Very Late with my Post today—-Thursday, June 7, 2018

I’m very late today because Terry and I spent the whole morning in the Emergency room at the Delta Hospital, yesterday—-I know that isn’t today.  But YESTERDAY set me back today! 🙂

You see yesterday Terry hurt his foot so right after he and I (he supervised) got the irrigation done and he rested his foot for a spell. (and I posted to my blog.)

He felt like we should go to the hospital and get his foot examined.

So off we went, got checked in and then waited.  For two hours.  Then it was our turn…really Terry’s turn.

After blood work and Xrays and lots of other things…we were sent off to get a prescription (by now it was noon and over three hours later.)

I took the prescription to Wal Mart…took us to eat, then went back to Wal Mart (one hour later) got the prescription… (for pain and swelling) Making it five hours from when we walked into the hospital.

Took us back home, where I collapsed into a very deep nap.

Got up helped Terry around. Then headed out and checked the rows—water is short now, so we MUST keep checking and making sure the water is going down the furrows not stopped somewhere along the way or plugged up from some weed or something.

Came back (it was so hot, Boomer wouldn’t go with me 🙂  ) and worked in my yard.  I can finally say I have the whole yard weeded!  It won’t last, but at this moment I am weed free.  Tomorrow I won’t be able to say that! 🙂

Then it was suppertime, and time to change the water again.  Terry felt good enough to go with me and hang out while we move water.

Today, Terry is much better.  Can walk some on his foot, but still must keep it elevated and iced. And he was able to walk a short ways moving the dams.

So life is getting better again.  We are on the way back to good health, the water is going down the furrows, the crops are growing, my yard is full of late Spring blooms, gradually fading into Early Summer flowers.

It’s hot here 97* yesterday (36c), WHICH I LOVE!!!

Everything is full of peace!

Life is good!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Living Each Moment in Joy— Thursday, April 14, 2016

“The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.”–Henry Van Dyke

Farm-yard-cloudI have mentioned more than once that I want to live this last time of my life (however long it is going to be) experiencing joy.  Joy in ever moment of every day that is left to me.

Desert-RainbowI said this to a friend awhile back and she asked me: “Just how do you plan on doing that”?

I replied, “Just take one moment at a time.”


She just shook her head at me and went on her way.

Since that moment I’ve been thinking about what my answer really should have been to her:  “Take each moment, each and every moment and make sure to only allow joy to be part of the moment.”

Oh, yes, I’ve had some hard moments this year, some moments where I’ve been panicked, and even had a sit down good cry.  I’ve had some over-whelming moments when I’ve even been depressed, or any-of-those-things that make up everyday inter-actions with others.



But on the whole I do believe I am getting the hang of this experiencing of Joy every moment of every day of the rest of my life.  How I am doing it is this—– I am NOT allowing myself to focus up those things which do not feel good.  When they come into my life, or slip into my thoughts I mentally go: snip, snip cutting out the thought.  So far it’s working for me.
PheasantLife is just too short for me (now) to not experience the Joy of each and every day, within each hour and moment.

This is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful world we live in!  Beauty abounds everywhere. There are outstanding people to visit with and ‘experiences’ to experience to waste my moments in ‘bad thoughts’ or to harbor bad feelings.

And yes there are terrible things happening to other humans and animals, those things break my heart.  If there is something, anything, even a small tiny thing, then I try to do it. To help heal the misery and hurt of animals or others.

If I physically can’t help, then I mentally send hugs and prayers in the hope and belief if the world would all get to place of care —and leave this place of I HAVE TO DOMINATE YOU—everyone and everything could also experience joy.
On-a-Ditch-Bank-1Well, there it is…how I am experiencing joy in my every moment of the rest of the days of my life. I’m sure I will get some hate emails, that is the risk I’m taking to put this out there.  But I’m equally sure I will get positive emails which will over-power the ugly.  It’s those comments of goodness I will focus on and the other I will spam!  🙂

With love your friend,


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Earth Ditch

Fuzzy and I have been helping Mom and Dad. 


You can tell it was really windy the last few days by looking at Fuzzy’s fur.


SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh……really Fuzzy helps…I like to run around and see what I can see and sniff what I can sniff and eat dried out milk duds and well…

I (harrumph) I have LOTS TO DO!

We had snow and cold and wind for two days, in fact it is still cold!  Mom is having us sleep inside, although Fuzzy really doesn’t want too….BUT I DO!!!!!

Mom told Fuzzy when the nights warm back up we can go back out to our covered and snuggly warm dog houses, but until then she would prefer old arthritic dogs and thin-furred dogs to sleep inside.




Well, while Mom and Dad have been busy and Fuzzy has been in charge of the four-wheeler I’ve been checking things out.


The hay is starting to look nice…Dad will mark it out and start water when he gets done with the corn ground (soon).


The trash has been horrible in the ditches and in the canals…

Here is the trash at the head gate


Dad cleaning out trash in one of the ditches


And piles of trash already cleaned out along the canal

Wind does most of the trash and winter…winter knocks down lots and lots of weeds that the wind loves to carry here and there.


Dad started water in the earth ditch.  We have more than one earth ditch, but this is the biggest and the longest and takes the most work


Dad uses siphon tubes in the earth ditch…works just like siphoning gas out of a car tank….just saying.  Dip the tube in the water, hold the other end closed, pump several times, fling the tube into the just dug out little furrow and BAM!



Works every time…unless Mom is doing it and she has to work at it a bit longer than Dad.Earth-Ditch Just saying.


I saw a killdeer…he wouldn’t look at me, but at least he stood still.  I was really good and didn’t chase it…I don’t chase things, not even rabbits. 

People say I’m a weird Beagle, Mom says I’m perfect!

(SMILE 🙂 )


The sun set last night flinging color all over the San Juan Mountain Range…pretty cool.

Well, Fuzzy and I are off to go check out the yard and bark HELLO over to Hank…I see he is outside his fence now. (Hank stays in the house most of the time with the little kids).

I want to find out what is happening with him!

See Ya!