The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Mom’s Shed

Since Dad is going to shrink the corrals and then expand the hay stack yard Dad decided the old granary had to either be torn down or moved.

Early yesterday morning…by first light…we all trouped out to the back of the farm yard to look at what Dad is interested in doing.

We all looked into the granary and then looked around the granary…Fuzzy and I were a little concerned because this is where our two ground squirrels like to live, Under the Granary.

Sam the cat went with us also.  He crawled here and there all over the corrals and in the granary.

Boomer and I just went in and sniffed around and looked at all the cool stuff Mom and Dad had stored in there.

Back in the house we all ate breakfast and I heard Mom say…Let’s Move it!

So right after breakfast we all trouped back out to see where to move it too!

Mom says she wants it some place where she can get to it and work on the repairs.

So we all walked down the feed bunk road to the end of the corrals to look things over.  Then we went into the corrals and over to the new shed to see if it would fit there, then we walked back to the end of the corrals.

Mom said she really like it at the end of the corrals…Dad looked and looked and then agreed.

Now the fun part started.


First the old corrals had to be removed, and then part of the old feed bunks, and then Dad went and got the tractor.


This was really exciting!


Boomer and were told to get out of the way a couple of times because we were really interested in being part of this whole process!


After we got it there Mom pronounced, “Perfect!”


It was a good morning’s work.

Then Mom went back in to fix lunch and Boomer and I decided it was a good time to take a nap!


23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Mom’s Shed

  1. Wow–that is amazing… I’m so glad that you two (Boomer and Fuzzy) worked SO SO SO hard to help Dad/Mom with the moving of the granary. ha ha

    Looks like a perfect place for MOM to work on now… All in a good day’s work, huh????? YEAH.


  2. Fuzzy, you and Boomer definitely had an exciting (and busy) morning. I’ll bet Mom and Dad were glad to have your help. Moving that granary was hard work, so I understand why you needed a nap.


  3. I’m glad to see that it is moved and will be put to use. I had a friend who commented that when we both saw old structures I always commented that I would love to see it fixed and he always thought that it should be torn down. I’m with the dogs on this one, right along with mom and dad.


  4. How impressive that things were built so well back then – whenever – that they could be towed like that, and not collapse.
    It looks a lovely building… what fun you’re going to have with it.
    Hope the squirrels find it again….


  5. Yea on a successful move!! Always nice to be able to save and rehab an old building! Fuzzy and Boomer, did you see your little ground squirrel friends when they moved it? They’ll probably like the new spot for a home, too.



  6. You guys are going to have to help Mom put some shingles on the old bin or it will leak! You told a good story. I was waiting for a mouse or a rat to run out once the bin moved and you would catch it.


  7. Good luck on fixing it! Great that you’re going to do that.
    We apparently have a squirrel family in our pasture.
    You boys did a great job. Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. It’s so nice to have a big tractor and a willing farmer around when there are BIG things to be moved! Sounds like you got a whole day’s work done before lunch.


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