mom is outside all the time now.  The rule is—if Mom is outside we ALL have to be outside, even MONKEY…tee hee.  (Who never wants to be outside.)

“Fresh air is good for you,” Mom says as she brings Monkey out the door with her.

Mom has also moved Fuzz and me outside at night.


Because of Freddy the Fox!


Freddy is getting way to close to the hen house.  Yes, the hens are locked up at night, and they have a top on their pen, but Foxes are very clever.


Now Fuzzy and I have another job….keep the fox out of the yard!


We take this very seriously!  It’s a job Fuzzy says he likes and what he was born for…he says I can be a babysitter if I want, but HE is a GUARD Dog and is going to stay that way.


Mom says…4.5 more days to go….Bella and Zookie say:  “But we really like it HERE!”

I tell them they will be really happy to see their Dad again and do all the stuff they get to do with their Dad.

Zookie looks at me with tender love in his eyes and then sighs a great deal and tells me he WILL be glad when Dad gets home.

Bella?  Well, Bella says she will enjoy having Dad back, but being here has


I guess I run and pretty good Day Care.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — News

Since we had the fire and Dad sold the cows, Dad decided that he wanted to square up one of the fields.  So we all helped him.  First the fence had to come down, then the fence posts had to come out.  That was the part we helped him with.

Then Dad took the scraper and other big equipment and went up and worked by himself.  We stayed with Mom.

Then we all went up and worked on everything together.

Well, I think Fuzzy might have helped more than I did.

I wanted to, really I did.


There is just so much to learn about out there in the brush…

I mean…

  • like the rabbits are making their burrows deeper and warmer
  • The badger is still just a mean as ever, I make a wide circle around him and his territory
  • Freddy Fox has built a hollow back in the old tree
  • The porcupines are building a nest in the trees at the back end
  • Nope, so far no coyotes—they do pass through regularly, but no dens
  • The ducks are doing good
  • Six crows have taken up residence at the equipment yard
  • A gaggle of Canada Geese are swimming around with the ducks
  • I scared up FOUR pheasant hens (which was REALLY, REALLY, COOL!)

Mom said she sure misses the cows, she has never seen the weeds so big and nasty as they are this year.

I rather thought they looked pretty neat all colorful and all.

Fuzzy and I checked out the deer path in the corn.  We like the deer path, no weeds, nothing.  And if we get back in there far enough we find the deer wallow.   Dad really doesn’t like having the deer in there as they knock down the corn to make the wallow and they EAT the corn.

Oh, well.  They are in there! (Until Dad combines the corn, that is.)

Fuzzy and I chased mice.  There are LOTS of mice.  We had a blast!!

The day was just perfect.  Not to hot and not to cold.

It is colder here, by the way.

Low 40’s at night and only getting up into the 70’s in the daytime.

Fuzzy says he can feel winter coming in his bones.

Mom said she can feel winter in her bones also.

Dad says there is a still lot to do before winter.

You know something, I really don’t care.  I love all seasons.

I really do love living here!

Boomer (and Fuzzy)


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Helping Dad Harvest

On the way to the bean field …..


Fuzzy and I took off running, leaving Mom in the dust!

He was so close his fur almost touched my nose!

Boy, was I surprised and shocked!

Fuzzy and I IMMEDIATELY took off after him, giving him the good old, HI HO chase clear to the end of the corn field, where we immediately lost him!

That was Amazingly FUN!

Back at the bean field I kept sniffing out Freddy Fox’s former tracks…

he even went through the pipe at one point now that the water is gone.

Mom and Dad got the bean truck all loaded up….they have to wait until next week as the three fields left to be harvested are still drying.

Here is one of the fields.

See how fluffy the beans are…they have to get a lot flatter and drier.

Fuzzy and I go everywhere with Mom

We rode in the back while we headed toward the Beanery.

Dad was in front.

We enjoyed the whole experience.

I even like to ride now.  Fuzzy smiles all the way, I don’t smile, you get bugs in your teeth and dirt from the load, but I did have a great time.

We had to wait our turn to be weighed and then we came home.

Dad is over there today with the last truck to unload and then he will be back.

Farm Living is the Life for me!