Walking With Grandpa

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I know we are giving the grandchildren memories. I so remember both sets of my grandparents.

As I grow older I have even clearer memories.

Like our grandchildren we lived just up the orchard from our mother’s parents and a mile from my father’s mother and her second husband.

The small things are the real joy…they are memories that stay forever.



11 thoughts on “Walking With Grandpa

  1. Memories are so important…. I had no grandparents at all (all dead when I was born)–so I don’t have that memory… I love my grandchildren –but never see them as much as I wish I could… We all live too far apart from each other… Kinda sad…

    Glad you all are making GREAT memories for the grandchildren.


  2. Lovely grandparent/grandchild picture.
    Due to distance we don’t see our grandchildren very often but we do “skype” from time to time and speak on the phone. I too have wonderful memories of one set of grandparents, the others had gone before I arrived. We are looking forward to a memorable time with our children and grandchildren when we all get together this Christmas.


  3. My mom was an only child and her parents lived within 2 miles. Saw them all the time and since I was the only grandchild until age 4, you can bet your bippy I was spoiled rotten! We were blessed to have them up into my 20’s. My dad’s parents had 11 children and lived about 15 miles away. We got to see them a lot and had a lot of playmates who were cousins. My children are 30 and 25 and have grown up with my parents even though we are 350 miles away, we made many trips. My Dad died this past January, my Mom is doing great. We are blessed to have had him for so long and to still have my Mom. Many very cool memories.


  4. I sure agree with you, one of my fond memories of my grandparents, was going to their house and grandpa would give each of us girls a vitamin C, to us it was like a piece of candy!


  5. Family is really fortunate when several generations live close to each other. My grandpa lived with up for his last 5 or 6 years. I seldom see my grandchildren.


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