The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Momma’s Boy

Yesterday was the day from hell!

Always the most miserable day of my life!



I would MUCH rather go to the VET’s than the groomer’s.

As the vet’s I’m told to get on the scale…sit, Good Boy, have a cookie.

Follow Mom and come in here.

Then Mom puts me up on the table and the Vet comes in and feels all around, she does poke and prod but I can handle it.  Then Mom takes me off the table and the Vet gives me another cookie.  Sometimes I get a shot, but they never hurt.

Then out the door we go.  Not bad, not bad at all.

I don’t mind the Vet, mostly because MOM IS WITH ME!!!

At the groomer’s we – Boomer and I go in – we have to sit in a cage.  BUT AT LEAST IT IS TOGETHER!!!


The first time they tried to put me in a cage by myself I screamed and cried and howled the whole time.  If Boomer is with me I just shake and wait in the farthest reaches of the cage until MOM COMES BACK!!!!

The groomer gives me a bath and the ‘squeeze’ (which I don’t mind) then I get a blow dry, (which I don’t mind) then I have to get the brush and cut (which I don’t mind) and go back in my cage and wait while Boomer goes through the whole experience.

What I do mind and what makes me so worried is—WHERE IS MOM?!?!? Once she comes back (THREE HOURS LATER) I’m so excited I peel out and run for the door. Mom leaves the car door open for me so I run through the groomer’s door and head right into the car.


I don’t mind waiting in the car…I know MOM will be there shortly!


Yes! I am a Momma’s Boy and Proud of IT!!




18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Momma’s Boy

  1. Poor fuzzy, so funny that he bolts for the door upon his release.. I have never taken Ton to a groomers, i really must do that one day he is one filthy dog. And why were you so long MOM!! Poor fuzzy. i bet he is even fuzzier after a wash. c


  2. Yo! Fuz! Man, that is so scary! You look good though. I don’t think your mom would leave you and never come back. I mean, you know, she picked you to come and live with her. So I don’t think she would just go off and leave you.


  3. Fuzzy,
    I totally understand your pain. I have to go to the groomers too and I get left there. It is awful. I try to be a big girl but I just don’t like some of those groomers. I shake and cry and the groomers call my mom. She come right away to pick my up. I’d like to say that if she stayed there with me the whole time I’d wouldn’t be scared but I won’t lie. I’d still be scared and I’d probably try to jump in her lap instead of standing nicely. I’m a mama’s girl, alright.


  4. Bet Fuzzy (and Boomer) took LONG naps after the visit to the Groomer… I’m sure that Mom told you, Fuzzy, that you looked beautiful –and smelled ALOT better–after that visit!!!!! ha

    But at least you two now can have a wonderful Christmas –knowing that you don’t have to make that trip for awhile!!!!! ha



  5. Oh sweet Fuzzy, your mom misses you too. She hates taking you to the groomer because she knows how bad it makes you feel. Sometimes Moms have to do what’s best, no matter how hard it is. Ask her about her kids getting vaccinations when they were little.


  6. Fuzzy, even though you don’t like the grooming I’m sure you feel the benefit of being pampered after its all over. I think my Pebbles would have preferred to go to the groomer instead of the vet yesterday. She is feeling very sorry for herself (and looks it) after having a wee operation to remove a “stye” from her eyelid. She can’t get used to wearing the “lampshade” collar and keeps bumping into things but she is getting lots of tlc to help her recover as soon as possible.


  7. Poor Fuzzy, I understand you pain. I, being Samson, have quite a bit of fur also. And so do 2 of the other monkeys. Mom swears that this spring will be our first visit to the groomer. Mom says a “shave and a haircut” for us. What does that mean? Please advise!
    Ps. I LOVE CAR RIDES!!! and MC Donalds cheeseburgers!


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