Thank You, Everyone—Sunday, October 25, 2020

The people who reach the end of their days must leave others who have to live out their days without them. Fredrik Backman—My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

All your kind thoughts and words have made the passing of my darling little beagle easier.

I found another heart-shaped rock.

I was taking down the dog houses and putting them away in one of the grain bins, tears in my eyes, missing that little dog who would have been right by my side as I worked,

When I saw the tiny little heart.

Then Helen Walsh, who lives in Dingwall, Scotland, Sent me a lovely rainbow!

You are (all) so right!


Boomer is ever so much better, now, there is no pain,

and he is with Fuzzy! (They are bestest friends forever—they tell me that ALL the time!)

Life goes on.

It has to.

If anyone would like to give a donation to an animal charity in Boomer’s name (You DO NOT HAVE TO, only if you want too)

I donated to  Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary 42528 Needle Rock Rd. Crawford, CO 81415 in memory of Boomer.

Or send one to your favorite animal shelter, there is such a need out there.

From my heart, in great thanks for each and every one of you, to your heart,






That Awful Phase — What If—Sunday, April 19, 2020

Time…it is something we always, always, always, and forever think we have enough of–

Time, it shows up in lots of ways…like I will do that tomorrow

Or, I’ll get to that, just not right now

Or I know I need to: get that done, go help this person or that person, say a kind word

to this or that person

Then life happens, or a person’s lack of ‘getting it together’ happens

We get lost in our own world, while what we really needed to doing or saying or helping or…

Never gets past that other phase called “Good Intentions”

So, before it is too late, and all that I have left is that thought

What if?!?!?

I want to tell you THANK YOU, for being loyal readers all these years.  Thank you to those who leave chatty comments…whereby everyone gets to know one another.

Thank you for sharing with me that small little burst of yourself.

You make my blogging joyful and lend a warm glow to my day.

Very much from my heart to each of you,


Update–Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The lady took the cat!  I am so grateful and thankful for each of your prayers, magic thoughts and crossed arms, legs, toes, hands and fingers!!  YIPPEE!!!

She also will take the female cat, if I can find her and trap her.  Oh the joy of good friends and people who love animals!

As for the other cat…I can’t find her.  I’ve been watching for her for three days now; she seems to have disappeared. It is possible she worked her way to some other house along our country road; searching for a male.

Bird-vOr….this big bird took her for lunch.

HummI tried to blow up the photo to see what type of bird it is

PPIt just turned fuzzy on me.

Does anyone have an idea.  It looks heavy…is it carrying something I wonder.

IF this bird made lunch out of the very sweet little cat…there is nothing I can do about it.

Predators…another reason people really need to NOT DUMP ANIMALS!!!  If it wasn’t a bird it could very easily be a fox or a coyote .  I guess those who dump don’t really care…out of site out of mind.  It’s gets eaten…Oh well, that’s how it goes.

I will keep looking for her, but I’m thinking I really don’t have to any more.

Your friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer Takes Over

Fuzzy and I have a theory….if Mom takes a photo of you, you get a new home!

Well, NOT Fuzzy and I, but the dogs we walk.  (What we do in our spare time)

First there was Red and Gypsy and Helen, then Shorty


and the puppy, now we have Amber.


(She told us that isn’t her real name, just some made up name to make the Shelter people happy.)

We don’t walk all the dogs Shannon walks, or all the dogs Mom walks, but we do walk the dogs that Mom and Shannon think can handle being on the farm and well….out in the open.

Mom says some dogs are so used to town life the big countryside would scare them.


First we walk to meet Shannon, who stops at Misty’s and gets Hank. Then we all run to meet each other….then we all run BACK to Shannon.


If there is another dog to run with…



Introductions take a little time.Amber-Arrives

Then off we go.


Houston and I are hounds so we don’t spend lots of time with everyone.


Mom says we miss out of ‘stuff’, but that is just her opinion.


Everyone walked up and saw what Dad was working on, Fuzzy thought about staying and keeping Dad company; he said Dad needed him.  But after we got started he decided to come.  Mom says it takes Fuzzy some time because he gets tired and has to rest.


While he rested we looked for mice…


Hank thought he found some…

This time Amber came to walk with us. Amber is a Redbone Hound.  How cool is that!?! Another HOUND!  Houston and I loved having another Hound.  She had to stay on the leash though, because, well, because she IS a hound.  And she is a coon hound!  And we have LOTS OF RACOONS!!!!

Mom and Shannon didn’t want to lose her somewhere in the upper reaches of our property and never find her again.

Fuzzy and I want all you and your magic thoughts to send the perfect family to the shelter for Amber.  She is a really nice Hound…



Thank you,



I am Sorry

I have received so many awards lately that I am going to have to say Thank you to each one of you, but I can’t keep up with the requirements of the awards.  Please know that I do appreciate you thinking of me enough to give me award, and that I am very happy that you visit me.  But from this time forward I just won’t be able to do any more awards.  L