The Second Day

I was excused from work this day.

Told I wasn’t needed.

Said it would go faster now and I could stay at the house and get ‘stuff’ done there.

I didn’t complain.

He was right.

Day-2When I went up in the late after noon he was over half-way done.

Day-2--2He thinks he will finish up today…tomorrow at the latest.

Which is good, because we are supposed to have a rain storm Thursday(tomorrow) and snow of Saturday.

If he can get done today the rain will help settle the soil around the pipe and into the trench.  After that we will know how much dirt we will have to bring up from the back side of the place to fill in what has settled.





13 thoughts on “The Second Day

  1. Great to have a job like that done before the weather changes. I hope you do get your rain and snow. Sometimes it’s nice to be not needed!


  2. Lookin’ good! I remember (just vaguely) when we buried phone lines to the ranch. Had some neat trenching tool and a big spool and it dug, placed line and then buried all in one fell swoop. Amazing. What you guys are doing is much harder though. 😦


  3. HI Linda, Glad you got a day off to work INSIDE… Of course, that’s not really a day-off, is it????? There’s still work to be done….

    Hope Terry gets it finished before the rains get there —but glad to hear that the rain will help.



  4. Hard work to run a farm such as yours I have a small patch and it is NEVER ENDING I used to garden alongside the river but when I learned of the Lake Draw Down each October the hard way with 1000 tomatoes ripe on their vines and snake swimming in the water at their feet I gave up and now it is beside the home but much smaller 😦



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