The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — For One Day Only

Last week we had a huge ice storm, then Mom and Dad LEFT!!!

Mom talked to both of us and told us they were going on a little trip, they would be gone three days and two nights, but they WOULD BE BACK!!!

Then she petted us and gave us kisses on the nose and really nice back scratches and asked us to do a good job of taking care of everything while they were gone.

We gave Mom lots of kisses on her hand and arm and said we would.



Three days is FOREVER!!!!!

Yes, Shannon came up and took us for walks with the our dog cousins, and Misty and the little kids came over and checked on us….


We needed Mom and Dad!

Then they were here!  Yippee!  Boomer laid all over Dad’s feet and I laid right by Mom’s chair until bedtime, then we both slept in the bedroom with OUR PEOPLE!

While they were gone we had another ‘gully-washer’ so none of us could go out and start putting the farm to bed.


Gradually the days dried out and then on the warmest day ever (and I do mean HOT) Mom and Boomer and I and DAD all went out to gather in the siphon tubes


and the roll-out ditches and to pick up all the orange dams.  Then we got the metal dams and stored them also.


Dad checked the corn out…still to moist, maybe by Halloween the harvest will start.


Boomer checked out all the raccoon poop and foot prints.




I stayed with Mom. I always stay right with Mom wherever she is ALWAYS!

That’s my job!

Taking care of Mom!


It sure was HOT!  Whew!  After all the cold we’ve been having to have a normal temperature day was rather, well…WARM!

Coming back home we all trouped into the house—first Mom, then Boomer and then me.


Monkey at her normal spot

Then Dad came in and made lots of noise, he dropped something I don’t know what….and

Monkey and the clock



Tee Hee …we all laughed out-loud!

She didn’t think it was funny!




Sure was a good day!


20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — For One Day Only

  1. sure was a good day! I don’t like to leave my babies alone but sometimes you have there are things that humans must do so dogs stay home to guard the most important thing there is..HOME!


  2. I’m so glad you’re taking care of your Mom! She deserves it. She is good and kind and WORKS SO HARD every day all day!!!!! You’re such good doggies, and you pose beautifully for the camera. x


  3. I just love this today!!!! Made me smile!!! Thank you!!!!! Some of the farmers are combining the corn, but there is a lot standing. We don’t grow corn. Hard red spring wheat and soybeans on our farm. You should see the huge long piles of sugar beets this year!!! Holey Camoley!!!! You know there are apples in the markets here from El Salvador! What’s up with that????? Do they have our apples in their markets???? Hmmmmm….
    Have great day! 😀


  4. I absolutely love Boomer and Fuzzy days ! In fact, I look forward to Fridays. Animals are surely are BFF. Always makes me smile especially on cold mornings and low fog. My girl chickens asked me to turn on the heat lamp and warm the coop.


  5. Poor Fuzzy and Boomer! They get so so upset when their people leave. We have a cat named Monkey too! We call him Monk Maniac! They have just started to cut corn here. Then we can put our cows on it. YUMMY! 🙂


    • Good morning! Taking it easy here today! Cold and dreary…sigh…I am in for the day and it feels kinda weird to not be doing something!!!! I am usually one speed and working on something! LOL
      Hope you have a great weekend and hugs for the pups! 😀


  6. Love the Friday posts from you two pups! Glad you got some sunshine. Hope it dries out the corn so you can finish putting the farm to bed. TeeHee about Monkey on top of the clock.


  7. Fuzzy, you are laughing so hard at poor Monkey in that last picture (I don’t blame you!). It WAS a good day; and we are just like you — so glad your people got home safe from their road trip! Keep on taking care of them (but remember, that when they go away like that once in awhile it is a good way for them to rest, and they deserve that!!!)


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