Soft Echoes in the Air —-Thursday, January 17, 2019

, A cloud sat down on the farm today…it was lovely and beautiful

Making sounds soft and close; the feeling tranquil

And just so you know…there is always one!

Yep..always.  And she can jump an electric fence just like it isn’t even there, not even touching the toe of her hoof on the wire.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





The Earth Surrounded in Wrapping —- Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Yesterday morning we woke to fog

The sun peaking through more like candlelight that sunshine

It was beautiful!  The earth so much warmer than the air, decorating everything in rich drops of moisture

A wee cloud filling each and every crevis on our farm. Interlacing each building and piece of farm equipment together creating a secret, but trusted spot.

From my world to your heart,





On Friday a Cloud Sat Down —- Sunday, October 14, 2018

We woke to fog Friday morning.  Fog always and forever will remind me of my mother.

For you see, Fog is a rare occurrence here.  Happening rarely but with stunning results

A coolness descends on the land; sounds are magnified.

Momma would always say: ‘Look, kids! A cloud has sat down on the land”.

I often go out walking in the fog…just because, I’m walking in a cloud, which sat down for me to enjoy.

From my world to your heart,


A Small Frozen Fog—Tuesday, October 27, 20015

morning-fog-2.jpgWe had a wee fog this morning, caused by very cold temperatures from the very wet ground (the sun came out yesterday afternoon…Boomer and I went out and danced on the lawn, it was too wet to take a walk. 🙂  )

Moon-2And the very lovely clear sky and the warmer canal water.

Morning-Fog-1I’m wondering if we had a freeze.  It is possible.

Morning-Fog-3The grass was rather crunchy when I walk out to get some early photos…as the day warms up I will be able to tell.

It’s time.  Actually, a little late.  But that is okay, I’ve enjoyed the warmth while it lasted. 🙂

As always your friend,




Today There is Fog—Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I tried to take a photo of our world, but it just looks grey.

fog-3.jpgFog!  Beautiful wonderful fog.

We get fog very, very rarely here.  It’s not a common occurrence.  Momma used to tell my brother and I, that fog was when a cloud got tired and sat down upon the earth to rest.

Fog-2Although that isn’t the scientific fact, I like it much better.

A cloud resting.


There is a perfect stillness in the heart of a cloud.

Your friend,


From That to This—Sunday, April 19, 2015

SunWe went from this—to


This all in a short time span.  It started raining, and raining, and raining turning everything in a huge slosh of mud.

See that child in the photo?  Yes!  We also have a surprise visit from the Grandchildren and their parents.


Even in the rain, our little archer had to go outside—there is much more to life than a electronic for this little granddaughter.

After a long time of rain, and rain, and more rain it finally stopped.

FogAround mid-night a huge fog descended blanketing the world in a dripping, silent shawl of grey mist.

fog-3.jpg The heavy mist shrouded the fields, as we changed the water.  Ah, yes the irrigation goes on even in this over-whelming moisture.  The goal is to soak the ground to at least a foot deep, then to have the water sub-over and meet in the middle between the furrows.  Upon checking the moisture level, Terry announced that the moisture was a foot deep…now to get it to sub over!

I know this is odd (for those of you who do NOT have irrigation, or sprinkler systems, or even worry about getting enough moisture into the ground), but here in the High Mountain Desert we do.  After over a hundred years of farming in our area the understanding of the moisture content to grow crops is very developed. Terry is a 4th generation farmer right here on California Mesa, his understanding of the complexity of the soil, water management, and health of the ground is to be admired.  (Even if I say so myself 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


April-Showers-1I got both lawns mowed, and the flower beds weeded, just before all of this moisture blew in- what a huge gift the snow and rain has been—we are turning GREEN!

I just LOVE seeing all this growth!  I just LOVE it!

Now the sun is out and burning off all the fog, sending the water into the soil, and drying up all the land.  Moving forward!—It’s a good thing!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,






The County Dump

So far we have over an inch of rain and it is still raining.  The weather people say it is supposed to turn to snow today around 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  I haven’t been taking any 4 o’clock photos since there really isn’t anything to see but rain and fog.

For a really short while yesterday the clouds broke and sun came out.  A great cry of joy went up from the cows and the chickens and the cats and the dogs.  Everyone was in a frolicking kind of mood.

Terry and I quickly grabbed all our trash and headed out to the dump.  We only make the run if we absolutely have too.  We were at the absolutely spot…if we didn’t go then I was going to have to go by more trash barrels, which I didn’t want to do as we really do have enough of trash barrels now.


There really isn’t anything really interesting at the dump, but we did get to see the rubber grinder at work grinding up all the tires.  I don’t know what happens to that huge pile of ground up rubber but I’m sure they have figured out some way to recycle it or they wouldn’t be doing it.

As we were there the fog settled back down. After we got home the rain started again.  No complains on the moisture.  It is just very odd this type of rain this time of year.

Three more days until February….I’m into the count down! 🙂


Winter Rain

We are having the oddest weather for January.  Weather more along the line of July.  An unusual warm air mass has funneled itself up from the Gulf of Mexico, giving us RAIN.


Friday we were rather warm with heavy fog, the weatherman was calling an inversion.  Fog-4But we never cooled down to below zero, instead we stayed warm…22* all that day, into the night, and even into the next morning.


Visibility was very poor.

Then the weather people started telling us about the odd weather pattern we were now in.


Fog is beautiful.

We see very little fog here.  As a child I was always fascinated that (for us, here in the high mountain desert) when we have fog it is really a cloud sitting down and surrounding us.  Living in a cloud made me feel rather ethereal—light, airy, not earth-bound.  It still does.

Then it started to rain…a very wet drizzle, you could walk in it for thirty minutes before getting soaked, but very steady.  On and on it rained, all day, all evening, all night, until about 4 in the morning.  Then it stopped.  But the heavy fog didn’t leave.


Visibility, as I write this is 1/4 of mile.  We are surrounded in cloud.  It isn’t raining …. yet.


But it could start.


It might snow!  The water guys are saying that it is snowing in the San Juan’s and up at Gunnison. That is good news.  I hope it dumps FEET of very wet snow!  🙂

For FEET of snow I can enjoy living in a Cloud!  🙂 🙂



We woke up to fog this morning…

I rather like fog…makes me think I’m in London, England.  (How would I ever know, I’ve never been there except in books-but hey, I can pretend!)

Corn is still wet 16%.  This is suppose to leave by 2:00 this afternoon and then a warmer, drier air mass is suppose to come in.

We’ve set up the grain bins and hooked up the driers…might as well give the electric company some more money…the stuff isn’t getting dry out in the field.