Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We had RAIN!!! last night!  Not lots, but enough the tractors can’t get into the fields.

We also had wind…lots and lots of wind.  My house is covered in mud…dirt, wind, rain…makes for a sort of adobe house.  🙂


(Dirt in the air)


Now it is cold…39* with a very sharp wind.

I am hoping lots of snow is being dumped on the two reservoirs-Taylor and Blue Mesa! 🙂

This tiny bit of rain we have here is nice…although, it isn’t even a inch into the ground it is moisture.  The trees, grasses and other things have a nice shiny look to them. Even the corral poles look washed off.

Tonight it’s supposed to get extremely cold, just as the sun dog said would happen, then we gradually start warming back up.

I should say that this is rather typical for spring…two or three steps forward and then one giant step back.  By Mother’s Day we should be settling down real nice.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 9, 2013

  1. I saw the weather dumping on your part of the world and thought of you and your fellow farmers. Even though “mud rain” is messy, at least it is WET. Hoping you can work around the storm and that the Colorado reservoirs are filling with water.


  2. Hi Linda, We had a bit of rain last night and woke up to snow-but not the 12″ they predicted. It is still snowing lightly but we have lots of wind. Hope you are staying warm.


  3. We had a lovely rain but it was followed by two days of severe north wind that dried everything out again. And blew blooms off the camellias and dogwoods, and blew over the tulips. Like you said, one step forward and two steps back. Or sideways, farmers know how to step sideways.


  4. Oh I’m so glad you are getting moisture. There seems to be a lot of wind blowing around the U.S. this week! We are in the middle of it, too, but the air is dry, dry, dry. I swear our humidity levels are in the negatives.


  5. Hopefully you get the moisture thats in CO. We were the only very small area in SD thats not getting bombarded with snow and ice….yet! Lots of nice rain through the night. 🙂 🙂 🙂 WY land and SD land are getting a good dose of snow. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  6. Glad you got some rain! Hope we get some tonight…it is forecasted to rain then maybe sleet and snow! I’ll take whatever moisture we can get, but someone else can have this bitter cold north wind!
    We’ve dropped over 30*F since 1 pm! Down to 25* tonight. Should be warming up by Thursday.



  7. Your right with the typical spring weather. Lots of mixing of cold fronts and warm fronts. The third week end in May is a good weekend for snow here as it’s the first week end people go camping.


  8. SO glad to hear that you got rain. We got a little today, it came with a huge drop in temperature and lots of wind. Glad to hear, too, that the water has arrived.


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