The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer Takes Over

Fuzzy and I have a theory….if Mom takes a photo of you, you get a new home!

Well, NOT Fuzzy and I, but the dogs we walk.  (What we do in our spare time)

First there was Red and Gypsy and Helen, then Shorty


and the puppy, now we have Amber.


(She told us that isn’t her real name, just some made up name to make the Shelter people happy.)

We don’t walk all the dogs Shannon walks, or all the dogs Mom walks, but we do walk the dogs that Mom and Shannon think can handle being on the farm and well….out in the open.

Mom says some dogs are so used to town life the big countryside would scare them.


First we walk to meet Shannon, who stops at Misty’s and gets Hank. Then we all run to meet each other….then we all run BACK to Shannon.


If there is another dog to run with…



Introductions take a little time.Amber-Arrives

Then off we go.


Houston and I are hounds so we don’t spend lots of time with everyone.


Mom says we miss out of ‘stuff’, but that is just her opinion.


Everyone walked up and saw what Dad was working on, Fuzzy thought about staying and keeping Dad company; he said Dad needed him.  But after we got started he decided to come.  Mom says it takes Fuzzy some time because he gets tired and has to rest.


While he rested we looked for mice…


Hank thought he found some…

This time Amber came to walk with us. Amber is a Redbone Hound.  How cool is that!?! Another HOUND!  Houston and I loved having another Hound.  She had to stay on the leash though, because, well, because she IS a hound.  And she is a coon hound!  And we have LOTS OF RACOONS!!!!

Mom and Shannon didn’t want to lose her somewhere in the upper reaches of our property and never find her again.

Fuzzy and I want all you and your magic thoughts to send the perfect family to the shelter for Amber.  She is a really nice Hound…



Thank you,




15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer Takes Over

  1. Boomer, it’s so nice of you and Fuzzy to share your land and cousins with the dogs from the shelter. Some dogs would cause fights having new dogs around. Glad you all had such a good time.


  2. That is wonderful that your Mom and Shannon take time to walk and LOVE those dogs… That’s so important for dogs. Hope they ALL got a new home with people who love them. Thanks for the good service!!!


  3. All of you are so nice. As a city dog it is hard for me get use to being off leash. Daddy takes me to the field to play ball. Im off leash then but go right back on when we walk home because there are cars driving really fast.


  4. Hey Fuzzy! That is sooooo cool! I’m a rather dog friendly pooch myself, however the other monkeys…well not so much. It is sad really but my Mom says five monkeys are plenty! On another note, my Mom says we’re moving! Forty acre property in the middle of 800 acres! She’s super excited!
    Love to hear about your days,


  5. Boomer, you and Fuzzy are such good hosts! It looks like you all are having a wonderful time.
    We are all sending good wishes for a good home for such a lovely hound.


  6. Boomer, I’m proud of the magic you and Fuzzy have when it comes to getting homes for the dogs that come to the ranch to walk with you. I hope that perfect family does come in and find Amber. You’re proof of how wonderful it is to have a hound!


  7. In the spring i will be looking for another dog, with our old dog getting so old, we need to start the transition stage.. Not yet though, hope amber does find a good home.. c


  8. You dogs are so lucky to have people willing to take you for walks. That looks like super fun. If I was there I’d want to go along too. I hope your shelter friends find new happy homes soon.


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