A Good Day–Old Dog

So far I’m having a good day.  Thank-you each and every one of you for your wishes of wellness and for writing and giving me ideas on how to recover.  Your comments and emails are very appreciated.

Yesterday was a good day… which is good, if I can have a good week, then I’ll know I have this licked.

Anyway, enough of me.


It was warmer yesterday, so the dogs and I went for a short walk.  It was warm enough that as I sat on the point of a hill I could feel the sun warming my shoulders, which was heavenly.


On the way back I stopped at the old grainery.  Terry wanted to tear this down, but I want to keep it.  We have only two buildings left of the original farmstead (outside of our house); the tractor shed (build out of adobe dirt) and this old grainery.


This spring (soon, any day now) Terry is going to move it up from behind the barn and the haystacks and put it next to my gardens by the corrals.  After that I’m not sure what I want to do with it — potting shed, play house, whatever I want.


Today is Tuesday, February, 5, 2013…the sunrises at 7:15 in the morning and is setting at 5:38 in the evening.  A month ago on January 5th the sun was coming up at 7:31 and setting at 5:04.  The days are growing longer -January 9 hours and 34 minutes and today- 10 hours and 23 minutes.  More sunlight…which is a true joy to me.

I haven’t seen the old dog for some time now.  I might drive around the farm neighborhood  now that I’m feeling up to it, and see if I can see the dog in someone’s yard.  If not… I wait, but I will also know that the possibility of the dog taking a path to the other side just might have occurred–one of those sad parts of life.

Once more thank you all for your kind thoughts,





21 thoughts on “A Good Day–Old Dog

  1. I am glad you are feeling a little better my friend and I am with BRING ON THE SUN! it is good for my metal health I bet the sun felt warm Enjoy your week and I hope the old dog is OK life is so hard for those with no one.


  2. Hi Linda, Glad you are feeling better. There’s nothing better than warmer weather and a walk to make anyone feel better! Love that old grainery…. You will love it once Terry gets it moved…. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!!!

    Keep on feeling well.


  3. Good, i am glad you are doing a wee bit better, and you still have a few weeks of winter to get right back up to speed.. i love that old shed a lot, hope you can move it! c


  4. This morning I was having a “woe is me” moment. The temperature in my bed was perfect. Elsewhere in the house it was cold, waiting for me to get up and build a fire. The cats finally gave up and just joined me in bed. I started thinking about what the pioneers used to do on a winter morning and decided they must have slept in their clothes, then wandered around wrapped in their buffalo skin blankets until their cabins were warm. I thought how much easier it would be to have a pellet stove that would run all night. I had saved money to buy one. The day after I went shopping for a pellet stove, though, the 75-year old pump that provides water to the house finally gave up. The cost to replace it will use up my pellet stove savings. Woe is me! I’m doomed to be an old lady who just lays around in bed with my cats all day. Then I thought: no matter how cold it is here (not even freezing, actually) it’s even colder at Linda’s. And she’s sick and she’s still managing. So I finally got out of bed.


  5. So sorry that I missed the post about you being sick. I really hope you feel better soon! This sure has been a winter for extended illnesses. My brother has been sick since Thanksgiving and his respiratory illness just keeps hanging on. I love your old building! So glad that you are going to keep it to play with.


  6. I’m glad you are having a good day. I was sorry to read that you have not been well. Fuzzies story brought a tear to my eye ( menopause) how terrible people can be and then how downright marvelous you tip the scale on the marvelous side…lucky dog …good thing you came along. To bad about the old dog….


  7. I will keep my fingers crossed for your continued health. I hope the old dog is okay; although I’m sure the other side would be a beautiful place for him, I selfishly want him to be on this side biding his time in a warm cozy spot somewhere. That granary is wonderful, I’m glad Terry let you keep it.


  8. Great that your feeling better and getting out into some sunshine.
    By the looks of the old granary it might not make it to the garden!
    Today the sun rose at 8:07 and set at 5:31 s 9 hr and 24 min. and we’re soon going to pass you!


  9. I am soooo sorry you are not feeling well. It doesn’t help when we are worried about an animal either. Hoping the sun’s rays restore your well-being and you are tip top very soon!

    That grainery is AMAZING! It would make a fabulous chicken coop, or potting shed. 🙂 But i could just see a little Grandpa & Grandma-made doll house for your grandbaby girl, complete with a little wooden kitchen, some old pots and plates, and some gingham “curtains” on the windows. 🙂 Whatever you do with it, you’ll make it even more beautiful, for sure.


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