Sunday, December 2, 2012

The morning sunlight is always a welcome site, when a person gets up before the dawn.

Good-Morning-2 Gradually the sun starts to light up the sky.  (The flash of the camera made enough light you can see all the fore-ground ‘stuff’)


As I open up the hen house, feed the chickens, put out new water for them, the sky show more and more light.

By the time I get all the firewood loaded and heading back to the house to start up the fire

Good-MorningThe day has arrived.

Then I forgot to go back out and get the sun actually up, because I got busy with the fire and starting breakfast.

What a glorious world we live in!

Tomorrow we start digging up ONE of the transmission ditches and laying down pipe.  Should make for a lot easier season farming next year.

(Oh, yes, Terry has decided to farm one more year. Are we surprised?   Although, he is still pondering if he should do pinto beans..they take a huge amount of energy (his) at harvest time.)

And, of course, if there is water to farm with!

Have a really nice Sunday!



13 thoughts on “Sunday, December 2, 2012

  1. Not surprised Terry will do yet another year. Hard to get that out of their blood! You’ll both be fine and it gives him things to do! 🙂 Luv ya!


  2. I love sunrises but admit that we don’t get up early most mornings. I usually get up about 6 or 7 a.m. and put the bird food out for them… BUT–I go back to bed….. Lazy Retirees here!!!! ha

    Hope you are having a great day.


  3. Hope the weather holds for that pipelaying. Just don’t wait too long to put away that shovel. Some day you and your farmer may want to enjoy a sunrise in December without worrying about starting the fire and cooking breakfast.


  4. Wonderful photos! You do better than me. I watch the sun rise from my desk. Critters have to wait for their food until it’s really light out and I have had enough coffee to not be a threat to my own well being!
    I hope you get cows again. Trade pinto beans for beef?


  5. Hi Linda, my you do rise early…I hope you had a lovely day…cold temperatures have found us here in Maine, also a light dusting of snow…I have never know a farmer who “retires” they may slow down, but never give up farming completely. Would you travel? or perhaps get those projects accomplished, the one’s you just never seem to get to…LOL Have a wonderful week, greetings from Maine, Julie.


  6. You show us what we miss when we don’t go out before sunrise. Now when I was on the farm we usually started the fire first thing. Chores were done and then we had breakfast. I always liked to get up and light the fire.


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