The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fall Bath

Mom said it was time—I didn’t believe her so I pretended that I didn’t hear—then she said—“Come on Fuzzy, it’s TIME!”

So Boomer and I had to go!

And it was EARLY IN THE DAY!

I mean, like really early.  9:00 in the morning!

Well, too early for me for what we had to go do!

Shudder, shudder, tremble, and shake!

Of course Boomer didn’t have any trouble with going.

He never does!

Just the word GO gets his attention and he is ready.

I’m usually that way, but I just had this feeling this time that Mom was up to something.

I pretended not to hear her.

Finally, I came and we went.

Yep!  I was right!

We had to go GET A BATH!!!!



I don’t cry or bark or try to bite, I just shiver and shake until Mom shows back up.

Now Boomer, Heck He Enjoys The Whole Experience….the drive there, the new smells, talking to the other dogs, rolling in the water and getting shampooed, his ears cleaned, the doggie blow-dryer, the WHOLE EXPERIENCE!!!

Now me…I LOVE when MOM comes.  I then whine and bark little happy yippy barks and RUN to the truck!!

When it comes to going HOME from the GROOMERS I’m first to the truck, you can bet you it!


18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fall Bath

  1. Sweet, clean, Fuzzy. Poor thing. It’s hard on an old dog to go to the groomers, huh?
    You probably feel much nicer now though. The little itchy spots and burrs are all gone.


  2. How gorgeous both of you look, Fuzzy and Boomer… Your Mom is smart to take you to the ‘groomer’ for your baths. My poor Duchess had to get a bath at home in the bathtub…. She didn’t care for baths either….

    Congrats to both of you.. Bet you smell ALOT better.


  3. Misty loves to go to the beauty shop. Poodle vanity maybe. But the others, it’s like I am going to take them for a beating.


  4. Awwww Fuzzy, look at how white your paws are? Their beautiful. I don’t mind when mom bathes me but I don’t like to go to the groomers. The blow dryers are scary.



  5. Heh heh. I hope gardenfreshtomatoes is wrong about you finding something stinky to roll in to get your coat back to normal. Trips to the beauty parlor ARE scarey. You never know what you’re gonna looking when you come out.


  6. You are so handsome, Fuzzy, but I understand about not liking baths!! I don’t like them either, but Mom says I smell better! I haven’t had my Fall bath yet, so don’t mention it to Mom, please. Maybe if I just run out in the rain that’s here today, Mom will think that’s all I need!? BUT it’s thundering and I don’t like THUNDER, so I’m not leaving the garage.
    Boomer you look great, too.
    Love, Lucky


  7. You look beautiful, Fuzzy! Hank’s getting a bath on Wednesday. It’s going back up to 75. Should have done it over the weekend, but was too busy so he got a couple day reprieve ;-).


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