The Sounds of Chain Saws in the Air — Monday, January 16, 2023

Bruce came out early one morning to help us with that massive, huge pile of logs.

They worked all through the day, getting that pile down, down, down.

What a gift!

Thank you, Bruce!

From our world to your world,




There, Just There, in the Winter Sky — Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sometimes the sky looks bruised, just before the sun comes up. Although, these are my favorite colors

I must confess, I love the evening sky, as the setting sun kisses a wee stream of clouds

Back to early, early morning when the trees and all seem like dark shadows of themselves

Then that amazing golden hour when the land is touched by, well…gold

Winter is hard, but still, just there, yes, right there, is the beauty of a most unusual kind. 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


There are Some Things I JUST Do not Understand —- Thursday, January 16, 2020

A snowstorm is due in here this evening.  This I can understand

For I can see it in the sky, starting to develop, grow and draw closer to us

I don’t really understand numbers—although, Pythagoras, figured out that everything in and of and surrounding the earth is made of numbers (horrors)

So to his knowledge, a snowstorm is a math equation….ICK!

I also don’t understand money (money is numbers really), so, therefore, I don’t understand finance, markets, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, basis points, bonds —–AAAAAAAAAACK!

But I do like to think, I understand stories.  And I like to tell the story I understand to you in photo form with words to help explain.

These things (words and pictures) help me show you the story of each and every day of my life and those who share my life with me.

So as the winter storm develops out of the mists of clouds and air…I share with you a bit of my life devoid of numbers.  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Sky is Gray and Sparkling with Snow Flakes—-Wednesday, January 16, 2019


It’s been way too muddy to get out on the farm and check for babies calves

Although, Terry did go out early, early one morning (while everything was frozen) to check and also see how the feed was holding up

He reported there are no calves yet and the food is holding…

It’s snowing here today.  The sky is all gray and full of big fat flakes

We are moving between snow and partial melt, which makes MUD, back to snow

Which I know is good for the soil, the plants, the big trees — and it IS January after all.

And for something rather fun…the Great Horned Owls are back…they winter here and raise their little owlets.  Our daughter, who lives just across the field from us, was able to capture one of the Owls resting on the old, old apricot tree with her cell phone.

Now, how cool is that!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Cold Wind Singing—-Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Yesterday evening I had to run to town for some milk for today’s breakfast; the shadows were falling long, pink and orange, with a cold wind shaking the bare branches of trees and shivering skin.

I hurried in and then quickly started home.  I HATE missing even one second of the beauty of the coming night.

Sometimes the sky makes me feel like I walk in a dream.  A good dream, where life is quiet and welcoming.

Where Silence gives a sense of true unabiding peace.

Early Morning light all golden and shading toward blue, stretching until the early morning mist disappears starting another day—another point in time I hate to miss.

Today the wind is gone, the sky is a clear and bright blue.

We are extremely dry, with huge concerns what next farming season will bring…will there be enough water to plant, if not what do I plant?   It’s the talk anytime two farmers get together.

It’s all befuddling.

Still there are those amazing beginnings and endings to each and every day…promising beauty and peace and hope and happiness (at least in my mind).

One second at a time…that’s really all we have.

My world to your heart,



The Alamo, The Steps We Take to Growing Up, January 16, 2014

AlamoMy Momma was a Texas girl raised in New Mexico.  Her Momma, My Love Grammy, and all her sisters and brothers were born in Texas and still lived in Texas. (Except for Gram and Lois).  My Grandfather was also a Texas boy, although born in the last land rush of Oklahoma, but raised in Texas.

Every year of my growing up we went to Texas for part of the summer. The year Walt Disney produced the movie DAVY CROCKETT it was smitten with the history of the Alamo.      I wanted to go!  I begged and asked, and probably whined…in general I was probably very irritating.

My wonderful great aunts and my hero great uncle Fred and my fun great Aunt Marie (we stayed with them at their ranch in Junction, Texas) told my parents they would take us to San Antonio to see the Alamo.

From: Junction, TX To: San Antonio, TX

(Google maps)

So we all dressed up (back then all women wore hands, gloves, and hose, even little girls had gloves and hats) got in Fred’s big car and made the almost two hour trip to the ALAMO!!!  I was soooooooooo excited.

Not only was I going to get to see the Alamo, but I was going to get to see a real picture of Davy Crockett!  Of course it didn’t enter my mind that the REAL Davy Crockett wasn’t the same as Fess Parker.  I just knew he was going to look just as daring and handsome and wonderful as Walt Disney could ever portray him!

There a many things I remember about that trip…how hot it was.  How old the Alamo looked, the many displays of the battle…being allowed to stand and stare all I wanted at whatever I was interested in…and how UNLIKE Fess Parker looked like the REAL Davy Crockett. (I laugh about that now.)

It was the ‘opening of my eyes’ that if you see it in the movies…it just might not ALL be true.  It also told me that history really was a real thing and even today you can make it come alive.  I think this was the step that turned me toward studies of history and genealogy.

Momma gave me this photo when I was about twelve.  I’ve kept it ever since…just to remember the Alamo!

Your friend,





January 16, 2013

I am ever so humble by all of the wonderful Birthday wishes!  Everyone of you have made me feel very special indeed.


It is still cold here.  The back door always has ice on it when we wake up in the morning, ALTHOUGH, it was warmer last night….it only got down to -5*.  I’ll take it!  The closer to zero the warmer it feels.  Of course ABOVE zero is really nice.


The rancher has moved his spring’n heifers onto the farm.  The dogs and I have enjoyed these delightful ladies.  (a spring’n heifers are female cattle about to have their very first calf. They are first time-to-be-Momma’s).


Since Terry had planted the corn all around the house this is where the cows want to be.  They like to sleep in one of the draws at night, then with first light they come walking over to the corn fields.


I delight in their looks of interest as I move around in the house.

At first the dogs tried barking the cows away from the fence…the cows just looked at them as if they were some annoying fly or something.  What’s a house dog compared to a coyote?

Come on, now get real!

No more barking, but the dogs do go and sit by the electric fence watching the ‘girls’ as they munch along enjoying the dried corn stalks.

If the weather man is correct…happy dance…we have a warm-up coming by this weekend. Anything around or above 32* will make for great delight for me.  I have fire wood to sort, chicken pens to clean and hay to haul in closer to the house.  Not doing it in bitter cold will be wonderful.

Then again….do I want to do it in mud!?!?!


It means I don’t have to wear five layers and a hat and hoodie to ‘get’er done’!