The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Harvest

The end of Summer has arrived!

Pink-1Fuzzy doesn’t have any swallows to bark at anymore, but the crows have returned so he barks at them.

It goes something like this:


Bark, bark, bark, bark!

You silly dog, you can’t hurt us!

You silly crow, I can let the world know you are here!

You funny old dog, they already know!

You funny crow, I don’t care…I’m still going to bark at you!

And so it goes…..

Fuzzy and I love the busy season! Well, to be honest, Fuzzy and I love EVERY SEASON!!!

Bean-HarvestDad is out pulling the pinto beans.

Pulled-BeansThat is step ONE (!) in the process of harvesting pinto beans.  When Dad comes in Mom, Fuzzy and I will go out and fork the pinto bean ends back.  After that Dad will come through and blade the beans.

Step TWO…blading the beans.  First they are pulled out of the ground and laid in neat rows, then a blade comes back under them lifting them up into fluffy rows to dry.


All of this has to be done early in the morning or the pinto beans will shatter out of their little shells.  That works for Fuzzy and I —later in the day it gets HOT!  We spend lots of time panting, while Mom works, as it is.  Mom says she gets warmed up so she doesn’t need a jacket.  Dad has to wear a jacket because he says it’s a little cold on the tractor.

Step 3 with the Pinto Beans will be to combine them.  Mom and Dad are STILL working on the combine.  THEY HAD BETTER GET DONE SOON!!!

Step 4 will be to haul the pinto beans to the Beanery, with Step 5 selling them!

(But step 2-5 is still to come.  We are still on step ONE!)

After Mom and I get the bean ends forked onto the rows, we will head up to the alfalfa field, which is now a HAY field.   Up there we will roll and straighten the bales.  Fuzzy doesn’t go up there anymore.  He says it’s just too hot and tiring; he stays home in the shade.

Once the bales are set in a straight row Dad comes along and loads them in the stack wagon and takes them to the hay yard.  By that time Mom and I are done.

I’m always ready for DONE as that is even HOTTER work.

Later in the day…sometime after lunch Mom and I go down to Misty’s and work in her yard.  Mom is painting the fence while the sprinklers madly fling water onto the lawn and the soakers soak into the ground under the bushes.

Mom says we have to keep the yard watered so off we go. Fuzzy doesn’t like to go down there either.  He says the morning has tired him out.  That is okay…we just let Fuzzy rest, after all he IS fourteen years old, that’s pretty old in Mom’s years!

As soon as we get all the hay in we will start water on the hay field…once we do that the field will become an Alfalfa Field.  How neat is that?

Waiting-for-meDad checked the field corn yesterday…the corn is starting to dent.  If a dog was to eat the corn now it would be hard to chew. (Fuzzy and I love corn, we sometimes go out and grab one or two ears and haul them back into the yard for a snack.)

“Hummmm”, said Dad.  “One more irrigation and we are done irrigating the corn. All that we have to do is let it all dry down until it’s bone dry.  Then we will start the harvest on it.”


Later in the afternoon Mom works in our yard…she says the weeds are taking over!!  We like it when Mom is working in our yard.  We stay right by her as she pulls and hauls and deadheads and whatever else she is doing.  Sammy-Sam the cat stays with us.  Often-times he rides in the wheelbarrow while Mom moves from here to there.

NapsWell, Fuzzy says I really need to come help him; he has an important job for me.


See ya soon!




20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Harvest

  1. I have pictures of my father, my brother , and my nephew on the tractor just like your husband . My nephew has a new tractor but my brother still has the old Porsche tractor from my father.


  2. I never gave it a thought how beans were harvested. Actually, I never even knew how pinto beans grew as we don’t have a long enough growing season to grow any. You are soooo busy.


  3. Most of us would have no idea how much work goes into harvest time, and how important dogs are to make it all go right.


  4. You guys are very busy! At least you don’t do the same thing all day! And sleep like a log at night!
    We are just gonna be coming into our busy season. Getting hay home, shipping calves, pregging cows. And hunkering down for winter!


  5. My goodness you pups are sure busy!! So glad you go along with Mom to do some of the Boomer. That keeps her company! Fuzzy is a good home protector while you all are away.

    It is raining here now, with the forecast of two more days of it!! We will take it and try to keep it away from you till you all are done with the harvesting. We even have flood warnings out for the low places!! Maybe the renters can turn the pivots off, finally.



  6. Well, Boomer, Fuzzy is one intelligent fellow! Just reading all that Your Mom and Dad do has tired me out! And all those pinto beans, alfalfa, hay AND corn, glad You have worked all that out too! Say Bow-Wow to all from my side, will Ya? 🙂


  7. Wow you and Fuzzy keep pretty busy there on the farm. I learned new things today just reading about the Pinto bean harvest. Thank you for teaching me. Also I like that Sammy the cat gets along with you all. He’s cute too.


  8. Hi Boomer — You taught me a lot today about harvesting the pinto beans (And made me hungry for chile while I was thinking about them). Beautiful pictures (tell your mom) … and also tell her that I’ll catch up with her posts one of these days.


  9. Dear Linda, not being a farmer or being raised on a farm where we had only a veggie garden, a sow, some chickens, and two retired horses, I not know anything about harvesting a field of pinto beans or alfalfa, or corn. So I’m wondering if the pinto beans are the beans with which we cook or are they meant as fodder for cows????? Peace.


  10. What a couple of busy fellows you are… and it must be so tiring watching all the work Mom and Dad do too 😉
    Glad you know when to slow down and take things easy Fuzzy, 14 is a grand age – sort of well into retirement time for doggies eh!
    Cheerio for now, sorry I haven’t been to visit for a while but slowly catching up again. I must look back through all your posts I’ve missed and see what sort of things have been happening.
    Big ear rubs to you both. Cheerio for now 🙂


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