The Sky, Appearing Different throughout the Day — Monday, February, 1, 2021

There, just over-head…

Those marvelous pieces of vapor

Breaking up the melancholy feel

Of a bleak winter’s day.

Clouds…just a joyous as a sky full of birds!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


While the Earth is Frozen and the Sky Full of Leaden Clouds —-Tuesday, February, 4, 2020

I’ve finished another quilt.

For some reason, this has been a hard quilt to put together.  You wouldn’t think after doing the other three quilts it would be, but it was.

I didn’t have enough of each type of square, for one thing, then each square was quilted differently…and I made the purple strips too small…

Gradually it started to unfurl and come together.   Enough so, I can pronounce it DONE!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Song of Storms and Wind—-Sunday, February, 17, 2019

Friday night a storm started blowing in

The moon once clear, but with a halo, became fuzzy with clouds

By morning we were in a series of storms

The clouds grey and vaporous, dark and wraithlike

The wind pushing them along in a haunting song of winter’s lullaby

The wind was so sharp and cold it could peel your skin

All around the storm’s outriders turned the world to grey and then white

The wind howled and the rain fell flat and stinging

But by evening the lashing storm had spent itself, moving onward to other parts of the land

The clouds turned to gold and the air filled with sunshine.

Although, we are cold today…the day is beautiful; singing a much different song then yesterday!

From my heart to your world,


Within Dazzling Traces of Excitement—Tuesday, February, 27, 2018

I am gradually (very gradually) getting up to speed on my new computer, the Windows 10 application, my new office suite, and the new Adobe Photoshop.

I haven’t figured out how to download apps yet, or get rid of all those insane games that came with the computer, but maybe soon I will.

Raj,the very friendly man at the Canyon Convenience store, gave to Terry and I a box of tasty sweets he ordered from an on-line company specializing in treats from India.

I finally finished up my latest project..I want to find something else to do—not liking the stash I have in my drawer.  But keeping to the thought I need to finish all those ‘not liked very much projects’ needs to be accomplished or it will be a waste of money.

Then last night, neither Terry or I couldn’t sleep…the clash and rustle, the murmur and noise of our brains not letting our minds escape into solitude and silence

Boomer is with us…he just travels in bursts of speed…sniffing here and there and then running quickly to catch up and pass us.

Standing in the light of the growing moon, we talked and walked our way back to sleep


And the beginning of a new day.

I hope each one of you have a good one!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Making Headway—-Thursday, February, 22, 2018

Whew! Sigh! Struggle! Stress Out…I guess I’m making headway.

I think!

So far I’m not having trouble with Windows 10 —-Knock on wood—-, but what I don’t like, and what I am having trouble with, is getting my blog and Face Book page to look right on the screen.

The blog page is small….leaving lots of black space around the blog post.  The same for the FaceBook page.

I guess it will all start to work out over-time —and my confidence level increases.

Your friend in a very puzzling situation,



A Note About Cows and Calves—Thursday, February, 25, 2016

We rode out early yesterday afternoon — to check on the cows and to count calves.


The light and the air was just perfect!


It was just beautiful for a late winter day, the air was like sparkling water and the farm dappled with light from passing clouds.

6Since it was early afternoon, the light was beginning to shift some, but still warm. the farm ground had a little glow to it.


The air was very still (no wind), so there wasn’t a chill anywhere.  The cows had their babies ‘stashed’ on the alfalfa fields, instead of hidden under a bush or next to a swell of land. Allowing the weak late winter, almost spring sun warm their babies.


I find it a great comfort to see and feel the cold starting to leave.


And to experience the excitement of Mr. Davis’ herd growing larger every day.  There are forty calves out there now!  Forty more to go!

Much love,


Day Length–Thursday, February 12, 2015

East-PinkEveryday the length is growing longer and longer.  Such a huge relief to me.

UseHere, in our part of the world, the sun is rising close to 7–today 7:08.  Of course it starts to get light earlier, around 6:40.

FlungThen the sun sets at 5:45 with twilight lasting a spell.

The joys of a longer day!  For us…10 hours and 38 minutes (today).

These longer days, coupled with the warmer weather is making February go fast.

Looking at the weather maps there is a huge line drawn straight down the United States, terrible cold and snow on one side, unusually warm on the other half.  What a study in contrasts!

For now, though, I am enjoying the longer days and the beautiful skies!

Your Friend,


St. Patrick’s Day Sunday, March 17, 2013

We are experiencing a cold spring storm…feels like February out there again.  But it only feels that way….we all know it is really March so soon it will feel warm again.


It rained off and on all day yesterday which effectively brought all farming to a stop.


That’s okay, it will begin again.  Until that time the rains will wash off all the winter blahs and bring on the green growing things.

And it brought to anyone who looks up into the sky….RAINBOWS!


Today is St. Patrick’s Day….Happy  Wear’n of Green to each and everyone of you.


January 30, 2013

Today is my volunteer day at the Delta County Historical Society and Museum. ( I do the blog from home and other research from home, but today I go in to help.)

I’m entering a year’s worth of Obituaries in the data base for future reference. Last Wednesday was really interesting, while I was there a gentleman came in wanting to know something about a relative who ‘supposedly’ lived in Delta in 1902.

The curator gave me the task of helping solve this little mystery, which was very easy to do through the census.  On-line we also found a couple of people who are related to the same person, but the coolest part of all…….

The elusive man on the census had several borders-people who were renting rooms from him at the time of the census.  Mr. Wetzel, the curator, knew immediately where the man’s business was located — it wasn’t the El-Dina, a boarding house still in use today, but none other than the Delta House!   Delta’s First Hotel!  (I will post some photos tomorrow on both blogs.)

The relative was the second owner of the Delta House.

It’s little victories like this that make history, research, and helping others out ever so much fun.


My 4 O’clock photos show that for a small amount of time we had clearing skies and shafts of sunshine then the next storm rolled in out of Utah.


It’s snowing all around us today, but NO WIND!  I can handle cold (it is 10* right now) if the wind isn’t blowing.

Almost to February the count down is completing!


The County Dump

So far we have over an inch of rain and it is still raining.  The weather people say it is supposed to turn to snow today around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  I haven’t been taking any 4 o’clock photos since there really isn’t anything to see but rain and fog.

For a really short while yesterday the clouds broke and sun came out.  A great cry of joy went up from the cows and the chickens and the cats and the dogs.  Everyone was in a frolicking kind of mood.

Terry and I quickly grabbed all our trash and headed out to the dump.  We only make the run if we absolutely have too.  We were at the absolutely spot…if we didn’t go then I was going to have to go by more trash barrels, which I didn’t want to do as we really do have enough of trash barrels now.


There really isn’t anything really interesting at the dump, but we did get to see the rubber grinder at work grinding up all the tires.  I don’t know what happens to that huge pile of ground up rubber but I’m sure they have figured out some way to recycle it or they wouldn’t be doing it.

As we were there the fog settled back down. After we got home the rain started again.  No complains on the moisture.  It is just very odd this type of rain this time of year.

Three more days until February….I’m into the count down! 🙂