Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love the moon!  I love when the moon is full — spreading sliver and crystal and blue lights upon the land.


The dogs and I go for a walk, just to be showered in the lovely glow




We go just as it’s just coming up and we go again just before nine at night

December-moonI always try to wake-up sometime during the night, just to take the dogs and go walking down the lane…oh, sometime around one or so in the morning.  The dogs know the second I start putting on my Carhart we are going for a walk.

I don’t walk out into the fields late at night…too many coyotes and other critters I don’t want to meet, but in the evening we do.

PaoniaIn the evening we are surrounded in the glow of the winter sunset

Raggeds1With the air full of winter bird calls…the Canadian Geese and the Sandhill Cranes…later after mid-night the owls will hoo-hoo -hoo , we will hear a fox barking and the coyotes yipping as the moon light and the star light fills the shinning clear air.

We will walk along, the dogs sniffing out news and I watching stars fall from a million years ago.

The neighbor’s dog (who lives outside, no matter the temperatures) will hear us crunching along in the snow, or hear me calling to Boomer to not go off too far…he adds his warning bark to the other sounds.  His people, either don’t care nor never hear, I call to him…’It’s okay…it’s just us walking in the moonlight.  It’s okay…’  He stops.  Then calls out again…”GOOD NIGHT” I call back…’Sleep Well, little dog!  Sleep Well.”  Then the dogs and I go in to the warmth of the wood stove and snugly blankets.


By five in the morning the moon has made it’s way to shine into the bedroom windows, lighting up Sammy the cat as he sleeps on the edge of the bed. Sam puts a paw over his eyes and keeps on sleeping.  Monkey jumps into the window to watch the world from the warmth and safety of the house.  I too watch the world as the moon slowly sinks and the day begins.

Good Morning everyone!

Your friend,







20 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 18, 2013

  1. This is so lovely Linda — an ode of praise to the beautiful land where you live … and which you embrace with all your heart. It’s a wonderful post worthy of publication somewhere for the whole world to read. (And on a lighter note, it makes even me yearn for crisp cold snow. At least for a moment. And nothing much else could do that!)


  2. Gorgeous photos of the moon. George got some pictures here a couple of nights ago… I’m sure he will blog about it eventually…

    I love the sun’s colors hitting the snow-capped mountains… That pink is beautiful!!!!

    Merry Christmas.


  3. Beautiful pictures. You walk in the middle of the night? ohhh, I am too scared! ha ha! Even with a full moon and the dogs! When my husband was a little tyke, he thought for sure he could ride his pony up a hill and touch the moon! He tried and tried but never managed to reach the moon.
    Love the snow on the mountains.


  4. I love your pictures. Walking in the wee hours has a special quality about it. Seeming like you are the only one awake to enjoy the beauty. How sweet that you ‘talk’ to the neighbor’s dog. I bet he’s saying he wished he was walking with you, Fuzzy and Boomer!


  5. Such beauty that surrounds you, Linda! Thank you for sharing it with us. I guess I am just too lazy to go out walking late at night, but it is really pretty out when I look out the window.

    We were in the 70’s today and yesterday, but a cold front comes through tonight and our temps drop again. Rain is forecasted…yippee!



  6. Linda, this post is the most beautiful one you’ve ever written. The pictures are poetry and so are the words. Simply glorious… I shall re-read it often.
    I too go for walks in the moonlight whatever the hour, and have been doing the same with our full moon for the last week or so- only I walk around the cemetery so I can see the light of the moon on the water of the harbour, and a path across the black sea…Only the sound of the sea on the rocks, the wind in the trees, and the call of a distant morepork – the NZ owl.
    Lovely to think that we are looking at the same moon on each side of the world. XXXX


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