Age 10 and Age 63

Bladen and I are born in January, one week apart. We are both gaining a year this coming January!

He is a delightful little boy, but growing rapidly now.  I can see huge changes in him.  The changes really started in the fourth grade, but now he is in the fifth grade and the changes are immense. Next year will be the 6th grade and then onward to Jr. High and High School.

The years are going by.

It makes me really sad to see him growing so fast, but it is also really exciting to watch him developed into the young man he is going to be.

He is always willing to come over and help me with really hard yard work, or to help Grandpa with some sort of chore.

For instance when we were putting the roof on the house he helped scrap off the old shingles and then helped pull the nails that were left after the shingles came off.

Having grandchildren close by is full of lots of good, for them and for us!




12 thoughts on “Age 10 and Age 63

  1. What a cute post –between Grandma and Grandson…. Sounds like Bladen is growing up to be a fine young man… What a great helper he is!!!!! Love his name. Where did that name come from? Family name?



  2. what a great post!! you’ve made this 65 yr old miss her Grandma and my Aunt – I was always doing something with them when i was little. Thanks for sharing this time with the rest of us.


  3. I certainly agree that there are many pluses when grandchildren and grandparents live nearby. Everybody gains. My grandpa lived in our house for his last 6 years.


  4. We lived right next door to my in-laws (next door is relative. we lived a couple of acres away) when the boys were little. It was great. They learned care, respect, acceptance and love. All important life skills.


  5. A beautiful post Linda. Yes, our grandchildren are a joy and a credit to their parents aren’t they. So lovely that Bladen loves helping too – he will grow up knowing how much you both love him and take the time to be with him 🙂


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