Sunday, March 24, 2013….March Leaves Like a Lion

We were up at 2:30 on Saturday morning to take Evan to the airport to go see Joylene in Canada.


Everything went really good for him until he got to Denver …then he was grounded until 8 that evening…

Snow storm…big one…that is already on it’s way to the rest of the country.


Terry’s sister and her husband live in Greeley and sent us over a photo of just what the snow looked like there…18″.

It didn’t snow here, but we did have the wind…frigid, face freezing wind and lots of it– 40 m.p.h. gusts with 25 m.p.h. sustained winds.

Today we are frozen…more like January and February instead of late March.  I guess March is leaving like a lion…not long now until April.


I’m looking forward to April.  This is a little robin, poor things they really look cold this morning.

Our wood is down to four logs so this afternoon we are heading to the upper end to cut wood from the downed trees, this time last year we were not worrying about heat except in the early morning.

Each year is decidedly different one never really knows what will happen.

I saw a headline on the internet saying this the winter that doesn’t leave.






13 thoughts on “Sunday, March 24, 2013….March Leaves Like a Lion

  1. Here in Costa Rica people are complaining how warm it is as it’s not supposed to be like this at all. And I’ve caught a cold. I never get sick. Above Boulder a friend was heading towards 3′ worth. Tico’s also complaining and rightfully so that the soccer game Friday night in Commerce City should never have been played. I’ve worn nothing but shorts and sandals for the last three months. Will get on the plane with the same thing come Thursday and take my chances when I get to Denver.


  2. we’re dipping below freezing tonight and tomorrow night – and have that harsh wind. but i’m looking forward to having a couple of more fires in the stove!


  3. We got a blustery cold front overnight, but just chilly (40*). Still terribly windy, but not a drop of rain. I wish y’all had gotten some of the moisture that was in that storm!


  4. Cold in Oklahoma, too, with very strong winds. Did you get any moisture that will help you? Sure hope so. I love the last picture…. they are all good, that that one is awesome!! Hope you have a good week


  5. We know your feeling. We had snow this week and you probably heard about the 100 car pile up. Three trains also got stuck in the snow. So spring in the west can be late and the weather can be nasty.


  6. You too? My grandson has just arrived in England for his gap year to the coldest March since I got married 51 years ago, with six foot of snow, huge snowdrifts, blizzards, the lot!
    Hope you get plenty of wood…we had ours delivered for the winter this morning… I got in early for once….


  7. Couldnt believe the pictures they showed on the local news about Colorado snowstorm. but they didnt say what part of CO got hit. Beings its in Greeley maybe we got some moisture on the WY land!!
    We have had snowflakes in the air for days. Last night we finally got an accumulation of an inch.
    Zach is in Pennsylvania with loads to Ohio back to PA and then a load out of Indiana back to PA. Right in that big blizzard. 😦 😦 This mama is hoping the loads get delayed til weather clears.


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