The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —A Walk through the Cows

It sure seems we have been hang’n at the house lots lately.


BUT Mom has started walking out on the place this week and WE GET TO GO WITH HER!!!!

Sure is fun!

I try….really I do…I, hum, try to stay with Mom and Fuzzy…BUT



Mom walks LOTS slower than I do…I mean, heck, I can be clear to the end of the field and BACK by the time she and Fuzzy get just a little ways into the field.

But to be fair, I think Mom walks with Fuzzy so Fuzzy doesn’t get lonely.

I really should also



We walked over to the equipment hillside, where Fuzzy scared up Robby the Rabbit.  Fuzzy and Robby ran every which where, until Robby got tired and hid in the roller.  Fuzzy barked at me to join him, but I was over with Mom looking at the old junk which really is homes for the mice.

The mice were not as interesting as the Robby the Rabbit but I was just too far away to be part of the fun.  By the time I got there, Robby was tired and sitting in the roller just watching us.



We sat on the hillside and looked at the canyons of the Esclante and Dominguez for a short while….then we all moved over to the little pasture and Mom told us if it were night we could see all the cars coming across the desert from Grand Junction to Delta, but of course it wasn’t night so we couldn’t see the traffic.

Grand-JunctionMom assured us it was there.

I headed down to the cattails, but Mom and Fuzzy didn’t they headed over to the little alfalfa field, Mom said half the place was good enough to walk for now.


The cows have made a path in the same spot in the field and in the dirt ditch that they have for over 40 years…Mom says it’s the shortest distance to where ever they are going.

Every time Dad sees the flattened out ditch (just in that one spot) he threatens to lay pipe there and cover it up. But he never does, he just gets out the ditcher in the spring and makes a new ditch.

I think he just likes to talk about the path, he really doesn’t care!

Walking-aheadOn the way back I joined Mom and Fuzzy, I really needed to be close to Mom because…..

My hurry had sort of vanished!










I’m really afraid of the cows!

I’ll bark at them if they get too close to the electric fence around the yard, but I don’t want to do more than that.


Those girls will CHASE YOU!!!


I had them chase me when I first got here, that sort of thrill I didn’t need again in my life!


Mom has to make me go in front of her, but I only go one step in front of her foot…

Mom and Fuzzy laughed at me, but I didn’t care.

As soon as we got through the herd of 70 pregnant females —- you think about that…





I ran right to the house!


I enjoyed the walk, I sure did.  But getting through all those cows is best!





23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —A Walk through the Cows

  1. Well Boomer – I hadn’t realized how big a mutt you really are. Understand too that everyone of you guys are mutts. But you and Fuzzy are really good pooches so your failings as a hound are just fine. Scared of cows huh? That took a lot to give that one up on the internets! I’m not that big on cows myself.


  2. So much fun your walk but oh boy it looks so dry. I’m with you Boom, those hormonal mothers are not to be messed with and can be oh so unpredictable.


  3. boomer, i adore you! i used to walk my beagle in a pasture when i was in high school. if the cows were out, i’d have to scoop him up and carry him as they’d surround us!


  4. Glad you are keeping your distance, Boomer, when you are near those pregnant cows….. Who knows what a pregnant cow can do???? ha…..

    Glad Mom, Fuzzy and you are taking walks… What happened to the snow on the mountains???? Looks dry there now. Darn!

    We are having rainy, dreary days right now—but it’s not too cold, and there’s no snow here. All of the snow is FAR north of us this weekend.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Wise to be alert around the cows, never know when they’ll nail you! You guys had a nice walk and I’m so glad to see Fuzzy hanging in with you.


  6. Wow!
    Boomer, that sounds like quite the exciting walk. My walks tend to be much tamer though dad bought this new toy the other day and it is AWESOME! It is this long stick thingy that he puts my favorite ball in. Then he swings it and the ball goes ever so far. I, of course, must chase it. I run and run and run for the ball. If it is a really good throw the ball bounces. I jump up and snag it out of the air. Dad is so happy when I do that. He calls me his “good girl” and throws it again. I LOVE it! That new long stick throwing thingy is the best.

    Give my best to Fuzzy and your mom,


  7. I agree, Linda, you and Boomer should write a children’s book explaining what goes on at your farm with the beautiful scenery. So many children have never been close to a farm.


  8. What a delicious post Linda… the air looks so clear, you can almost smell the freshness in the pics. It looks still and windless – does this mean you can hear those distant cars in the silence of your vast empty spaces?
    Cows are so curious, aren’t they? I always think it shows how intelligent they are… and yes, boy would I be careful round a pregnant cow or a new mother!!! Boomer’s got his head screwed on, it seems to me!


  9. We’re all born with different preferences. The dogs I grew up with were born knowing how to herd cows. Dogs with hound blood know how to sniff out and chase critters. Fuzzy dogs are mostly good friends. Everybody has talents. We just have to find out what they are/


  10. Well Boomer , we all know that you just follow your nose. There are many interesting smells to follow. Machinery doesn’t smell very good.


  11. What a great walk! You must be taking really good care of The Fuz, Boomer. He’s doing really good to be able to chase Bunnies!
    Boomer, last summer one of Mom’s cows got cross with me and I ran too. I hid in the ditch, just under the bank and she didn’t see me. I’m braver now. Sort of. But you didn’t run. You stayed right with your Mom and the Fuz and protected them from those hormone crazed girls. Good Boomer! If they give you any trouble, just bite them on the nose. But don’t tell my Mom that I told you. Sometimes I get in trouble for that.



  12. Boomer, I think you really need to get over your fear of cows, because it won’t be long before there are A LOT more of them. But I’m glad the weather has warmed up enough that you can get out and walk with Mom and Fuzzy.


  13. Yay! I couldn’t get the post to load, but I could load the blog. And today it’s letting me comment!
    Boomer, You are one funny dog, haha. Glad you and Fuzzy had a good day with Mom.
    I think I’d be afraid of that many cows, too!
    Have a wonderful week!


  14. It was an enjoyable post Boomer – you made me laugh at your little thoughts. Oh so wise to give a wide berth to all those cows though.
    It was a beaut walk all the same and lovely to see Fuzzy enjoying himself too.
    Cheers now 🙂


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