The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Bean Harvest

Bean Harvest!  Dad and Mom sure have been having a hard time getting all those pinto beans out of the field.


First the belt broke on the auger (day one) so the hopper had to be emptied BY HAND from the combine into the truck.

That was a huge job.


Boomer and I took it seriously and stayed out of the way.


Besides it was really super-hot!  Super-hot like that just takes everything out of you.

Then everything was going along really good

Boomer and I were helping….


right after supper the folks headed back out and it




Rain is NOT good.


Everything grinds down to halt.


It messes up the whole works.

Dad said maybe by four this afternoon he can begin again…the rows of beans have to be dry, VERY DRY, to combine or the combine won’t pick up the beans.


The other sad thing about the rain is it rained on the hay.  Dad was going to bale first thing this morning, but now he can’t do that either.  Rained on hay is not good…rained on hay can ruin the protein of the hay.   Dad is up there checking out the hay to see how much damage occurred. 😦  (Maybe not much, as sometimes the rain will miss areas of the farm.)


It was muddy enough Mom walked up to do the irrigation so we ALL walked with her…

all three of us…

every step of the way.


The rain helped cool stuff off so the evening was rather nice.

Well, back to work…it’s warming up so Boomer and I

Sleepthink we had better get some serious sleeping


in before the work starts.



17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Bean Harvest

  1. Those black clouds do look a little they a have rain in them! Hope you guys can get the rest of your farming done today. We have had 1/2 inch of rain in 2 days. Along with thunder lightning, and wind. You can hear the cows and calves getting fat! 🙂 Stay cool Fuzzy and Boomer.


  2. Hi, Fuzzy. I was sorry to hear about the trouble caused by the auger and the rain. You and Boomer were smart to stay out of the way while the hopper was being emptied by hand. I hope the rain didn’t ruin too much of the hay.


  3. Oh no…first the auger, then the rain. Someone forgot to tell fate that Friday the 13th is NEXT week! I hope the hay is okay and that those pinto beans are cooperating.


  4. Oh dear, hope all has dried out nicely by now. Weather just isn’t always cooperative with the harvest. I’m so glad you and Boomer so enthusiastically helped with all the harvesting! 🙂
    I hope Boomer’s leg is getting better. You and he better rest all you can, which I know is really your best job to do!

    Have a nice weekend. Blessings!


  5. Oh, so sorry for the rain! The bane of farmers, eh? Not there when you need it, comes in buckets when you don’t. Hope there’s no damage and I loved the pups, Linda. 🙂 Of course, I’m a BIG dog lover. 🙂 Gorgeous pics.


  6. You dogs help with work a lot like my little brother did. Just become really hard to find. Heh heh. Sorry the rain came at the wrong time. I saw a lot of hay down and getting rained on around here too. At least the rain cools off the day. Hope harvest days go better for you soon.


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