The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Earth Ditch

Fuzzy and I have been helping Mom and Dad. 


You can tell it was really windy the last few days by looking at Fuzzy’s fur.


SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh……really Fuzzy helps…I like to run around and see what I can see and sniff what I can sniff and eat dried out milk duds and well…

I (harrumph) I have LOTS TO DO!

We had snow and cold and wind for two days, in fact it is still cold!  Mom is having us sleep inside, although Fuzzy really doesn’t want too….BUT I DO!!!!!

Mom told Fuzzy when the nights warm back up we can go back out to our covered and snuggly warm dog houses, but until then she would prefer old arthritic dogs and thin-furred dogs to sleep inside.




Well, while Mom and Dad have been busy and Fuzzy has been in charge of the four-wheeler I’ve been checking things out.


The hay is starting to look nice…Dad will mark it out and start water when he gets done with the corn ground (soon).


The trash has been horrible in the ditches and in the canals…

Here is the trash at the head gate


Dad cleaning out trash in one of the ditches


And piles of trash already cleaned out along the canal

Wind does most of the trash and winter…winter knocks down lots and lots of weeds that the wind loves to carry here and there.


Dad started water in the earth ditch.  We have more than one earth ditch, but this is the biggest and the longest and takes the most work


Dad uses siphon tubes in the earth ditch…works just like siphoning gas out of a car tank….just saying.  Dip the tube in the water, hold the other end closed, pump several times, fling the tube into the just dug out little furrow and BAM!



Works every time…unless Mom is doing it and she has to work at it a bit longer than Dad.Earth-Ditch Just saying.


I saw a killdeer…he wouldn’t look at me, but at least he stood still.  I was really good and didn’t chase it…I don’t chase things, not even rabbits. 

People say I’m a weird Beagle, Mom says I’m perfect!

(SMILE 🙂 )


The sun set last night flinging color all over the San Juan Mountain Range…pretty cool.

Well, Fuzzy and I are off to go check out the yard and bark HELLO over to Hank…I see he is outside his fence now. (Hank stays in the house most of the time with the little kids).

I want to find out what is happening with him!

See Ya!




20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Earth Ditch

  1. Boomer, I can understand why Mom thinks you’re perfect, even though you do think she has some trouble with the siphon tubes. The earth ditch involves a lot of work, so I’m sure both Mom and Dad are thankful for your help. The picture of the sky over the mountain is beautiful.


  2. Fuzzy may not be out there wandering around as much as in past—but he’s up there on his throne being in CHARGE of everything and everyone…

    Bet those ditches have to be cleaned out quite a bit –after all of the wind and storms. We had high winds last night and lost some windchimes and even a shingle flew off of our roof… AND of course, there are sticks all over the yard… Fun fun!!!!!

    AND–it’s cold here today—so Old Man Winter is not finished with any of us this year…

    Have a good weekend.


  3. We started our corn too early. Learn by doing, right?
    So, we’re going to try again, hopefully with better success this time!
    Thanks for the post and the pictures. Hope you all have a blessed weekend! ♥


  4. Too bad you can’t borrow some of Fuzzy’s fuzz to keep you warm in all that cold. I’m glad you’re keeping an eye on things and reporting back. All that hard work is making your farm look great.


  5. I learn something every time I read your blog Linda… and Boomer is very good at explaining your farming techniques. I’m good at help in Fuzzy’s style… always very effective sitting down and supervising!!!


  6. Fridays are my favourite Boomer days, can you tell your Mum that i have her snow now and would she like it back!! tho it is not sticking, just blowing past on the way to somewhere else. You are lucky being allowed to come inside, Blue the Mouse has to stay outside close to his toilet garden! Have a lovely weekend.. c


  7. Well , Boomer I liked your description of irrigating. It sure looks like a lot of work. I hope they get more water with all the snow you’ve had.


  8. Hiya Boomer, It’s Samson from over on the front range! My mom told me you informed her of two very interesting things. She was wondering what those birds were. She was thinking, sandpipers. She’s silly, I know. But for her defense she did see a seagull here!! And she didn’t realize that the hay just grows. She thought they had to plow and all that!
    High Paws to you and Fuzzy!
    From the me and the rest of the monkeys!
    Samson, Snoopy, Lily, Puggies, and Baby Z


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