Maybe This Time

We are in the middle of another winter storm…high winds, blowing snow and winter advisory over the Gunnison Mountain Range.

Terry and about 4 other neighbors were talking yesterday evening about the snow on the Gunnison Mountain Range…this is where we get our water.

The whole conversation was dismal, to put it lightly.

One of the neighbors is the Vice-President of the Uncompahgre Water Users (our irrigation water) and he said things are looking very bad in the water department.  The snow pack is 77% of normal, but the snow is a very dry snow, with very little water.

The Water Users were going to turn the water on the middle of April, but now they aren’t….they are going to wait until the first day of May, hoping to have water for the heat of the season…July and August.

Now, no one knows what to do….everyone is looking at planting a maximum of 60% of their farm ground, but…can they?  The sweet corn farmers and the onion guys need to have the seed in the ground in April, wet and ready to sprout by the third week of April to have a crop.  With this late water start it is looking like the crop for Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn and Mountain Sweet Sweet Corn is going to be very slim…if at all.

Pinto Beans don’t have to be planted as early and can be harvested early, but they do need lots of water…the pinto bean guys are wondering if they should even try since they can’t afford to have the water shot just as the pods begin to swell.

Corn for corn bread, chicken feed and cow feed takes a long growing season and needs to be in the ground, watered up before the first of May…

Lets hope this storm is being very good to us and lots of WET snow is falling on the Gunnison Mountains…magic thoughts from all you, please!

Food is going to be sparse this year from our part of Colorado it seems, unless the Gunnison Mountains can get lots and lots of WET snow.





23 thoughts on “Maybe This Time

  1. I was so hoping that you guys would get out of the drought you have been fighting for the last 3+ years (I think). We were border line and have got very little snow this winter but lots of rain that is soaking in. Our water levels are good now and rising with every little rain. Expecting to get an inch today and tonight. I wish I could load it up and bring to you.


  2. This really doesn’t sound good. I know up until last summer our resevoirs were at a thrid of the normal capacity – a totally wet summer, autumn and winter has sorted it. I hope you get the rain you need, and at the time you need it!


  3. this post makes me very sad. the corn and feed prices have risen so much over the last 2 years already. can only make things worse across the country…


  4. Oh Linda, that is terrible news for farmers in your area. Sorry to hear that it’s not wet snow in the mountains… Darn it all…. What are you and Terry going to do???? God Bless you BOTH…



  5. I hope you get the moisture you need. So far it looks like we’ll have runoff (and we need it this spring) but March is often the snow month here and we won’t be turning it down even though I’d like to see spring sooner rather than later.


  6. Thoughts and prayers for you and the farmers in your area, Linda. The decisions on what to do can be really stressful during this drought time. Really hope more wet snow comes to your mountains.



  7. Sending magic thoughts for lots of water in your mountains. They call the people in Las Vegas big gamblers but they can’t hold a candle to farmers. Good Luck!


  8. Linda, thanks to you & Terry for hanging in there in the face of such uncertainty. There’s still time for more snowpack to accumulate in those mountains, and my Magic Thoughts are with you in hoping you get lots of heavy, wet snow up there.
    I’ve also been meaning to tell you that I sure thought of you and all the others whose lives are so closely tied to the land during the late Paul Harvey’s tribute to farmers in the SuperBowl. Don’t mind admitting it put a lump in my throat.
    The best to you and your family.


  9. You too, LInda – I’d hoped that all that snow was bringing you good news – what a blow to find it’s dry snow like that. Praying for a good fall now… I do know how you feel, and worrying about your crops must make it even worse. thinking of you with lots of love..


  10. I’m sorry to hear that things are still so desperate in the water department in your part of the country. We really like your Olathe corn, and we’ll be even sadder if it’s not available this year.


  11. Nothing worse than having to worry about moisture. I hear about the drought ridden states and feel so bad for ones that have to sell livestock and the like! Hopefully things get better.


  12. Hi Linda – I know y’all need moisture. My husband and I went to Denver over the weekend to see our kids and got stuck in the blizzard. I sure hope it melts quickly and doesn’t just dry up. My son says that it’s very dry up there and they NEED moisture badly. Here’s to hoping and praying that you guys get what you need!


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