The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—I Do Not Understand You, Boomer!

Well, just for today …THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!  Mom and I are doing the happy dance here there and everywhere!


The Day is 11 hours and 16 minutes long!  On Sunday, March 9th,  we will switch to Daylight Savings Time and the day will grow LONGER!

YIPPEE!   Mom, myself, and the Little Buff Hen like Daylight Savings Time the Best.  Why?  Because we get up with the sun anyway!

Yesterday was a huge busy day…first rattle-out-of-the-box we all headed over to the equipment hill to load up ‘stuff’ for the consignment sale this coming weekend.

Mom drove the truck and trailer over with Boom and I in the back of the truck.  Dad brought over the tractor with the loader.

It was cold outside, sharp wind, spots of frozen ice, lot of cool smells.


While Mom and Dad worked on getting the ‘stuff’ hooked up and loaded onto the trailer, then shuffling around some of the other ‘stuff’ Boomer and I checked out everything going on around there.


Hummmmmmmmm the skunks are out-and-about.  I think….snuff, sniff, snuff…yep, mating season.  Oh!  The badgers are waking up and doing some house cleaning….

Hey, Boom, don’t head over here… the badgers are out and about…you know how cranky they can get.


‘Snuff, snuff,ummm, yumm, swallow.’  Okay, Fuzzy.  I’ll just stay up here where the cows and calves stay…smack, slurp.


Oh…hummm….yes!  Oh, look a patch of Cheat Grass…the cows are going to love that.

The deer have come back…here is a great deer wallow.  Oh, my…I think I’ll just head on back to Mom…COYOTE poop…not, good…not good at all.  At my advanced age they would find me perfect for breakfast.



Slurp, slobber…(mouth-full) Yes, Fuzzy?

Let’s go back to Mom, it doesn’t seem, like, um, we had better hang out here much longer…I found evidence of coyotes!

COYOTES!!! Yikes!

Let’s go back to MOM!  Beat you there!!!!!

WHEW!  I’m glad we are back!

Looks like Mom and Dad are all loaded and ready to go.


This time Dad has the truck and Mom the tractor.  You go ahead and ride Fuzzy, I want to run back to the house and check out the fields as I go.

Check out the fields for what, Boomer?



Boomer, you really are something, you know it?

Yeah, Fuzzy.  I keep the coyotes from getting close to the house!


Ackk!  I guess so Boomer!  Gag!



15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—I Do Not Understand You, Boomer!

  1. Oops, Boom, don’t let Mom switch times just yet! It’s not till March 9. Or maybe you’re so awesome you’re blogging from the future? By the way, I’m so delighted you’ll be making your adventures into a book. I think they are wonderful and look forward to them every week.


  2. Wow! you guys had a great day! We have TONS of snow. Like up past my tummy! It’s fun! Sometimes I hit a drift and fall through! Mom was trying to move snow with the ATV and snow plow today and got stuck. We had to walk home and wait till Dan came and pulled it out! I don’t think the coyotes are even out right now! But they were last night and I barked them away! there is a whole bunch of more snow tonight than there was this morning. Mom doesn’t think we will get much moving in the morning. The car and truck are already snowed in and the wind is still blowing. Mom says spring isn’t far away, but it sure seems like it. I like playing in the deep snow!
    The Gus


  3. That’s super early to change over to summer time. We don’t put the clocks forward until March 30th this year. 😦

    I love Fuzzy! Such a pretty dog. I’m not sure that I could cope with Boomer and his “perfume”. Mine rolls hasppily in any fox poop and dead carrion she finds, which is bad enough. What a putrid smell – no shampoo on earth shifts it. Only vinegar baths. And aren’t they so clever at finding every awful thing to roll in? Just as well they are so cute, eh?


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