Racing Across an Icy Land—-Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Yesterday we loaded up ourselves, the pick-up and the snowmachines and headed to Grand Mesa

Where I started to get back my ‘snow-machining legs’, which I had left behind in 2002.

Of course, Terry didn’t have any problems

He raced up and down hills while I stayed safely on the trails.  Although, sometimes I did venture into the pale whiteness and take myself up and down a few short climbs.

By the time the blizzard was in earnest, we decided to load up and head home.

A brief outing into the frozen, brittle and crisp snow on Grand Mesa.

It was extremely exhilarating and refreshing!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Fills My Heart with Awe—-Monday, February 5, 2018

The Sandhill Cranes and the Canada Geese are stuffing the fields to capacity!

Beautiful large birds rustling along searching for bits of corn

The Sandhill cranes (usually) don’t seem to share the same field as the geese,

But sometimes they do.

Their beauty is wonderfully stunning!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,


The Phone Call—-Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our grandson called us one evening after basketball practice and once more invited us to his ALL DAY basketball tournament in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.


So early Saturday morning (3:45 a.m.) we woke up, did our chores, ate breakfast and was on the road a quarter after 5!

blades-tournament-015Since it was an all day tournament and Blade played in the first game of the day (8:00 a.m.) we knew we had to get to going.

blades-tournament-020They played three games with the last one ending at five. There were more games after that but he was done at five—they won all their games!

A job well done!

buddiesWe got to meet his buddies

best-friendsLinky’s new good friend, Andrea (they had a sleepover and didn’t get to sleep until it was almost time to get up to make it to the game… ūüôā )

everyones-friendAnd Tally who never meets a person she doesn’t like!

blades-tournament-016We got home late, tired but very happy to be able to watch our grandson and be with the kids and our son-in-law and daughter for the whole day!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


We Finally Finished—Thursday, February 5, 2015

HomeFinally Terry and I are done with the trees and the fences.  What a huge intense mess we had for a spell.  But now we are done!  YAY!

Now the cows can come and I can enjoy them. ¬†It’s always fun to see the girls arrive–these are first year heifers and second year cows, which means this is the first year for the young cows to have a calf and the second year for last years heifers to calve out. ¬†The reality is these cows are 2 and 3 years old. They have spent their youth here on our place and/or calved out the first time here with us.

I delight when they come, they run here and there, grabbing bits of food, heading to old favorite spots AND coming over to visit us (in particularly the fenced off hay yard; one never knows if the hay yard just MIGHT not be fenced off.)  It takes them a good 10 days to settle into a routine.

Uncle Spike posted a double Rainbow, he said I could link to him so you can see it also!

Even if there wasn’t rainbow right here on the farm, a beautiful sign of hope appeared in my inbox.

All is well!



Before I forget here is the skyline in full daylight. ¬† The only blight is the dead tree stump—which is 30 feet or so in air. ¬† We still might cut it clear to the ground, but this is the stump Misty wants to have Kelly make into a platform for the kids to play on. ¬†Our grandchildren are NOT afraid of height, their grandmother is.

Night-HouseToday I’m going to CLEAN my house! ¬†As you might know it is in dire need after the last several days of trees and fences. ¬†I also need to go buy a birthday present for a certain little granddaughter who will be 7 on the 15th of February.

Thanks to each and everyone of your for stopping by and reading about our Life on a Colorado Farm. ¬†I also appreciate all your comments and your support for the Sherlock Boomer story. ¬†I’m rather jazzed to see if I can actually create a full book.

The sun is shining here and we are heading up to 62* by this afternoon!

Life is Good!

Your friend on a Colorado Farm


A Good Day–Old Dog

So far I’m having a good day. ¬†Thank-you each and every one of you for your wishes of wellness and for writing and giving me ideas on how to recover. ¬†Your comments and emails are very appreciated.

Yesterday was a good day… which is good, if I can have a good week, then I’ll know I have this licked.

Anyway, enough of me.


It was warmer yesterday, so the dogs and I went for a short walk.  It was warm enough that as I sat on the point of a hill I could feel the sun warming my shoulders, which was heavenly.


On the way back I stopped at the old grainery.  Terry wanted to tear this down, but I want to keep it.  We have only two buildings left of the original farmstead (outside of our house); the tractor shed (build out of adobe dirt) and this old grainery.


This spring (soon, any day now) Terry is going to move it up from behind the barn and the haystacks and put it next to my gardens by the corrals. ¬†After that I’m not sure what I want to do with it — potting shed, play house, whatever I want.


Today is Tuesday, February, 5, 2013…the sunrises at 7:15 in the morning and is setting at 5:38 in the evening. ¬†A month ago on January 5th the sun was coming up at 7:31 and setting at 5:04. ¬†The days are growing longer¬†-January 9 hours and 34 minutes and today- 10 hours and 23 minutes. ¬†More sunlight…which is a true joy to me.

I haven’t seen the old dog for some time now. ¬†I might drive around the farm neighborhood¬† now that I’m feeling up to it, and see if I can see the dog in someone’s yard. ¬†If not… I wait, but I will also know that the¬†possibility¬†of the dog taking a path to the¬†other side¬†just might have¬†occurred–one of those sad parts of life.

Once more thank you all for your kind thoughts,