The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Farm Report

Well, this isn’t about the farm. But is about the farm yard, to be specific its about the farm yard drive way…

Yep the really nice FEDEX driver showed up.  I’m always cautious…there is a mean UPS driver so I take my time warming up to these drivers.  But this guy is nice.  He always wants to make friends.  Then he hands me a cookie before he walks to the house to give mom her package.

That’s about the farm yard road.

Out on the ditch bank there are lots of little raccoon critters.  We have a huge group of them.  Sometimes they travel all the way into the farm yard and skitter around out back where the hay is always stacked.

I like to go out and see who is there.  A couple of the raccoons are my friends.  We ‘do’ things together.

I go with Mom all the time.  We go change water.  We also go over to my sister’s so I can see my dog cousins,

and we head out and check on the fences —

good fences make good neighbors, Mom always says.

Mindy cat is a farm cat.  She is really good at catching mice.  Really good.  She sometimes eats so many she herks them back up.  I just sniff the herk, but—not to my taste.  I leave it there until Mom comes along and picks it up with a shovel.

I don’t know what Mom does with it, but…something.  Anyway, it’s gone.

And the wind…don’t get me started about the wind…it’s been so strong that it lifts my ears right up in the air.  Mom says I look cute with my ears blowing in the wind.

Well, that my farm report.  Mom and I hope you have a good weekend.

Boom Beaglie Brown a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Back to Every Day Normal

Life has settled down after the whole Mystery Where I Used a Secret (Idea/Weapon/Gift from some friends).

We are having huge winds again.  Mom and I are getting very tired of them.  And MOM likes wind.  She always makes me go for a walk with her when the wind is blowing.  But if you walk in this wind a dog has to crawl and a person has to bend over.  Not good.

But back to everyday life—-

Mindy and I go to walks with Mom every day.  Sometimes at night.  I Always go with Mom at night, but not always Mindy.  If she is inside sleeping on the bed, or the sofa, or the big table, or her favorite chair, Mom just lets her sleep.  “Let’s just let Mindy get her rest, Boomer.  This walk will be with you and I.” Mom says as we head out the back door.

That works for me.  Heck having Mindy Min-Min Lou tag along works for me.  I’m really pretty easy going. So whatever Mom wants…that works for me.

I have been keeping a sharp nose out for strangers {human or animal} coming down the long lane into our farm yard, or heck even out of the farm.

News is What my nose is all about.  Checking the news from here to there and every which where.

When Mom and Dad are working at the Upper End or in the little field next to the Upper End, I always, always go over and check out the big wood pile.  Critter’s live in there you know.  Ground squirrels, the fox, skunks, but…thankfully…no Badgers!!

Badgers are mean, scary, and completely terrifying.  Trust me on that.

If Mom and Dad go to town and come back in the dark…I always, always make sure to meet them half way down the lane…sometimes Mom stops and gives me a lift back home.  Sometimes not.

I guess she stopped asking lots, because I would turn her down preferring to take my time following the car back home.

News…out there, you see.  I might miss something.  I know Mom and Dad are now home and well… there just might be news on the way back to the house.

Like the Raccoons who’ve taken to coming down to the canal to wash their food.  They are so silly.  They wash EVERYTHING they eat.  I mean everything.  Sometimes whatever they are washing turns to mush and floats away.  But still they do it.

Now that the weather has warmed up Mom lets me ride in the back of the pick-up when we go somewhere fun.  It’s been too cold so I’ve had to pant my way,  to wherever we are going, in the back seat, sometimes with the window down, but sometimes not.

Anyway…on nice days…I get to ride in the back.

Wind in the face, smells in the nose…ears flapping.  A dog cannot ask for more.

Boomer Beaglie Brown a.k.a. Sherlock Boomer!  😊

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-My Job

Besides going out with Mom

Helping Dad change the water

I have a really big job!

It’s to keep the farm safe!


I have much to do—those crazy raccoons are so brave they walk RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOG HOUSE!  I know because they always leave a little poop behind.

That’s why I’ve taken to sleeping outside…MY CHOICE!

Mom brings me inside, but … well, you know … there are critters outside!

I chase off the

  • raccoons…they run zipping and playing, with me right behind them
  • I protect the corn!
  • Chase the fox—he is pretty fun to chase
  • Make the squirrels scatter
  • Go for walks with Mom

The deer have been pretty hard on the corn.

You see they eat the silk…

the silk is what feeds the little kernels of corn so they will fatten up and become


It’s been pretty hard work this year, but so far I’ve been able to do it.

I am feeling well again.

Mom says that is a very good thing!

I agree!






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Farm News

I thought I would show you some of the things I’M interested in…you know the real NEWS of the farm.  The very stuff that makes the whole place tick…MY sorta thing.


We have lots of raccoons…they are pretty brazen little creatures; coming right into the yard at night. RIGHT IN!!!  I peal out of the back door and run howling after them (sometimes).  Well, not lately…running anywhere is out the question.  Although, my knee is coming along.  I can trot on it a few paces, lots better than a week ago.


There is always the going to and fro and back again.  I like those times…Mom picks me up and places me on the four-wheeler right behind her and we are OFF!

Morning, noon, mid-afternoon, and late evening (plus sometimes way in the night) then off we go.

I always get the same old boring talk when we get to wherever we are going: “No, rolling in anything nasty, Boomer. Remember if you do you have to sleep outside in your dog house”. Then she picks up both of my long, flappy ears and brings them to the side of my head, when she does that I always think I must look like a bird or something.  Then she looks me right in the eyes and says: “You come when I call or you hear the four-wheeler start.  If you don’t you will have to walk all the way back in by yourself.”  With that she gives me a kiss on my very cute and loveable beagle nose and carefully lowers me to the ground.  Mom is very careful to put my front legs down first then my back legs.  I appreciate Mom!

As soon as I’m down I OFF!


Hummm, sniff, snuff…yep…raccoon’s washing their dinner off.  For some reason they like soggy food.  Ick!

Sniff, sniff…

OH!  OH!


As we were going home, when it was almost dark we saw a buck!  I haven’t seen any deer, so far, but here is one of the bucks!  Dad says there is a doe and a fawn up on the Sagebrush Hill, but I haven’t seen or smelled them yet.  Although, to be honest I haven’t made it up that far…soon though, after the old knee gets better.


Anyway…this buck isn’t even afraid of me or Mom or Dad.  Mom says we are his people (and dog).  She says he has probably been born here and lived here all his life and knows we aren’t going to do anything to him.


Mom always likes to see the sunset…last night the sunset was on the water in the irrigation ditch.  She told Dad and me it was beautiful.

Just as it was about time to leave one field to go to another field to set the water I FOUND IT!

Yes! I DID!




Forgetting everything Mom admonished me with I zoomed over and gave myself a huge roll in something really stinky and nasty!  IT WAS DELIGHTFUL!

Brought a huge smile to my face!  HUGE!

Did I have to sleep outside?  Ummm, well, yes.  But, OH WELL!  It was hot inside anyway and the roll SO WORTH IT!!


P.S.  Sadly I got a bath this morning.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—When the Folks are Away

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t a very active night life on a farm or ranch…if you do let them tell you and you believe it —-YOU ARE WRONG!!! ♪♫❤♪♫❤


There is all sorts of activity.  Visits from the–


Tall, sleek, svelte

Pole Cat

Those reeking of perfume


Gorgeous and dangerous


A Monkey


Mischief makers


And those



who protect the place


Then Mom and Dad come Home…

YAY, I just report the news.  I let Sam protect the place.




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—As Good as it Gets

You know there are just some things that are way out there funny!

Well, at least Boomer and I think so.

HummmYou see there has been a sort run on the farm with the raccoons.  None of us really do anything about them-Heck Boomer and I like to sniff their tracks and try to guess what they are up too.  Mom and Dad just make comments to each other… “Oh look, the raccoons have been walking down the gated pipe”!

Sometimes the raccoons will come in the yard and try to find dog food to eat, but Mom always picks up all the dog food every night.  If we sleep outside Boomer and I bark at them, but if we don’t sleep outside all we can do is, well, sniff their tracks.

Any hoo…Janson wanted to catch a raccoon….I don’t know why…I never heard, but he wanted a raccoon.  Dad told Jason he could put a trap up by the equipment area and see what happens.  Dad said he knew there were lots of raccoons up there because of all the signs.

Every day for three weeks Jason and Shannon went up to check the trap, morning and evening….nothing.

Every day.

Morning and evening.

For three weeks.

Nothing, nada…zipp!

On the third week one evening Jason decided that it was useless so he would just go get the trap and take it home.

UpUp they went.

BackBack they came.

Then THREE hours later…..HAHAHAHAHBoomer and I had a huge laugh about that!!!!

The-BoomMom sent the photos over to Jason and Shannon, who could resist showing it to them!!

HAHAHAH those raccoons are pretty darn clever, don’t you think?






The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Mom Said

Barking-All-NightAUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Fuzzy took us outside!  To sleep, I mean.  I go in and out as I please but for sleeping I much prefer INSIDE, unless, of course, yes…THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON OUTSIDE!!!

Fuzzy said we have to go!

I said………. “Oh, please NO I love hanging out in the house!”

Fuzzy told me I needed to toughen up as our job is protecting the property…grudgingly I said… “Okay…”


So out we went.

Mom said if it rains or snows we are always invited back inside…I’ll be sure and remind her!!!

We’ve always got lots to do—


Now that the cows are gone our cousins can come over and walk with Fuzzy and I on the farm.


Sam hangs out with us, lots!  Sam and I love, LOVE, to roll in the dirt…see this dirty cat walking by, that’s Sam.  I get so full of dirt that the groomer says she is always surprised at how dirty I really am.  She says Fuzzy is never really dirt.


I’m not dirty…I just enjoy rolling on the grass!


The Raccoons keep on coming by…MOM SAID this is NOT good.  Raccoons love to eat trash (although, our trash is so they can’t eat it) and they really like a good chicken dinner.


(All of our chickens are locked up at night, tighter than a fist, so they are safe—Mom said.)

And they are mean!


Mom said:  “You boys have GOT to get your raccoon friends out of the yard and on to other pastures…you need to send them to the upper end.

You know what….THAT IS A BLAST!  Fuzzy and I are working really hard to get these rascals on out of here and up to the upper end.

We do have to be careful, because raccoons are mean…they will turn around attack if they want too…but so far we have it figured out….start running toward them barking, they head to corrals, by that time Dad is outside and Mom is right behind…when they come out they turn on the big yard lights, which scare the raccoons.

Five days now and no raccoons, which is good, once the corn gets to growing we won’t have them in the yard!


Yesterday, Mom came out the door, hollered “Let’s go” and off we went.  Going to town is always a cool treat!  Sometimes we get concerned that going to town means:

  • The Groomer
  • The Vet
  • Or some other thing we won’t like

But most of the time it just means GOING TO TOWN!


After we got home, Mom said: “You boys can come on it, I need to work on some stuff upstairs and you might as well help”, we thought it was a very good idea.


We are great helpers and we always do what Mom Says!