Summer’s Gifts—Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It is cold here this morning.  49*…a light jacket was in order to change the irrigation water.


As a gift to me   I was sent several photos of those beautiful little flying jewels of summer.  Kagedog lives in Cedaredge, Colorado and is a regular visitor to our little blog.  She knows how much I enjoy the Hummingbirds so sent to me some very nice photos.  She also gave me permission to share them with you. 🙂

unnamed (1)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

We still have lots of Hummingbirds here.  I don’t know if they are the regulars or if they are moving through.  This morning they were fluffed way up as they drank from the feeders.  Although, it is cool in the mornings the days still warm up nicely, as much as 89*.

unnamed (2)I hope your Tuesday is a good one.  It’s time to put the bean puller on and finish work on the combine.  We are still waiting for the alfalfa to turn into hay.  Hope the rains stay away for a least two or more weeks!

unnamed (3)

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,


14 thoughts on “Summer’s Gifts—Tuesday, September 2, 2014

  1. Love those little guys! Thanks for sharing the photos. Ours are still around, although fewer every day. Glad you are getting those cool nights that we have – I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the rain!


  2. Linda, those are gorgeous photos. I love hummingbirds visiting my tiny garden. They love my fuchsias . I always buy plants that attract them. I think most of our hummingbirds have left because of the drought .


  3. I’m just not ready to get out a jacket–even a lightweight one. Here’s wishing no rain for the next two weeks for you.


  4. Hi There, Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. We did –but didn’t do much since it has gotten so hot here. We did grill a couple of delicious steaks and had baked potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and cranberry relish for dinner… YUM…

    Wish you’d send us some of your ‘cool’ weather… Hopefully, it will eventually get here…. Love the hummingbird pictures.. Such beautiful little birds.



  5. Nothing like a collection of sparkling jewels to cheer a lady up! Beauty!

    I’m glad your harvest is progressing so well. The grain farmers here are in deep trouble. We had weeks of rain at the worst time possible. Wheat and barley are still in the fields and are either moldy or sprouting. Politicians are working to declare SE ID a disaster area to make funds available to the farmers. The rain also ruined a lot of hay harvest and maybe even has effected the spuds with a danger of blight. Rain is essential here but NOT in August. On the other hand my roses have never looked better.


  6. What beautiful little creatures. Love that 3rd picture.
    It’s been in the upper 40’s in the mornings. Struggling to get in the 80’s by afternoon. Makes for great sleeping weather! 🙂


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